Friday, June 15, 2012

It's my birthday! And stuff...

Happy Birthday to me!

I turn 27 today. This week, I've had SO MANY PEOPLE ask me if I'm getting anxious or sad about getting closer to 30 and if I feel old, stuff like that. My answer is no. I've never worried about age or getting old and likely never will. That's how life is. You have a birthday, 365 days go by, you have another and boom you're another year older. That's not something that will change for as long as you're alive so what's the point in worrying or stressing about it? And honestly, 30 is hardly old. Far from it in my opinion.

For my actual birthday, I won't be doing much. I'm going to bake myself some apple muffins and cook myself whatever the hell I feel like for dinner. Then see if I can get my boyfriend to clean up the kitchen and do the dishes for me, since it's my birthday and all. Then I'll watch sports or a movie or do something relaxing at home for a little bit whilst spending time with the boyfriend. I need to go to bed fairly early though and I want to get more than 3 or 4 hours of sleep because Saturday is going to be long and busy.

I have to be up early Saturday so I can bake some stuff for several costumers and then I'll be going to my youngest brother's hockey game that's at 11 AM. Then there will be various running around doing things. Then I'm having a birthday dinner that night evening since the people I'm having dinner with would not have been in town on Friday. Well, most of them would not have been anyway. Then after my birthday dinner, I'll be going out with my boyfriend and a group of my friends to consume some alcoholic beverages and get into shenanigans. 

My mom posted this on my Facebook and I wanted to share it on here for some reason, so...:

"Twenty-seven years ago, at 3:40 am I was blessed with the FIRST of 4 amazing and beautiful free spirited children. You are often imitated but never duplicated. Through 27 years we have often had out share of issues, you being bull headed and stubborn....set on your path, forging ahead. Me being concerned and not really knowing how to handle you....but trying anyway.

It has been a journey, watching you grow and mature, watching you and Shane become a couple and move forward. TODAY I CELEBRATE YOU and all that you are, all that you were and all that you will become."

Suck it, Hallmark. Also, that's possibly the most truthful and accurate thing my mom has ever said to me without being overly mushy. 

Last year was super challenging but mostly good. This year has been rough so far but I'm always looking forward and trying to keep my generally positive realistic outlook about things. I've learned that there will never be a day that I have it all figured out and I'm pretty much okay with that. 

Happy Friday!
And Happy Birthday to any other June 15th babies out there. :D


Osbasso said...

That's why I 'liked' it on FB!

Jack and Jill said...

Happy Birthday! We hope you're having a great one no matter how you spend it.

Everybody ages at the same pace. There's no real alternative except for death. We can see complaining about the fact that you're in poorer health, or not making as much money, or living in a smaller house, etc. (though complaining is far less effective than fixing what you see as a negative situation). But worrying about aging? Talk about trying to battle the sunrise.

Your mom's Facebook post is sweet and sincere, and though we have known you only a short time we can tell it's as accurate an assessment of you as any we're ever likely to read. Simply beautiful.

We wish you all the happiness, success, and good health in the world, not just today, but everyday. You deserve it.

Mike VanG said...


Best wishes to you for a fantastic day and have fun celebrateing tomorrow!!

Alice In Puckland said...

Your mama's birthday sentiment is so fitting. Of course it is because she's your mama but I see all of that in you. You're one of the strongest, smartest, sweetest, most caring, determined, ambitious, genuine, honest, stubborn, funny, quirky, beautiful people I know. I could throw out words to describe you all dang day because there's so much to you but I won't ramble on too much lol.

Sorry I can't be there with you to celly tomorrow but I know you're going to have a fabulous time. Happy Birthday babe!!!

MinorityReport said...

Happy Birthday!