Monday, May 28, 2012

Patricide and The Lion King....

A friend's older brother was recently telling me about something he had read on a website and how he agreed with it. The thing he saw:

"When Simba sang, "I just can't wait to be king", didn't Disney executives realize they were condoning patricide?"

My friend's brother went on to tell me why he agreed with that statement, why he found it disturbing some of the hidden messages Disney had in it's films and then asked if I had an opinion on patricide/Lion King issue. Well, that's like asking if an astronaut has a desire to study space. Duh, I always have an opinion. Anyway. My response and the rest of the conversation went like this:

Patricide is the act of killing one's father. When Simba was singing that song, it was in reference to when Mufasa stepped down and Simba became the rightful King of Pride Rock. He wasn't planning on killing his father to get there, he was merely singing about what would happen one day in the far off future and expressing his general excitement over that. Who wouldn't be excited about that when you're that young and don't realize how hard being a ruling King will be?

The argument was then made that even if Simba hadn't planned it or meant for his father to die, Mufasa had still been murdered and that Simba could still be put at fault for that.

False. Simba was not to blame and I'm really unsure why I associate with someone who could think that adorable little lion cub could be held accountable for the death of his father. Though he is my friend's brother and I typically just put up with his nonsense. I digress.

Simba is not at fault. Scar, Mufasa's jealous younger bother and Simba's uncle, is the one responsible for the death of Mufasa. Scar planned and orchestrated for the stampede of wildebeest to take out Mufasa. Along with the help from the trio of hyenas that were Scar's accomplices. And lets not forget, he also intended for the stampede to kill not only Mufasa but Simba as well so there would be no one left but himself to take over as King of Pride Rock. He was jealous and evil and wanted the power of being King and could only get that by both of them being dead. Also, Mufasa would have lived had Scar not thrown him over the ledge into the stampede after Mufasa had managed to escape. Given that, it would be more along the lines of fratricide instead of patricide if you want to label it so specifically. 

So no, I definitely don't see any point on saying Disney was condoning patricide in the Lion King because Simba wasn't the one responsible for Mufasa's untimely death.

Also, on a more serious note, people read way too fucking much into things and need to stop. It's a Disney movie and there doesn't always need to be a deeper, darker meaning to things. If you're looking for it, you're likely going to find it just because you want it to be there.

Though, it did give me the idea to write this ridiculous post which was rather fun to do. If anyone thinks I was being particularly serious writing this, please exit my blog now and don't come back here. ;)

And no, I didn't have to Google any of the information on the movie. That's all memory right there. I also watched the Lion King about a month ago, just because I can. I love a handful of Disney movies (though typically not ones centered around a princess oddly enough) and animated films (PIXAR, BITCHES!) the way most girls dig those awful romantic comedies. 

Hakuna Matata!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Six years ago today: the anniversary post...

Six years ago today, my boyfriend and I finally got together. We had known each other for thirteen months prior but when we first met, it wasn't a dating type thing. We found out we had a ridiculous amount of things in common and he found my weird sense of humor great because he's a little odd, too. Then a month or so after I first met him, I ended up moving to California. We kept in contact hoping to remain friends. We'd talk once in a while to see how the other was doing. Eventually, we were talking every day and sending each other gifts for birthdays, Christmas and even Valentine's Day. Then, I wanted to move back home to Texas because I wasn't happy living out on the West Coast and missed my home state. Plus there were other circumstances at play and I couldn't wait to leave the town I was in and never look back. After about a year in California, I did. I spent my first night back with Shane and we've been together ever since then.

We've had some really rough times. One of my closest friends committed suicide and that was hard to get through. He stuck with me while I battled through substance abuse issues. I was an absolute wreck after being targeted in an armed robbery, which some of you will recall if you've known me long enough. We've both gone through several jobs and a couple periods of unemployment. We've both dealt with deaths of people we cared for. My health issues are a constant annoyance. His health issues which have been scary as fuck at times. I've been with him for two of the strokes he's had and that's definitely something I hope I won't have to see happen again not to mention the cancer he's working on ridding himself of currently.

We've gone through a lot together over the last six years and that's only a little of it. The bad stuff we've gone through and helped each other get through has only made us both stronger, as individuals and as a couple.

There has been plenty of awesome stuff, too. I'm happy I have someone who loves hockey as much as I do because he doesn't mind when I want to spend a lot of my free time and extra cash going to hockey games during the Winter and Spring. He doesn't whine when I want to go see a loud metal show because usually he likes the band, too. He also doesn't mind if I want to go play racquetball ball or golf with a friend and leave him at home. We can do plenty of stuff together but still do things without the other which is awesome because I like my space, lol. 

He still brings me home little gifts randomly which always makes me smile. Who doesn't love a small gift for no reason? Sometimes it's just some Reese's peanut butter cups, a cute little stuffed animal, a rubber duck (because I collect them, ok,) something from Bath & Body Works or some weird little random thing that he saw and thought would brighten my day. It's great to know he still thinks of things like that and pays attention to the little things. Like spending an afternoon at the marina because I want to feed the ducks and hang out at the lake. Or spending hours walking around behind me at an art museum and letting me tell him about the artists I love.

Shane's one of the kindest, most caring, genuinely nice, sweet guys I've ever known. At times I think he's too nice but I guess as long as no one's taking advantage of him, it's really not a bad thing.  He's incredibly encouraging and supportive of any and everything I want to do, as long as it's not something too dangerous anyway. Then he's less supportive and more trying to drag my feet back down to the ground before I impulsively do something silly. He makes me laugh more than anyone else I know and he gets me in a way most people don't. For all of that and more, I'm happy I have the big guy in my life. I really can't even believe we've been together for six years now. It doesn't seem like it has been that long at all.

He works today so we won't be doing much in terms of celebrating. Just going to dinner once he's off work and not much else. He gets up at four AM for work so it kills being able to do much on work nights because he goes works late and then has to go to bed so early. But he's taking me to a Renaissance festival on Sunday and then two weeks later, we'll be going out of town to have some fun away from Dallas for a couple days. We would do that next weekend but pesky doctors appointments for him delay that. Which is fine, ya know, since good health and working on kicking cancer's ass trumps going out of town for a fun couple of days.

Happy Anniversary, Shane!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Why things have been so quiet lately...

I haven't blogged in almost three weeks. My last post was twenty days ago. It's not that I've lost interest in blogging and not that I don't have time to do it. I still like blogging and I actually do have enough free time to blog. It's not that I don't have anything to write about because I do. I always have things on my mind, opinions on things going on and stuff I'd like to write about in general. I just don't have the motivation to write lately, at all. 

It's not just blogging. I keep a physical journal as well. I love writing and given the fact that I don't open up to people much, I tend to write a lot. Just thoughts, feelings, things bothering me, things I want to improve on and pretty much anything I feel like getting out of my system ends up on a piece of paper courtesy of one of the thirty-something pens I own. My last entry in my physical journal was forty-six days ago. 

I know anyone reading this is probably thinking I'm having a case of good old-fashioned writer's block. That's really not it either. I have the words. When I can make myself sit down and do so, the words I want come freely and easily. It's just my motivation to put those words down anywhere is sorely lacking. It puzzles me a bit because it would be easier if it was just a case of, "I know what I want to say but I just can't put it into words." I'm just not in the mood to do any writing, or typing, at all lately. Which annoys me because  I can't figure out why I can't be bothered to do something I don't see as a chore. I'm not disinterested in writing. I'm enjoying this right now even though I'm making myself sit here and type out a post about why I haven't been writing or blogging lately. 

I think the cause of my issue is stress, possibly. I've got an enormous amount of stress going on right now and that's not something I usually have a lot of to deal with.  I'm rather laid back and don't let much get to me as a general rule. It takes a lot to get me down and a lot to make me feel stressed. I have several big things in my life just going wrong right now and finding solutions to them is proving to be rather difficult. So I spend down time trying not to think and trying to relax. Which kind of fucks with my ability to write because I kind of need to think about things and not zone out into a happy little zen place where everything that runs through my mind is just a fuzzy, soft blur of nothing. I don't even know if that makes any sense to anyone else but it makes sense to me, so there's that. 

I think, since I miss writing and blogging, I'm just going to make myself sit and write about something a couple times a week. It gives me something to work on and helps me focus on something that isn't stressing me out. Also, writing makes me feel good and you can never do enough good things for yourself, right? Right. ;)

Happy Tuesday!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012