Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Shit My Co-Workers Say.....

My co-workers often amuse me with their commentary and interesting discussions. So I'm going to share some of their brilliance with all my lovely blog readers. Enjoy! ;)

 Co-worker1: "Muffins are bullshit, they're just fruity cupcakes without icing."

CW2: "Uh no because cupcakes can't have fruit. Duh."

CW3. "Wrong, cupcakes can have fruit. Like lemon cupcakes. Muffins can't be unhealthy."

CW2: "Uh not true. Chocolate chip muffins, double fudge muffins & peanut butter chocolate chip muffins for example."

Me: "Or, muffins are more of a bread and cupcakes are cake."

CW3: "No that's dumb. I think muffins just can't have icing whereas cupcakes do. So yeah muffins are definitely bullshit."

1 & 2 agreed with 3's final point. I just laughed & was glad the debate was done instead of trying to actually explain the difference.


Co-worker: "Can you burn a marshmallow hard? Like do they ever get hard or would they just burn until they melt? Or maybe explode like a fireball?"

Co-worker2: "I don't know. Do you think we could find someone off CraigsList to try it out and see so we don't have to risk it? We could offer like 25 bucks or something."

CW1: "Nah, I'll just get my brother and his friend's to do it and offer to film it so they can put it on their youtube channel of dumbfuckery. For free. Win win."


Co-worker: "I'd eat nacho cheese and jalapenos off of Channing Tatum's abs. Actually I'd pretty much eat anything off his abs. Even peanut butter and I have a minor peanut allergy but it'd be worth the hospital visit. Probably."


Co-worker: "Its SO HOT in here!"

Me: "It's your surroundings."

CW looks perplexed.

Me: "You're standing right in front of a space heater, dude."

CW: "Oh! So that's what that thing is! No wonder it's always hot."


Co-worker: "Kidney stones should be like a cool color so you know what it is & can recognize it when you pee one out."

CW2: "Wait.... You can pee a stone out?"

CW1: "Um duh, how do you think they get passed?"

CW2: "But why and how are there stones in our bodies? Pissing out a rock is weird but having one in there in the first place is scary."

CW3: "What's scary is the other stuff she's peeing out if a kidney stone is puzzling."


Co-worker: "I wish I could fart glitter. Just to freak people out."


Co-worker: "I want to come back as a camera someone in the paparazzi uses in my next life because of all the weird stuff & naked or mostly naked people they see."

CW2: "Why not just come back as a paparazzi member?"

CW1: "Because they're disrespectful, immoral, rude & creepy. The camera sees all the fun stuff but is just an innocent bystander."


Happy Wednesday!!!

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Thursday, October 11, 2012

A new non-meme blog post? Ohh yeahh,

I took a break from blogging and spending time on the internet (not that I was doing much of either in the first place) and decided to focus on other things I needed to get back on track.

I was so unhappy for a while that I didn't even care about not blogging or much of anything really and I let too many things I enjoyed fall to the wayside because that's what I do when I get down. I don't wallow and feel sorry for myself but I tend to get rather self-destructive in a way. I'm working on being better about that.  I purged a lot of things from my life that didn't need to be there, a few people included. Things are on track and slowly but surely improving. Plus, I'm happier.

Writing has always been a good outlet for me. I haven't been blogging but I've been writing in a journal. Pen and paper. I'm old fashioned like that and still really enjoy putting pen to paper and letting the words flow.

I've had a few people who regularly read my blog email me recently to see how I'm doing, if I'm blogging ever again and if I'll be doing the Toys for Tots fundraiser again this year. I think it's so nice to have random people checking up on me just because I went MIA without any notice. I appreciate y'all and I'm amazed that so many people still check here every day to see if I've updated or not. Blog stats are so cool, haha.

Anyway... I'll definitely be blogging again. As for the Toys for Tots fundraiser, I'll likely be doing that again for the fourth year in a row. It depends on how crazy things get with work. Even if I don't, y'all can still donate cash directly to Toys for Tots! Though I'm almost certain I'll be able to handle it again this year. Plus, it's something I so look forward to doing so I can't see myself passing up on doing the fundraiser.

Happy Thursday!