Wednesday, December 12, 2012

2 days left in the Toys for Tots fundraiser! & other stuff...

Two more days left to donate to the Toys for Tots Holiday Fundraiser and two more days left to enter the $25 Target Gift Card Contest.

If you've entered the GC contest and I haven't emailed or DM'd you on Twitter to let you know I've counted you, then please email me [amorousrocker (at) gmail (dot) com] and let me know. I'm working 50 hour weeks right now so keeping up with everyone has been a little tough with real life being so busy on top of working a lot of hours. If you didn't have me tell you that you've been counted yet, I haven't entered you into the drawing for the gift card yet and you need to email me. :)

Yesterday sucked. This month has sucked so far despite my best efforts to look at the bright side of things but I digress. I had a bad morning thanks to an early morning argument with a friend, bad day at work, burned my hand, broke the keyless entry remote for my car and then on the way home from work I got into a minor accident because some dumbass woman was busy on her phone on the highway and ran smack dab into the back of my Civic. So weird how people don't just fucking drive anymore while driving. A lot of people don't anyway. I'm fine and my car is fine, thankfully. I don't cry easily but I'm going through some stuff and a lot of stress right now and blah blah blah. Anyway I almost started crying when I got out to look at the potential damage and was so relieved to see nothing major that I almost started crying out of relief. Especially since she informed me she didn't "exactly" have auto insurance currently. Today will be a better day. Yep yep yep.

Anyway. I'm pretty much done Christmas shopping. I have my boyfriend, my family & most of my boyfriend's family members that I get gifts for covered. I'm glad I actually got started early this year so I don't have to deal with it when everyone really starts getting crazy because it's getting closer to the day and they're still not done yet. I hate shopping as it is the rest of the year but during the holidays? This is why I do the Toys for Tots shopping either early in the morning or super late at night. Stocked shelves and not near as many crazy people to deal with. Win/win. I'm super excited to go toy shopping soon and I'm sure a lot of people are equally as excited to not have to hear about it anymore after I do the final post next week, lol.

Happy Wednesday!

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OsShirt said...

Glad to hear you and your car came out OK!

Don't let the stress of the season get to you. Take some time out for's so important!

I haven't heard from you at all, but I've got a donation and a couple of mentions to toss in the hat!