Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Dallas Stars, family stuff & on I ramble...

My dad moved back from California. He got back to Texas yesterday, UHAUL hauling all his belongings (and some of mine, my mom's and my siblings belongings from YEARS AGO) and his truck. Now I can see him more than just a few days out of the year. He moved to California 8 years ago and I've had a couple of brief stints with living out there but never for very long. My other younger brother is now the only person in my family still living out there.

The Stars won in regulation against the Canucks. They won all three games on their Canadian road trip and they've had a hell of a run the last couple of weeks. They're first place in the Pacific Division and 3rd place in the Western Conference currently. I hope they keep this going. It's been far too long since I was last able to go to a Stars playoff game. ;)

I need to find someone new to go to Stars games with me. I usually just go with the boyfriend but there are times he has work and can't go. Then there are times like tomorrow where his work gets a suite for the game and he gets to go with them. And I can't go since I don't work for the awesome company that he works for and it's one of their "bonding/togetherness" things they're trying to work on doing more of to help the teamwork aspect come together more. The other 3 people who were my game buddies have all moved in various directions that are too far to take in Stars games anymore in the last few months. Although, I could just go to a game by myself once in a while. I might try that Thursday and see how that goes. I do plenty of other stuff by myself and don't give it a second thought, so why not this? We'll see.

I got my menu finished for that whole business thing I've got going on for me lately. Which is also why if you follow my Twitter or Tumblr, you may have noticed an increased amount of food pictures. And I don't even post pictures of everything I make! I'm not eating all of that or just making it for fun. It's a little side project now but it's growing into something more slowly and I'm getting excited about it the more work I get to do with it. I love baking and love being creative with things I make. And to be able to make some extra cash doing something I really enjoy is awesome. Of course, it will be more awesome once that goes from an extra cash thing to a full on income thing. Which is what I'm working toward. It's a lot of work but I'm quite determined. :)

This passed weekend, my youngest brother had hockey games on Saturday, Sunday and Monday night. His team won all three. Saturday they won 7-2, Sunday they shut out one of the best teams in their league 5-0 and Monday night they beat the best team in their league 4-2. They've been playing so well lately and it's great to see how much their confidence grows after each game. It's also cool seeing them all so happy after so many good games lately considering the horrible start they had to their season. I'm also proud of my brother for being so dedicated to his sport. I have so much fun watching him play and I enjoy seeing him do something that makes him happy. Also, I just really love hockey. Though watching him play does make me miss playing myself, haha.

In further boring news, I found a way that successfully gets rid of my hiccups. I always have to just let them run their course most of the time because nothing usually works for me. Which is annoying because for some reason, hiccups are really painful for me. I found that holding my nose and slowly drinking about 5 or 6 ounces of water without stopping or pausing does the trick. So you know, if you've never tried that and nothing else works, give it a shot. I don't understand why having
involuntary esophageal contraction of the diaphragm is even a necessary thing people have to deal with. And yes, I did want to write about hiccups in part just so I could use the word "esophageal" because I like that word and rarely get to use it. So, there. I also wanted to share my hiccup trick in attempt to possibly be helpful, though. ;)

Boobs are awesome.

Some people's inability to be punctual to anything, ever, drives me fucking crazy. I HATE being late and always feel like an asshole when I do show up late to something without an actual good reason for it. I rarely show up anywhere late but that's beside the point. How hard is it to be a few minutes early or right on time? It's not. I get when it's something you can't control like a flat tire, having to stay late at work, really bad traffic, blah blah blah. But people who are just late all the time? KNOCK IT THE FUCK OFF. It's rude. And annoying.

Sometimes I like to throw random sentences in to see if people are paying attention. However, those statements are usually true. As true as someone's opinion can be, anyway. ;)

I've rambled on enough now. I feel like I cleared some real estate up which I'm sure won't last long before more thoughts and random junk move in to take up residence. I think way too much sometimes. Though writing does always help when I'm feeling anxious and can't sleep because my mind seems too full. If that makes sense. Anyway.... :)

Happy Wednesday!


Jack and Jill said...

Wow! We had no idea your Dad was moving back permanently. Glad that you'll be able to see him on a (presumably) regular basis.

The more we hear about your new business venture, the more excited we are for you. We admire your determination, and we know that you will succeed. Starting a business isn't easy, but it's definitely worth it.

We've always heard thank drinking water gets rid of hiccups, but we never heard about holding one's nose. We don't understand hiccups either; if you ask me, they seem like the sort of problem that should have been noticed and worked out during the Quality Control phase.

"Esophageal" is an awesome word that should be used in your blog whenever the opportunity presents itself. Boobs are also awesome.

Tardiness pisses us off. We have friends who are always late for no apparent reason. This is a huge inconvenience when you're trying to get a table but they'll only seat the entire party, or when you've got a small child to keep happy and occupied. We do our best to discourage outings with people like these, unless we pick them up and drive together, or vice versa.

Our tablecloth is blue and has green leaves on it. How's that for a random statement?

Go Stars! (I don't follow hockey like I used to, but I've got tons of Sharks fans in my social circle who'd like to kick my ass if they knew I just said that.)


Alice In Puckland said...

So psyched about the Stars doing so well! It does suck that I can't go to games or watch games with you anymore tho! Miss my hockey buddy! And miss going to games. So not paying NY Rangers prices to see a team I don't give a crap about lol.

I'm super psyched for your biz venture too! I know you're just going to keep getting bigger and better with it and I'm proud of you for working so hard for something you want.

That's kick ass B's team is doing so well! 3 games in a row? That's rough haha.

I'm gonna try that hiccup trick. Nothing ever works for me either and Idk why you didn't tell me about that trick already jerk. :p

And omg you know how I agree with you on people who aren't punctual. So RUDE. <3

viemoira said...

You can also drink it upside down rather than plug your nose. That can be fun or dangerous...