Thursday, February 23, 2012

This is not an acid trip....

I was walking down the street on my way to the convenience store for a pack of gum, a bottled water and an energy drink. It was a gorgeous day; low 70's with a light breeze and big, puffy white clouds against the blue sky. The light breeze rustled the leaves of the trees that served as a shady canopy above my head. Cars passed by and there were others out walking as well. I could have taken the car but the convenience store was only two miles from where I live. Why not walk on such a lovely day?

I got to the crosswalk and stopped, hitting the button and then waiting for the light to change. My cell phone started ringing. I reached into my pocket for it but it wasn't there. I ran my hands over the length of my body but didn't feel my phone anywhere. I looked around and saw it laying on the sidewalk a couple feet to the right of me. I walked towards it and picked it up, puzzled about how it ended up there. I shrugged, answered the phone and then I fell through the the hole that opened suddenly in the concrete.

I felt myself sliding rapidly downwards in darkness. The material I was on was smooth and cool against my hands as I tried to grasp onto something uselessly. It felt thin and I momentarily panicked about it not being strong enough to hold me. I screamed and the sound echoed all around me. I came to what I thought was the end but it was just a wide curve in the material. I was sliding downward still but now I was going in multiple directions instead of only down. I tried to keep up. Left, right, left, straight again, right and then I felt my stomach turn as I was propelled upwards instead of down. My stomach turned again and I felt my eyes fluttering shut. I wouldn't puke but I might pass out. Wonderful. Just as my eyes began to close, I was launched into the air. My limbs were flailing as I sailed through the air, the darkness disappearing being replaced my a blinding white light. I shut my eyes tightly and felt myself free falling through the brightness.

I gritted my teeth and braced myself for a rough landing. I landed on a mattress and rolled off falling onto the too soft grass. I looked around and I was surprised to see tiny candy canes growing out of the too soft purple grass. Purple grass? I rubbed my eyes, kept them shut briefly and then opened them again. Yeah, purple grass with tiny candy canes growing out of it. I laughed and stood. I inhaled deeply and smelled peppermint, burning wood and vanilla. I looked around wondering what was burning and where the vanilla scent was coming from. I began walking slowly. All I could see was purple grass and the tiny candy canes. There seemed to be a point a half mile away where everything stopped. I walked that way. I reached the point where I couldn't see any further and suddenly, the grass under my feet widened, spreading out to reach further. Tiny candy canes popped up in the new grass. I stepped forward. Little houses, vibrantly colored and strangely decorated, popped up out of thin air. Shops and strange little people appeared too. I sped up my pace and tried to catch up to the strange looking people.

My phone rang and I pulled it out of my pocket to answer it. I answered it and music filtered out from the other end. I pulled the phone away from my ear and looked at it. It started melting slowly in my hand. I stared at it, mouth hanging open slightly, shocked and a bit confused. It was melting. It sizzled and cracked as it melted slowly. I felt like it should hurt but it didn't. It was popping and crackling in my hands yet felt cool to the touch, like running my hand under cold water after a slight burn. I stared at it strangely and watched as it continued melting into a puddle. The puddle started overflowing gently, falling to the grass around me. As soon as it hit the soft grass, the grass sizzled and began smoldering slightly. I flung the rest of the melting mess out of my hand and stomped on it as it hit the grass. It stopped smoldering and started changing colors. I watched for a second as it turned from blue to yellow to orange and then, it was gone, as if it had never been there in the first place.

I took ten steps, looking towards a few of the houses thinking I could get to one and find out what was happening. I got to a road that was made of purple bricks dusted with black glitter I paused and stared at the bricks for a few seconds. I moved to take another step forward but never made it onto the bricks. I was sucked into the ground and felt myself falling again. This time, I was not surrounded by total darkness. The tunnel I was sliding down was like a kaleidoscope of bright colors and pretty patterns. I got dizzy watching them all fly by but I couldn't close my eyes, couldn't stop staring as the colors and designs flew by me.

I launched out of the tunnel again. I landed on my feet and found myself standing in line at the convenience store. I looked around me, freaked out. The cashier got my attention and told me my total. I looked at him but didn't really see him. I heard him ask if I was okay. I shook my head and looked at him again. He looked concerned and I wondered how crazy I must seem in that moment. I smiled and pulled a a ten dollar bill out, left it on the counter and walked out of the store with my bag of items I had no recollection of picking up. I stood outside the door and inhaled. I smelled familiar smells. Gasoline, trees, a little of the dirty smell that hung over the town and something different, something not usually there. Peppermint. I looked down and saw little bits of purple grass sinking back down into the sidewalk.

I started running, towards my house, without looking back, without looking around me. As I ran, the purple grass started springing up around me again. I skidded to a stop on the street that I lived on as I watched the grass roll up through the concrete. I stopped, looking around. Beautiful, lush trees in vibrant colors shot up from the ground around me. I watched as little sparkling bulbs, one that looked like big, round Christmas ornaments, sprouted on all of the trees around me. The white fluffy clouds above my head began swirling and turned into a red color. The air smelled like vanilla now and I began walking slowly in the direction that my house should have been in.

I heard a shrill voice call my name and looked over my shoulder. A girl with bubble gum pink hair was waving at me frantically as she yelled my name. She appeared to be running but it didn't seem like she was getting any closer to me. She had bright blue makeup on and hot pink glitter dusted over her entire face. She was wearing a bright yellow dress, resembling the one Belle wears at the end of Beauty in the Beast and black combat boots. Suddenly, she reached behind her and produced a handful of candy canes. She launched them at me and I started running again. One of the candy canes hit me in the head and then another hole opened up and I was falling again. I was going down a spiral slide this time, black lights and plastic white stars lighting the way as I slid downwards. I slowly slid downward for what seemed like miles and then finally reached the end. I hit the ground and it was damp, purple and orange bubbles everywhere. The room smelled of cinnamon and the only light was still the black light and plastic stars. I looked around and saw what seemed to be a hallway. I followed the glowing plastic stars until I came to a door.

I reached to push the door open and then there was an arrow just above where my hand was. I looked behind me and saw several pairs of eyes and nothing more staring at me in the darkness. More arrows hit the wall around me and I reached for the door again. I pushed it open and rushed to step outside. I was on the side of a cliff and stopped myself from stepping down. Jagged rocks in vibrant colors and bright blue waves crashing violently against them were all that I could see below me. Suddenly, I felt hands on my back. I could smell vanilla again and started to fight back. Then several pairs of hands were restraining me rendering me unable to fight anything off. Someone whispered, "sorry love" against my ear and then I was being pushed across the threshold down into the jagged rocks and crashing waves. I was flailing down and looked back up at the door. All I could see where the eyes all staring down at me for a few seconds. Then it was arrows raining down on me as I fell toward to rocks and violent waters.


I woke up then, initially panicked and then relaxed a little when I realized I was laying in bed still. I inhaled deeply and then sighed, relieved that I didn't smell anything sweet or see anything brightly colored or sparkling. I looked around the room but couldn't make out more than vague shapes in the darkness. The bedroom was quiet and all I could hear was my boyfriend's rhythmic breathing next to me. I smiled to myself and laughed at myself before I closed my eyes and drowsily drifted back off to sleep. Thankfully, that dream didn't pick back up where it left off. :)

And no, I didn't drink or eat anything weird before bed. I didn't watch or read anything weird. I didn't drink any alcohol at all yesterday and I didn't take any different or odd medication. If you've read my blog long or known me long enough (or know me well enough) then you probably know I have semi-odd dreams like that pretty much every time I dream. I'm also really good at remembering my dreams most of the time and dream rather often.

Happy Thursday!

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Jack and Jill said...

We are impressed not only by the bizarre events and imagery in your dream, but also - moreso - by your ability to remember it all, and convey it in vivid detail. As a sometime writer, I (Jack) used to go to great lengths to record the details of a particularly memorable dream the instant I woke.

Needless to say, we're happy this was just a dream (and not an acid trip). :)