Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sort of Rant: The Uninvited....

I was over at a friend's house recently, hanging out and directing him on how to make a fairly fancy cake he wanted to attempt for his girlfriend and her family. He had an incident and ended up with batter all over his face, in his hair and down his shirt and decided he would go take a shower quickly before a second attempt. 

I hung out in the living room and while waiting, his brother's girlfriend came storming into the room mumbling and fuming about something. I looked at my phone hoping that if I avoided eye contact that she would ignore me, as usual. I don't care for her and she isn't a fan of me either. I'm a curious person but when it involves someone I don't like, I generally couldn't care less. I don't care much gossip and drama with people I like so the business of someone I dislike is even more dis-interesting. However, she wanted to vent and after several attempts at dialing people on her phone to no avail, she turned to me.

"Hey," she said.


"So my friend Mariella, well not my friend, but we are co-workers and we sort of get along at work because we're professionals and know how to be cordial but I don't really like her but she doesn't know that. Anyway whatever. So Mariella is pregnant and she's having a baby shower next weekend. Mariella created a Facebook event page for her baby shower and of course I saw it because we have each other on Facebook. So I go look at it and the page isn't even private to only invited people can see. She invited like 54 other people including some other people from work but not me. I waited a few days and checked again and saw a couple more people were added to the invite list but still not me. I'm pissed off because she's inviting a handful of people from work but not me even though we get along okay enough up there and she thinks I like her."

At that point, she tried to keep rambling but I cut her off with a question.

"Did you even plan on going if you did get an invite?"

She snorted, rolled her eyes and said she wouldn't go even if they were giving away cash at the door for showing up because she doesn't like her.

"So why do you even fucking care about not getting invited if you don't want to go and don't like her anyway? Seems stupid to me."

She rolled her eyes again and stated it was "the principle of the thing" and went on a little rant about office politics, being polite and probably some other stuff but honestly I stopped listening. She ended up tossing a pillow off the love seat me, then she rolled her eyes, told me I had to be a male stuck inside my decidedly female body and stomped off trying again to get someone on her phone presumably to rant to.
She's not the first person I've heard have a  bitch fest like that before. 

"So and so didn't invite me to this. I didn't want to go anyway but at least they could've invited me!"

"I don't like her but I can't believe I didn't even get an invite!"

I will never understand that. I've had a couple people try to explain their various issues behind it and all I get from the explanations are that they're being stupid and petty along with some other unflattering adjectives.

In the case of my friend's boyfriend's sister, chances are her co-worker isn't as dumb as she thinks and is likely aware of her feelings toward her. She probably doesn't care much for her either, obviously. 

If someone I don't like doesn't invite me to something, I don't feel insulted by it. I don't feel left out and I honestly just don't think or feel anything about it at all. I personally feel relieved when I don't get invited to things I wouldn't want to go to anyway. Not that I mind declining invites nor do I mind having to explain why I don't want to attend if the situation calls for that to happen. It's just easier to not have to deal with that if I don't have to. 

I get that not everyone is going to like me. I sure as hell don't like every single person I come in contact with. Sometimes they're annoying. Sometimes there's just no common ground. Tons of factors play into it. I absolutely don't feel a need to be liked by everyone, especially people I don't even like. If more people would get over that, they would be a lot better off. At least in my opinion anyway.

Happy Tuesday, y'all!


Jack and Jill said...

I'm a pretty social person and I tend to open myself, so to speak, to people with whom I want to converse. On the other hand, I tend to shut myself off when I'm around people with whom I do not want to speak. But I have most definitely been in a situation like this, wherein an individual wanted desperately to let off some steam, vent, or otherwise just talk to me and he or she wasn't able to properly interpret my body language to mean "I do not want you to engage me in conversation." Frustrating.

I also find it annoying when people dig for things to complain about. I've been on Facebook for years and I've seen it numerous times. Frankly, if someone I don't like doesn't invite me to an event that I would rather not attend anyway, I consider myself lucky.


The Smirking Cat said...

It seems like she wants the option to complain about being invited, or the opportunity to blow off the person she doesn't like. The fact that she was blown off instead apparently doesn't sit well with her.

I can't stand when people make comments like "you are a male in a female body" when a woman doesn't participate in hysterical dramatics. No, I'm not a male in disguise. I'm just not a dingbat like some women (and men) choose to be.

Advizor54 said...

Invite me, don't invite me, I don't care, even when I do. It's your party/wedding/bat mitzvah/funeral, i don't need to be there to validate my place in your life. If I have to "check" my status on a frequent basis, I'm not that important in the first place. Smirking Cat got it right in that she wanted the invite just so she could turn it down. very very petty.

Dirty Blog said...

Ha ha. I'm hoping this girl was young enough to warrant her immaturity level!

<3 Dirty Blog's Girl