Monday, May 28, 2012

Patricide and The Lion King....

A friend's older brother was recently telling me about something he had read on a website and how he agreed with it. The thing he saw:

"When Simba sang, "I just can't wait to be king", didn't Disney executives realize they were condoning patricide?"

My friend's brother went on to tell me why he agreed with that statement, why he found it disturbing some of the hidden messages Disney had in it's films and then asked if I had an opinion on patricide/Lion King issue. Well, that's like asking if an astronaut has a desire to study space. Duh, I always have an opinion. Anyway. My response and the rest of the conversation went like this:

Patricide is the act of killing one's father. When Simba was singing that song, it was in reference to when Mufasa stepped down and Simba became the rightful King of Pride Rock. He wasn't planning on killing his father to get there, he was merely singing about what would happen one day in the far off future and expressing his general excitement over that. Who wouldn't be excited about that when you're that young and don't realize how hard being a ruling King will be?

The argument was then made that even if Simba hadn't planned it or meant for his father to die, Mufasa had still been murdered and that Simba could still be put at fault for that.

False. Simba was not to blame and I'm really unsure why I associate with someone who could think that adorable little lion cub could be held accountable for the death of his father. Though he is my friend's brother and I typically just put up with his nonsense. I digress.

Simba is not at fault. Scar, Mufasa's jealous younger bother and Simba's uncle, is the one responsible for the death of Mufasa. Scar planned and orchestrated for the stampede of wildebeest to take out Mufasa. Along with the help from the trio of hyenas that were Scar's accomplices. And lets not forget, he also intended for the stampede to kill not only Mufasa but Simba as well so there would be no one left but himself to take over as King of Pride Rock. He was jealous and evil and wanted the power of being King and could only get that by both of them being dead. Also, Mufasa would have lived had Scar not thrown him over the ledge into the stampede after Mufasa had managed to escape. Given that, it would be more along the lines of fratricide instead of patricide if you want to label it so specifically. 

So no, I definitely don't see any point on saying Disney was condoning patricide in the Lion King because Simba wasn't the one responsible for Mufasa's untimely death.

Also, on a more serious note, people read way too fucking much into things and need to stop. It's a Disney movie and there doesn't always need to be a deeper, darker meaning to things. If you're looking for it, you're likely going to find it just because you want it to be there.

Though, it did give me the idea to write this ridiculous post which was rather fun to do. If anyone thinks I was being particularly serious writing this, please exit my blog now and don't come back here. ;)

And no, I didn't have to Google any of the information on the movie. That's all memory right there. I also watched the Lion King about a month ago, just because I can. I love a handful of Disney movies (though typically not ones centered around a princess oddly enough) and animated films (PIXAR, BITCHES!) the way most girls dig those awful romantic comedies. 

Hakuna Matata!


Jack and Jill said...

This is an awesome post. As someone who watched The Lion King far too many times during a particularly jaded period when I wasn't a fan of Disney, I love the fact that you were able to go on memory for the details you cite. I can honestly say the patricide aspect hadn't occurred to me, and I feel kind of foolish about that because when I was 18 or 19 conspiracy theories and overanalysis of pop culture were my forte. We both had a blast reading this.


Cougar in Training said...

Well said!

Kelly Malard said...

This was fun to read! I cant believe you remember that much of the lion king from memory but then again I can quote the shit out of beauty and the beast like no other. Love your blog Ashly!

John said...

I learned a few new words today haha. Cool post, I agree with Jack and Jill I had a blast reading this. But not I have to admit I'm also a bit of a theorist but mainly just to get people thinking about things outside the box and I am like Jack disappointed that none of this ever occurred to me.

Atiya Luv said...

love the post Ashly!
thanks for the insight, i even had my daughters read it.