Friday, August 14, 2015

Happy Things- Revisited

I found a list I made of 40 things that make me happy from several years ago. I decided to revisit that list and add commentary to it to see if anything has changed a whole bunch of years later. 

40 Things That Make Me Happy - Revisited.
  • Hockey. (Some days it makes me feel murderrageface but I still love it.)  -DUH YES OF COURSE.
  • Warm showers. -YES.
  • Hugs. -YES.
  • Long walks. -Meh. Texas is hot, yo.
  • Trips to the art museum. -YES. Probably always will. 
  • Text messages. -I don't text much lately but that's not because I dislike texting.
  • Dancing. -Yes, in my house, especially while I'm cleaning or whenever I feel like it. Clubs, no thank you, done with that noise.
  • Ice cream. -YES. LOVE. ALWAYS. MMM.
  • Sketching. -I stopped doing this for a while but my therapist has me sketching and doing art things again recently for different reasons but it's reminded me it's something I enjoy a lot.
  • Sunshine and cool breezes. -YES. 
  • Books. -YES. ALWAYS AND FOREVER. I don't even know what I'd do with downtime if I didn't have books to keep me amused.
  • Paintball. -I still think it's fun once in a while but I don't dedicate much time to it and don't own equipment anymore. 
  • Comic books/graphic novels. -YES. And recently discovered a few more really awesome comic book stores in my area. :D
  • Racing go-karts. -Indifference, hello.
  • Batman anything. -FOREVER.
  • Sleeping in. -My body doesn't allow me to do this anymore. 
  • Cooking and baking. -YES AND YES.
  • Writing. -Yes but as I've talked about recently here, it's not something I've been doing a lot of though that's slowly changing. Huzzah.
  • Laying in bed watching movies all day. -All day, no. Watching a movie or two is a good way to have a lazy night at home, though.
  • Thunderstorms. -YES. Thunderstorms make me so happy. Or just rainy days. I love gloomy weather.
  • Baseball. -YES. 
  • Going to concerts. -YES ALL THE MUSIC PLEASE.
  • Lazy Sundays. -Sometimes but they rarely happen. I always find things to do and prefer feeling productive.
  • Puppies. -YES YES YES. 
  • Watching my little brother play hockey. - YES. HOCKEY <3 font="">
  • Hanging out with my siblings. -Yes. And I realize how lucky I am that as adults, we get along and enjoy spending time together when I know so many people that are always at odds or indifferent to their own.
  • Doctor Who. -YES.
  • Bubbles. -YES.
  • Going to the driving range. -YES. I love golf and hitting some golf balls is fun for me. And yes, I get grief about loving golf and no I don't care. ;)
  • Coffee. -YES. I drink it much less than I used to. Which isn't a bad thing except when it is. 
  • Long conversations with lots of laughing. -Duh. This will always make me happy.
  • Forehead kisses. -Yes please. 
  • Disney movies. (Aladdin is my favorite, in case you were curious. ;)) -YES and Aladdin is still my #1. 
  • Ice skating. -YES although I do it much less now that my best friend lives 1,300 miles away.
  • Shoulder & back massages. -Another thing that will probably always make me happy.
  • Pixar movies. -YES.  I will watch just about anything animated. 
  • Swimming. -YES. WATER. LOVE.
  • Playing board games. -Pretty sure I'll always love this. And now I know a handful of people that share this love so I can actually have board game parties now. Yes, it's as fucking rad as it sounds, thanks. :D
  • Sunday brunch with friends. -Another thing I rarely do anymore but should probably do again once in a while because I like brunch. And friends. And brunch. Food. Yay.

That was an easy list to revisit, haha. Also a good reminder for a few things I should start doing again. 

Also, while we're on the subject of things that make me happy (doing good things makes me happy): it's Walk To End Alzheimer's time. Check out my story here and if you feel in the giving spirit, a donation to help me reach my goal by walk day would be pretty rad. Even $5 helps towards Alzheimer's  care, support and research. 

Happy Friday. 

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