Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Recipe: Oreo Rice Krispie Treats

I'm definitely making these the next chance I get so someone invite me to something that requires me to bring food. Or I suppose I could just make them for the hell of it and hand them off to friends and/or relatives so that those who live me don't have to be in charge of eating all of them. ;)

  • 1/4 cup salted butter
  • 1 (10.5) oz bag mini marshmallows (note: if you have an extra bag, you can add an additional cup of marshmallows, if desired. I recommend it.)
  • 6 cups Rice Krispies cereal
  • 10 oreos, chopped into bits (about the size of pebbles, there will be powder too), about 1 cup
  • 1 1/3 cups white chocolate chips
  • 6 oreos, chopped into bits (about the size of pebbles), about 1/2 cup
Butter or spray a 13 x 9 pan, set aside. Melt butter in a large non-stick saucepan over medium low heat, swirling butter up along edges of the pan (this helps the marshmallows stick much less). Stir in marshmallows and stir constantly until melted. Remove from heat and gently stir in Rice Krispies cereal, stir until evenly coated. Fold in 10 chopped Oreos. Pour mixture into buttered dish. Using a buttered spatula or greased hands gently press mixture evenly into dish, set aside. In a microwave safe bowl, melt white chocolate chips on 50% power in 30 second intervals, stirring after each interval until melted and smooth. Spread melted chocolate evenly over Rice Krispie treats and immediately (before chocolate hardens) sprinkle with 6 chopped Oreos. Gently press the Oreo pieces down with your hands. Cover and refrigerate about 10 minutes, or alternately let rest on counter until chocolate hardens.

Yield: 18 servings | Recipe from Cooking Classy

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

TMI Tuesday: Illicit Skills...

This week’s TMI Tuesday questions come from Virtual Sin.

Illicit Skills

If you are hesitant about confessing crimes…lie…be creative.

1. Do you know how to pick a lock? Have you ever used this skill to gain unauthorized access?
Yes. And not really unauthorized access. I've used it to get into things I lost keys to and needed to get in.

2. Do you know how to open a safe with a rotary combination lock? Have you ever used this skill to gain unauthorized access? What did you find?
What am I, a safe cracker? I think not.

3. Have you ever made a copy of a key you were not supposed to have? Did you use it to gain unauthorized access? What were you looking for? Did you find it?
I remember doing this once.
It wasn't for me to use, though but I did benefit from it. It was so the girl I was fooling around with (Hi Samantha!) could get in and out of her mom's house easily without being locked out because her mom didn't allow her a door key to prevent her from leaving after mom had gone to bed. Samantha was too afraid to make her own door key so she stole the door key from her mom's key ring while her mom was in one of her midday vodka-antidepressant induced naps. I had a copy made, got the key put back and didn't get caught.

4. Have you ever stolen or guessed a password? Did you use it to gain unauthorized access? What did you do?
I've guessed passwords before. Only on bets, though. Making money off guessing my friends esy passwords is way more fun than snooping.

5. Do you know how to get data from a computer that requires a password you don’t know?
Not a clue and I wouldn't likely admit it if I did, so :p

6. Do you know how to record a telephone call? Have you ever done so secretly? Did you hear anything interesting? What?
Of course I do. I've watched enough espionage movies to know how to place a wire tap, sheesh.

7. Have you ever used a webcam or nanny cam to photograph someone secretly?
No, that's a little bit creepy unless you were actually using it to spy on a babysitter or caregiver to see how they're treating your loved ones while they're in charge. Or if you live with multiple roommates and you're trying to figure out who's drinking from the milk carton and who's really leaving their dirty dishes laying around. Also using one to see if there's any spooky supernatural activity going on while you're asleep or not home is acceptable as well. Otherwise though? Weird-ish.

8. Have you ever used an infrared camera to photograph someone secretly in the dark?
Well now that's about 100X creepier than the question for #7 was. Crikey.

9. Have you ever learned anything important by deliberate eavesdropping?
I'll be honest and say yes although I don't eavesdrop very often and that mostly happened when I was a kid and around family. I hate the idea of invading other people's privacy.

10. Do you know how to hot-wire a car?
I do, actually! A very helpful skill if I'm ever in a "Gone In 60 Seconds" type situation or if I decide to turn to a life of crime stealing cars for various gain.

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, April 9, 2012

10 months ago today, we lost you...

Today makes it 10 months since my grandpa died. He had so many things he battled through and overcame. War. Cancer. Alzheimer's though, he couldn't shake that, sadly. It's horrible to watch someone you love be slowly taken over by such a horrible disease.

When I started thinking about it today, I had the idea to make it a blog post so I'd have somewhere to voice all the thoughts I was having. Now that I'm sitting here typing this, it's difficult to find the words I want to share. The thoughts are still there, it's just sharing them, typing them out? It seems so odd still to write about how I feel now that he's gone. There are things I want to say, things I feel would help me if I could say them out loud but, I can't bring myself to because they seem so personal. Like they're meant to just be my thoughts or memories, not to be shared with anyone, even though I think it would help to voice some of those feelings.

I have a few things of his that are mine now. My grandma wanted us all to have something of his. I have the watch he wore every day. I remember days where I'd sit in his lap in the recliner in his house and I'd randomly ask him what time it was. He'd show me that watch and ask me what time it was. I remember how grown up and special it seemed to me then to wear a watch and was excited when my mom let me get my first watch. She probably doesn't even remember it but I do. It was a cheap little watch, the type with the plastic clasp and rubber band with a cartoon character on it. Now I have that watch I show him wear every time I saw him. The watch I always asked to look at because the face was so big and it seemed so fancy to me at the time because I didn't have anything like it. It mostly stays in it's box now but sometimes I take it out. I've worn it a few times but it doesn't fit well and the face takes up most of my wrist. Sometimes when I really miss him, it helps to wear it. I think because it just brings back happy memories of him for me.

Another thing she gave me where a pair of his cufflinks. He had so many pairs and they're all so pretty. The pair she gave me have a pair of gemstones in them, tiger's eye to be exact. They're very pretty. They also just sit in their box but sometimes I like to look at them. I remember when he used to dress nice for family events. He usually just wore coveralls all the time so when he was dressed in something different, it was always a little surprising to me. I'd always expect him to come over and be in those coveralls but when he was dressed up, he looked like a snazzy business man to me.

We spent so much time there growing up. They visited often. I grew up thinking for a while that every kid saw their grandparents as much as we did. I learned pretty quickly that wasn't the case and that not every kid even liked to have theirs around. Mine, I loved having around and was always happy when they came to visit for the day or came to take my brother and I home for the weekend. Or longer during Spring Break and Summer.

My grandma wasn't strict but she had certain things she didn't like us getting in to. One of the things was a little wooden train that sit in the floor with a couple other things. She used to hate us playing with that little wooden train. It wasn't a toy but myself and all the grand kids like to play with it. I always had a love for locomotives so I especially loved playing with it. We'd drag it out when grandma wasn't around, trying not to get caught with it. Then we usually did. Then she'd tell us that it wasn't a toy and to put it back up. Then always, right on cue, grandpa would interject and tell her to leave me or whomever was playing with it alone. She'd say it's not a toy. He'd say, "it's just a wooden train, let 'em alone with it." And she did.

I know I'll always miss him. Especially since he was such a part of my life and I looked up to and respected him so much. I miss our chats on the front porch. I miss his random comments when no one thought he was paying attention to the conversation. I miss his blunt honesty. I miss hugging him and hearing him call me sugar. He's the only person who could get away with calling me that because from anyone else, I can't stand that pet name. I at least have a lot of happy memories with him and can focus on those when I'm sad and thinking about him. And mostly, I know he's not confused and in pain and suffering anymore. I know he'll never read this but I always hope I did a good enough job of letting him know that I appreciated and loved him very much. I don't torture myself with thinking about things I could have done or times I could have spent because at the end, you'll always find things you should have or could have done differently. All you can do is hopefully be happy with what was done and I really am. So while I'm sad and thinking about him today more than other days where I think about and miss him, I'm also a little happy, too. Emotions really are such a complex thing.

Thursday, April 5, 2012