Friday, July 17, 2015

A social media rant.

I have a coworker that posts about her boyfriend on social media nearly every day. I don't care what people do with their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatever Social Media Account You Prefer To Use. You want to post about your significant other every day? Cool. You want to share cool recipes you want to try? Cool. Post pictures of your dog in weird outfits on the regular? Okay. Talk about your kids doing kid things? Whatever floats your boat.

I don't understand why people that share parts of their lives on social media get mad when people comment on them doing that, though. 


The aforementioned coworker was in a rage because someone had informed her that she and her boyfriend post too much about their relationship so she was planning on hiding her from her news feed. Coworker got so mad over this. Now, I don't fault her for getting upset because her friend could have hid her without saying anything or could have just ignored the posts. I'm friends on Facebook with this coworker and I just ignore her daily posts about her boyfriend. It's not that hard to just scroll on by or hide people from your feed if you don't want to un-friend them but don't want to deal with whatever they're posting.

Anyway, bits of coworkers rant went like this:

"People just need to stay out of my business."

"People need to keep their noses out of my relationship."

"Who does she think she is, commenting on anything about my relationship?"

"I'm just tired of people making comments to me or him or us or on facebook."

Uh, well, you're posting about it on a public platform where people can comment on things so..... huh? I get that the way her friend reacted could be seen as rude but then she went on to generalize further about how people in general should just keep their opinions to themselves and basically never comment on anything unless they're giving compliments.

I responded, "I don't care what you post but I think it's silly to get angry at people for commenting on stuff you post publicly. If they're being jerks, sure, get mad and tell them they're being dicks. But if you just don't want anyone to good naturedly tease you or make a comment ever, then keep it off social media."

Her: "They can just unfriend me then. I don't even care."

Sharing your thoughts and experiences on social media doesn't mean people can be terrible to you just because they can but it doesn't mean you can tell other people how they can react to what you share, either. Again, I'm totally down with calling out someone for being a jerk because I'm no stranger to doing that when it's warranted. Telling someone to stay out of your business when the business you're talking about is all the stuff you post about in an open forum? 

You want people to stay out of your business and not comment on your life and/or your relationships? Stop posting those details on social media where anyone can see it and make comments on it. It ceases to be your private business when you post it to a public social media platform. In a way, it's like how celebrities get so little privacy because so much about them is out there.  Only with you, you're the one putting everything out there for public consumption. You put the details of your personal life in a public space on a regular basis and it infringes on your privacy. I'm not sure why this is such a hard concept.


Julie said...

I agree with this. If they're rude or mean then tell em off like you said but if they're just commenting what did you really expect by posting something on a public forum like that?

KendallJaye said...

*standing ovation*