Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Orgasms & Q-tips...

My friend April started a debate with a friend about how using a q-tip to relieve a really itchy ear was one of the best feelings in the world. Her and her friend were debating whether or not it surpassed an orgasm in terms of things that feel amazing. She ended up texting me for my thoughts on the subject which I happily supplied in heavy favor of orgasms over q-tips relieving an itch. I mean really, there's no contest, lol.

The question wound up on Twitter and no surprise most people went with orgasm over a q-tip relieving one's itchy ear. Honestly though, she's got a point with her q-tip defense. It feels fantastic when you have an itch inside your ear you can't get to and finally alleviate it with a q-tip. It's a wonderful feeling. It doesn't surpass an orgasm though, not even close. It did get me thinking of things that are simple but just feel great and possibly even surpass the awesomeness of a q-tip performing one of it's basic functions. So, I thought about simple joys that make me feel great and decided I'd put them up here. In no particular order..

-A shower after a hard workout, long day at work, sporting event, outdoor activity or anything that leaves you hot, sweaty and feeling rather filthy. Washing away all the grime and feeling clean, soft and warm? Fucking GREAT. That also works for when you're stressed and take a warm shower and feel lazy, warm and super relaxed afterward.

-Being outside in the cold and going inside, where it's nice and warm and then drinking and/or eating something warm. Especially coffee or a warm mug of tea
(showing my bias) because both are so delicious. That feeling of heat warming your body from the inside out is awesome.

-Getting swept away in a really fantastic book. I know a lot of people don't enjoy books and reading the way I do but it's an experience for me. I get very involved with the characters, the storyline and pretty much every aspect of the book. It's like being in a different little world and it's one of my favorite feelings, ever.

-When you're in the car and have to pee but you're almost home or wherever you're going to and don't want to stop anywhere so you hold it for what seems like an eternity. When you finally get where you're going, rush in, and get to go, it's such a sweet, wonderful relief.

-Hugs. Especially when you're having a bad day.

None of that is better than the feeling you get from an orgasm but they all definitely top the q-tip for me. I'm sure there are more if I took more time to think about it but I'm really not bored enough to spend even more time distracting myself with the subject. At least for right now, haha. Though if any of you fine people have anything you want to add to my list (comments section yo!), feel free to do so. :)

Happy Tuesday!!!


Barfly said...

Taking off your shoes and socks after wearing them all day and scratching the crap out of the tops of your feet.

Naughty Tashamber said...

All of those are excellent things that feel great! The only part about the shower one though is a cold/luke warm shower after getting sweaty and dirty. At least for me it is. Another thing that feels great is having my back scratched, all over. The longer the nails, the better the scratch.

Weekends Off said...

Taking off your bra is one of the best feelings, especially after a long, hot day. I don't usually make it home. It comes off in the car on the way!

My cold feet on my warm husband feel really good too, unless you are asking him haha.

Jihan said...

I can definitely relate all of these.

Jack and Jill said...

This is a really cool post. We would have to agree that the things you mention don't top an orgasm, but in most cases do top the Q-tip thing. Jill agrees with Weekends Off that removing her bra after a long day is a great feeling, and I get the same kind of joy from watching her do it. :)


Trinity Rising said...

I agree on the bra coming off after a long day.

Taking your heels off after a long day at work or any time you've been in them for hours is def another amazing feeling. Made even more fantastic when a foot massage follows shoe removal.

Having someone surprise you with something small and sweet for no reason is another really fantastic feeling.

This is Trinity from Tumblr btw! :)

Alice In Puckland said...

Totally in agreeance with everything you said here Ash!

Also totally agree with Weekends Off and Trinity Rising! All of those things are fabulous.

I would like to add in an ice cold beverage or ice cream on a hot summer day is also a fantastic feeling.

The feeling after the Stars, Texas Rangers, Cowboys or Dallas Mavs win a game is fucking glorious!! :D

The bliss you feel when you eat food that is absolutely above par or a dessert that is sinfully delicious and decadent also make the list.

Fun post! That was a fun conversation to be a part of on Twitter LOL. Love you crazy people :D

PricklyPear16 said...

The bra comment is the next best thing over a q-tip! :P Great post though, great examples too, all very good points. lol

Anonymous said...

I love a good hot shower. And I agree an orgasm is better than a q-tip scratching an itch. I wish I didn't have to do both of them myself to get there though. lol

Cougar in Training said...

Hugs....oh I miss hugs!

Denis Verdecia said...

You hit every one of them dead on! I agree with this.

However, if you want real bliss with your ears, soak the Q-tips in Isopropyl Alcohol first.


Kiki said...

what I used to do after a great shower during the summer months was to lay on the bed (which is in front of second floor windows) and let the warm breeze flow across my body, perfect way to end the shower :D