Monday, November 26, 2012

We have toys! Toys for Tots Fundraiser Update...

It was brought to my attention by several (seriously, 6 of you!) other bloggers/Twitter people that I've thus far failed to do something that I've done the last 3 years I've done my Toys for Tots Fundraiser. Which is just to go buy a little bit of toys with my own cash before the fundraiser ends to show people I'm really doing what I say I'm doing and to show that a little bit of cash can really go a long way in buying toys for Toys for Tots. My bad, I forgot about doing that this year because I've been super busy with work and personal issues. I definitely didn't want to skip doing that this year so I appreciate the e-mails inquiring about when it would happen. ;)

In any case, I was doing some holiday shopping yesterday afternoon and decided to scoop up my first round of toys that I'll be putting my own money towards. I always do that and then add a little more of my own money to the total amount received via donations as well for the big shopping trip after I end the fundraiser.

Anyway, aside from the stuff I got for the family members I was shopping for, I spent a total of $60 on this small pile of toys. There are 24 toys here including a princess set, toy cars, puzzles, books, coloring sets, toddler instrument sets, action figures and memory games. 

You might not think donating $5 or $10 will be much help at all but it really does help more than you think. The cutoff date for PayPal donations is on December 14th. I'll be going shopping a few days after that with all the donated cash and as always, a final post including lots of pictures will be posted showing off all the toys you generous folks helped buy and showing the delivery of the toys to my local Toys for Tots headquarters. Also, the Fundraiser Promo contest for a super easy chance to win a $25 Gift Card to Target ends on December 14th as well so there's still time to get it on that. A donation isn't necessary to enter the contest but definitely appreciated! And for the 20th time, a big thanks to everyone that has already helped out via donations or other ways, I appreciate y'all so much. :)

Happy Monday!

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