Friday, November 2, 2012

Vegas fun...

My boyfriend and I just got back yesterday from a small vacation in Vegas. It was my first time going as well as his and the city was as much fun and as full of awesome as the people we know who have gone said it was. Not that I doubted them at all.

We spent Halloween there which was awesome. And yes, we did dress up. I was a pirate and my boyfriend was Mario from Super Mario Bros....

I won't bore you all with every detail of our vacation in Vegas. ;) I'll share a few things, though.

A few of the things we did:

Saw Cirque Du Soleil's Mystère at Treasure Island. The show, no surprise, was fucking amazing. I love Cirque shows and seriously wanted to see that one again at the next show time I enjoyed it that much. We didn't do that however since there's too much to do in Vegas for repeating stuff like that. 

We went to Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay. That was awesome. I learned about a few different species of sharks and saw one of the largest manta rays I have ever seen in my life. I love the ocean and it's creatures and going to aquariums is one of my very favorite things. Also, I met a guy at the Aquarium who owns a Batmobile. I was wearing a Batman tee & he said, "I bet I'm a bigger Batman fan than you are." Then proceeded to show me the Batmobile he has parked at his house. Not sure about a bigger Batman fan but definitely a huge fan with a lot more money than I have. Though he was kind of a douchebag so I think I need to track him down and "borrow without intent to return" his Batmobile because someone that douchey doesn't deserve something so awesome, haha.

I was also mistaken as a prostitute on two separate occasions by two different guys that were probably in their late thirties to early forties. At least that's how old they both looked to me. Neither of them were creepy about it though, they were both discreet and left me alone once it was made apparent that I'm not a hooker. Oddly enough I was dressed in a t-shirt and jeans both times that happened. 

"Excuse me miss but can you tell us who you think has the nicer fake rack?" -Random guy to me, asking me to judge between two dudes dressed up as Showgirls for Halloween. They both made compelling arguments for why they each thought their rack was the better looking one and I made my pick based on the dude with the best argument since their fake racks looks almost identical, haha. 

And one of the funniest things I overheard happened in a restroom in one of the many casinos we checked out, between a couple of drunk women at Treasure Island.

Lady1: "Look, a mini plush pirate! Isn't he cute. Laura, say hey to my little friend!"

 Lady2: "No thanks! Lately all I've seen is little friends made out of limp material!"

Then they both laughed so hard they ended up laying in the bathroom floor holding their sides and crying. One of them started kicking her feet around and ended up sending one of her heels flying across the room into a sink. The woman at the sink next to the one the shoe landed in picked it up and threw it pretty hard at the two ladies and that ended their giggle fit and almost started a fight.

On Halloween night, we got stuck outside the Bellagio hotel because they were shutting the street down because they were filming a scene out of a movie and couldn't get down the sidewalk. The scene was someone parachuting out of a helicopter so they had that portion of street shut down for about 15 minutes. We could have gone back in and gone around a different way but opted to stand there and watch since they said we could do that. They wouldn't tell us what the movie was but we figured out that they'd been filming scenes for the Hangover 3 in Vegas all of this week and also ewkn they had shut part of the Bellagio's casino down on Monday for the first day of filming whatever movie. So now I'll have to watch the damn movie when it comes out to see if that's really what it was. They were cool and let us take pictures as long as we could do so without moving further out passed their barrier.

And that's all I'm sharing. I had a great time and will definitely go back since there is still plenty of stuff I want to do and see out there. Plus it's a lot of fun and makes hardly sleeping totally worthwhile.

Non-Vegas related, the Toys for Tots Blogger Fundraiser is up and running right now! Thanks to the people who have donated already and thanks to those retweeting my tweets about it and trying to help promote it with me. I appreciate it. I might have a giftcard contest going on shortly for people helping me promote the fundraiser as well as people who have donated and are going to donate a few bucks. I've been given a giftcard to do a giveaway with on my blog and I chose it to be for Target. I have the idea that donating and/or helping me promote the fundraiser will be the way to gain entries for the giveaway but I have to make sure the people that gave me the giftcard don't mind me tying the giveaway to my fundraiser. So, keep your eyes out for that one.

Happy Friday!

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Hubman said...

I'm glad you had such a good time! V and I went there about 3 years ago and have to make it back someday