Friday, June 29, 2012

Happy Birthday & a 3.5 million dollar Flintstone's inspired house...

Before I get to the actual post, today is my awesome boyfriend's 27th birthday! Yes, his birthday is exactly 2 weeks after mine. Which also makes him the first guy I've dated that's been younger than me, even if it is only by 14 days. He jokes that dating older guys is clearly where I had been going wrong. Though really, he's always been pretty mature for his age and people always think I'm younger anyway, haha. I'm making him an awesome dinner and one of his favorite cakes for his birthday cake. Then he'll be in bed by 10 PM since he gets up for work at 4 AM Tuesday through Saturday. Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the one person who knows what a weird mess I am and loves me anyway because he's just as weird. <3 

Now, on to the Flintstone's house!

A friend of mine that works in design sent me a picture of a Flintstone's inspired house yesterday. It looked awesome but she found the image on Tumblr so I decided to use Google to see if I could track down such a unique house.

Turns out, that was the easiest search ever. The first link Google showed was of the house in question. It also happened to have plenty of photos and explained that the house belongs to the late Dick Clark. 

I loved watching The Flintstone's cartoon as a little kid so of course I find this house to be completely badass. Plus, who else has anything like that? It's definitely unique. And for the cool price of 3.5 million dollars, that charming little house could be all yours!

Now if I could win a whole lot of money, I could make a Batman inspired house that would knock this Flintstone's house down a few pegs on the coolness meter. ;)

Happy Friday!


Jack and Jill said...

Cool house! We saw that there were numerous photos, but only one loaded. After the other night with our bad connection we reloaded the page but then realized that we were back home, our connection here is fine, and the images that didn't load must have just been broken links.

Having lived in Northern California I wonder if you are aware that there is a Flintstones-inspired house in the Bay Area off of Highway 280. It can be seen here:

Happy birthday to your awesome boyfriend!

Ashly Star said...

Thanks for the heads up on the pictures. They showed for me in FireFox but I checked with Chrome & another browser and they didn't work. Fixed them so they work finally.

I was aware about that house but hadn't seen most of the others in that article. The piano house is amazing! Wow. Thanks for the link. :)

Serafina Samadhi said...

Cool find! sounds like a dream dwelling. Enjoyed reading some back posts as well. Thanks for commenting on ours.
nice to meet you!

Scarlett said...

THIS IS SO COOL!! I seriously want my house to look like this now x