Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spring, birthday, apple juice, Safe House, books, etc...

  • I'm excited for warmer weather. Ready to put the hoodies away and bust out my flip-flops. Also, I'm ready for some swimming and wakeboarding this summer. Not to mention baseball and hopefully at least one trip to a beach somewhere. Maybe for my birthday since it's on a weekend this year! :D
  • I, for some reason, randomly crave root beer from time to time. It has to be from a bottle and I only really like Maine Foot or IBC. Most grocery stores don't sell Maine Root so I only pick it up when I'm at Whole Foods or Central Market and in the mood for it. I was at Whole Foods last night and saw the root beer. I was more interested in getting some apple juice. I got some organic apple juice and some organic honeycrisp apple juice. If you've never had a honeycrisp apple, you're totally missing out, they're delicious. I have to buy organic apple juice because any kind (and trust me, I've tried tons of brands) made from a concentrate makes me have a weird reaction if I drink more than two ounces at a time.
  • I hate cotton candy. I don't like the taste, it's too sweet and even the smell makes me gag a little.
  • A nice, long shower is one of the best ways to kill a little bit of stress. It doesn't melt it all away but it does nicely at removing a layer or two. Or maybe it's all the singing I tend to do in the shower that de-stresses me. Or a combination of the shower and the rocking out. Whatever, it's awesome and I smell great afterward.
  • The boyfriend and I went and saw Safe House on Sunday evening after my brother's hockey game, lunch with the family and several hours in IKEA. Safe House wasn't bad. The plot's pretty weak but there's a ton of action in it to make up for that. All the explosions and fighting scenes were pretty awesome and kept me entertained through the whole movie.
  • I tried warm milk the other night for the first time. Guess what? It was not my favorite thing or anywhere close to it. I also didn't feel any more relaxed or ready to go to sleep. I'll be sticking to some warm tea when I get the urge for a warm beverage at night.
  • I honestly don't care what most people think of me. I care more about how I feel about myself at the end of the day than what other people think of me. I wish more people felt that way. It drives me crazy watching people drive themselves crazy trying to please other people, fit in, worrying about how other people will see them, changing their views, being afraid to speak their mind, etc etc etc. If more people worried about being happy and confident in themselves instead, they would be a lot better off. In my opinion anyway.
  • I love books more than I love most other things. I could (and do) spend hours happily reading some days. One problem I have? If I get really into a book, I speed through it and then get sad because I'm done with the book in a day or two. Some books are just so great you can't put them down!
  • I made these a few days ago. It's the first time in a long time that I've made cupcake for myself and the boyfriend and not for someone else because I was being paid to do so. I ate one and now I'm pretty much done with them, lol. So now I'm making Shane take half of them to work with him tomorrow. Which is also kind of useful for me since a good handful of my customers are his co-workers, haha. :D
And I will end this post on this note.....

Happy Tuesday!


Jack and Jill said...

We're looking forward to spring too! As I write this it's pouring outside. It's really not that bad as I don't have to go out in it, but I really would have liked to take the baby on a long walk and to the park today. Oh well.

Root beer is awesome. I've cut down on soda the last year or so, but I really crave a higher-end craft root beer from time to time. IBC is possibly my all-time favorite, but I've never had Maine Foot. I'll have to look into getting some; thanks for the recommendation.

Not crazy about the taste of cotton candy either, but it's the texture/consistency that really turns me off. It just feels like something that should not be in my mouth.

We want to check out Safe House. We prefer story over all else, but once in a great while we like something that's all action and little plot.

Jill hates warm milk; I can't say I've ever tried it.

Your thought about people breaking their necks to be liked by all is spot on. I can't stand that sort of thing. If everyone lived their lives for themselves and were truly happy without the approval of strangers, the world would be a better place.

I wish I had more time to read. It's my own fault that I don't, of course; I love to write and prioritize toward writing over reading. But I love the fact that when the baby is being rambunctious and rowdy and I can't concentrate enough to write, I manage to read just fine.

The cupcakes look delicious, and I want one right now. :)

Happy Tuesday,


the late phoenix said...

hey beautiful, what's up?

never heard of Maine Root before, or Maine Foot, wink wink, although i've plenty of times had to put my Foot in my mouth. one time, i had the urge to go on this, like, two week binge of just root beer, drank nothing but, afterwards my tongue became resistant to the root beer virus for years

oh, i adore cotton candy, it's so cool the way it looks, it shouldn't be edible but it is, it's like eating socks or something, love the texture of it, give it a chance, babe, one more chance

i drink warm milk to help me sleep, that's Mom's technique, i also sometimes drink the leftover warm milk i give my cat...maybe TMI there

i was always unsure about Thomas Paine, but once he appeared in that Rage Against the Machine music video, he gained the street cred necessary for me to follow him...