Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Clearing out some monkey's from the attic 2...

  • I've decided I like that title for brain dump type posts. So, thanks to my friends' grandma for giving me the phrase to use. Not that she'll ever see this because she thinks the internet is stupid and a waste of time. As she says, who needs a computer when you have alcohol, good books, 500 TV channels, bingo nights, gardening, a weekly poker night and knitting? Go Granny Go.
  • I kept seeing people talking about a show called "Portlandia" and didn't think much of it. Then a few of my friends were talking about how great it is. I was bored one night and saw it on NetFlix and decided to give it a go. I was ready to call it quits after the intro. I pushed on and hoped it would get better. I usually have to finish watching something once I start it, no matter how awful it is. I don't know why, I just do. Portlandia was one of those rare exceptions to that rule. I made it 13 minutes before turning it off and it felt like so much longer than 13 minutes. It was painful to watch it for even that long. I was so annoyed for wasting that time. I could have been reading one of my books, watching a documentary, cleaning the toilet or even watching paint dry.
  • I've also realized, if most people rave about how funny something is, I'm likely not going to agree. That's not me trying to be different or anything, that's just how it works out more often than not. Bridesmaids is a prime example of that. I don't know many others who didn't like it but I thought it was fucking terrible. There wasn't one thing I laughed at in that movie. I'm so glad I don't pay to see movies ever because I would have been annoyed wasting the money and time to sit through that.
  • Something that drives me crazy at Stars games is the lack of noise people make. I mean, you're not in a fucking library and some yelling and rowdiness is quite encouraged, really. Especially if fans for the other team are trying to start a "Lets Go Red Wings" (or whatever opposing team it is) chant in your team's house. It should really go without saying that if the opposing team's fans get a chant going for their team in your building, you drown them the fuck out by being louder than they are. Show some spirit, damn!
  • Speaking of hockey, I'm totally bummed I'm not going to the game tonight. It's Steve Ott bobble head night and I really want an Otter bobble head. So if anyone gets an extra one (looking at you, married couples and other couples that live together, lol) and wants to trade it for a Ribeiro or Morrow bobble head, let me know. ;)
  • I have a cut on the bottom of my left foot that's a little under an inch long. I have no freaking idea how it got there. I rarely walk around without shoes on and I think I would remember cutting my foot open and bleeding. I have no idea where it came from or what happened but it's really annoying. I'm used to having bruises I can't explain but cuts? That's just ridiculous.
  • I hate when I'm sitting in the living room reading or writing and I look up because I feel like someone's watching me only to see my boyfriend's cat sitting there, just staring at me. It bothers me. I think, even if I weren't seriously allergic to them, I wouldn't be much of a cat person.
  • I really, really, really love gummy bears. And fruit snacks. I always have a stash of these things because I love them that much. Gummy bears are awesome. I hate gummy worms, though. Those are just weird. Unless they're the really sour ones, I can deal with those.
  • I got an invite from a friend back in December to use Pinterest. I just set it up yesterday and really have no clue what I'm doing with it yet because I didn't really look at it once I got it set up, lol. If you're on there and want to follow me, let me know. I want some people to follow. You know, once I start using it. :)
  • I've been listening to this guy's music a lot here recently. I discovered him months ago thanks to Pandora playing his cover of Led Zeppelin's "Kashmir" on my Apocalyptica station. I decided to look up more of his work. I love the violin, it's such a pretty instrument. Here's David Garrett doing "Master of Puppets" by Metallica:

Happy Tuesday!


the late phoenix said...

13 minutes, see, that proves that 13 is an unlucky number

stay frosty, babe

cat person

Mia Wallace said...

You stopped by our blog today and commented, so I thought I'd return the favor. I love your random thoughts! I have a few thoughts on your thoughts...

We're the exact same way with things that are supposed to be funny. We've had so many people recommend comedies to us, telling us we'll laugh our asses off, and no - either we sit there and maybe utter a few giggles, or we shut it off half way through after not even smiling. Van Wilder, Old School, The Hangover...

We love gummy bears too and took them up a notch for our New Year's Eve party - we soaked them in vodka! Seriously! After 3 or 4 days, they absorb it and become delicious little alcoholic treats!

I'm on Pintrest (under my real life name, which is CIA level top secret.) I'm not all crazy about it the way everyone else is. I log in maybe once a month... maybe.

So, that video - AWESOME! We love Metallica and were actually lucky enough to see them in concert when they played with the San Francisco symphony in 1999 - the two shows sold out in THIRTEEN minutes! This very much reminds me of that amazing show.

I hope to see more of you over at our place!

ALuv said...

Pintrest? must try it!
Death to cuteness!! hehe
Have a wonderful Tuesday...what is left of it at least.

Hedone said...

I've never heard of Portlandia and I will never watch it, especially since I have some toilets to clean...LOL

I enjoyed the movie Bridesmaids. It was no great movie but enjoyable. While I generally hate sophomoric humor Bridesmaids had some good dialogue and kept the gag/schtick to minimum compared to the guy-themed sophomoric humor movies. I didn't think the pooping in the street was funny at all!

*smiling* I hope some "couples that live together" give their bobble head to you.

Cut on your foot? Oh that's from when you went sleep-walking, and knocked over that convenience store for a hand full of Slim-Jims. No one reported you because...well... apparently you sleep in the nude :-) :D

I LOVE Haribou Gummi Bears (gold bears). They are the original and the only ones I like. They aren't gummy-sticky like most and taste like fruit flavors rather than just sugar.

Something we have in common, I love the violin/fiddle.

Happy Wednesday & Have a Great Week!