Walk To End Alzheimer's

This year marks the second year I've taken part in Walk To End Alzheimer's.

I lost my grandfather to Alzheimer's three years ago. He was a wonderful person and I'm thankful to have had him play such a big role in my upbringing and adult life. My younger brother and I spent so much time with my grandparents growing up and I have many fond memories of my grandfather from those times. Watching him fall deeper into Alzheimer's was difficult. It's hard when the person you love doesn't always recognize you or remember who you are or why you're in their home. It's hard watching the stages of this disease and watching the person you love slip away. When he did pass, I felt a lot of sadness but I also felt a bit of relief for him. I knew he wasn't suffering anymore and while I hated losing him and having to say goodbye to someone I loved so dearly, there's a peace about knowing they don't have to endure anymore. I still miss him all the time but I know I'm lucky to have so many great memories of him from childhood into adulthood. Watching him as he battled and ultimately lost the fight of Alzheimer's was a very difficult thing to do. This is a disease that hurts the person suffering as well as everyone who cares for them and loves them. I would love to one day see a cure or even progress in treatment. I'm walking and fundraising in honor of my grandpa and my family and also in support for all of those who are currently or who have ever gone through Alzheimer's in some way.
You can view my walk page at http://act.alz.org/goto/MsAshlyJ and if you'd like to, make a donation that goes to Alzheimer's Association. No donation is too small! Even if it's only $5, you'll be helping make a difference. A lot of little donations adds up to something bigger! The money donated goes to support and care for those dealing with this disease now and also goes towards research of the disease.

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