Friday, February 25, 2011

In which I ramble about dislocated thumbs, hockey, Cirque Du Soleil & car trouble...

I'm just going to ramble on about this and that and clear my head about some stuff. :D The green paragraphs are all about Stars/hockey stuff so if you're not into that because you're weird, feel free to skip over it. (Kidding over not liking hockey making you weird, to each their own. Hockey is fucking awesome, though. But see? I'm polite and made it easy to skip over it if you don't give a shit about reading hockey stuff.:D)

I'm super tired right now but I feel like writing. So a brain dump so to speak will work best. Just forgive me if I end up being more rambling and less articulate. I blame the lack of sleep and lack of being able to fall asleep for any lack of sense being made. Anyway...

I dislocated my left thumb on Wednesday night. It hurt. Thursday night at work was annoying. However, the most annoying part of only having one thumb to use was buttoning and unbuttoning my jeans every time I had to pee. When I'm at work, all I drink is water and a lot of it. I just stopped drinking after a while because I was tired of struggling with my jeans every hour, lol. The swelling in my hand is almost gone today, though. It's only slightly swollen but still really bruised and my thumb is also still bruised and a bit sore. It's annoying more than anything. And I don't have a good story to tell on how I dislocated it so I'll just skip over that, haha. If you follow me on Twitter, you might have see the explanation. It's pathetic and I still can't believe I managed it doing what I was doing. There's also a picture of my swollen hand and the annoying finger splint I have to wear. Exciting times.

The Stars played the Red Wings last night. The Stars won 4-1. I was at work until close (midnight on Thursdays) so I didn't see much of the game even though we did have it on. We were busy so no time to watch much of it. Looked like a good game. Looked like the Stars were less lackluster and less disorganized than they have looked the last *few* games. Hopefully they get back to that kicking ass and winning games stuff now. :D A win over Detroit ALWAYS makes me a happy girl. A win over anyone does, really.

Some people wanted to know my opinion over the James Neal trade. I was surprised and mad about it at first. Then I chilled out and thought about it and I'm fine with it. He's a good, solid player but he's not an elite player and he hasn't produced much at all this season. Maybe a change of scenery and a different team is what he needs to get back on his game and play as well as he's shown that he's capable of. And out of any other well known forwards that we could have traded, I'm more happy to see him go over someone like Jamie Benn or Loui Eriksson instead. Not that they're up for grabs or even rumored to go anywhere, just using them as an example. He was the most expendable player that any other team would have been interested in taking. In the trade, we got Alex Goligoski from Pittsburgh. I was some what familiar with him already due to having a Pens fan in the family and having seen him play quite a bit because of that. We definitely needed the help on the blueline and Goligoski is a better defenseman than Niskanen is honestly. He plays more offensively and so far, I like what I see in having him paired up with Robidas. Our defense already looks better and he's only played two games here so far so I'm excited to see how this plays out further.

Also, BURISH AND BARCH WERE BACK LAST NIGHT. They've both been out with injuries and I think they helped a lot last night in getting the team going and back on track. Especially Bur.

Anyway, that's enough hockey for now. :)

I'm excited because Sunday I'll be going to see OVO by Cirque Du Soleil. I was bummed because the tickets are expensive and I didn't think the boyfriend and I would be able to afford going. Then the boyfriend found out he gets a really rad discount through a ticketing agency because of his job so we got two tickets for $70 when one ticket regularly for the cheapest seats is $50. We also didn't have to pay any of the extra ticket fees or anything so yay for that too. Hooray for my guy having an awesome job in a great company. I'm really excited for the show. I'm always excited for Sundays anyway because it's my only day off each week but I'm even more excited since we're going to see OVO. :D

Back to work, lol. Last night we closed at midnight. We actually got out quickly. In 20 minutes we were out the door. I was excited because usually it takes 45 minutes or longer to get out the door after we shut it down for the night. Then I get out to the car only to find it won't start because my battery is lifeless. My boyfriend was still at work. The restaurant next to my job was still open so I went in there to see if anyone would be willing to give me a jump start. I either got ignored or told no by the few people I asked, except for one guy. He said, "I would help you out but I don't have jumper cables." I replied by saying that I did have jumper cables in my car. He looked at me and said, "Oh, well.. I don't actually want to do it but you could come over here and have a drink with me instead." Then he grinned at me, winked and actually waited for me to reply. I almost punched him. Freaking douche. And I didn't bother anyone who was in the middle of eating or anything. I even asked the bartender that I've helped out a few times when he's had car trouble and he even told me no because he "couldn't leave the bar area." Which is bullshit because I see him leaving all the time to go outside and smoke, go to the gas station, go out to his car to get stuff, go outside to chat with people, make phones calls, come into our restaurant to get food or to bullshit with us, etc.

So I ended up sitting in my car waiting for almost an hour for my boyfriend to get off work and come give me a jump. He did make it from his job to my job in record time, though. He felt bad because he got off work later than he was supposed to and because it was 43 outside and I was wearing jeans and a short sleeved work shirt so I was a little cold sitting there waiting. And it took all of 3 minutes to hook up the cables and get the car started.

It really annoyed me how no one would help. It would have taken just a few minutes. There's a gas station near by, too. I asked several people over there if they would help and they all said they couldn't for some reason or ignored me like I hadn't said anything to them. I don't even get that. Then again, I love helping people and I'd feel like an asshole telling someone I couldn't help jump start their car for them because I needed to get home and do laundry. And yes, that's a real reason someone gave me for why they couldn't help me. It's not that I think anyone owes me anything or that I deserve to be helped when I need it; I don't feel entitled to anything but I wasn't asking anyone to loan me a kidney. I just needed a fucking jump so I could go home and not sit outside in the middle of the night in the cold. I think I asked at least 13 people between the gas station and people at the restaurant before I just gave up and went back to sit in my car to wait. It was frustrating. I guess sometimes I forget how self-centered most people are.

Anyway, that's enough rambling for one post. ;)

Happy Friday!

Have a good weekend, y'all. :)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Drunk tweeting...

I have one day off a week and it's always Sunday. I don't usually work until mid-afternoon on Mondays so I tend to like to relax most of the day Sunday and go out that night since it's the only time during the weekend (or at all) that I have free to do something fun. So Sunday night, the Boyfriend and I watched hockey all day. Then went to dinner, then went to have drinks. More so, I drank while he had water and we kept each other entertained. It feels good to just relax with a foamy green drink, playing scrabble in a booth and having a good time. And definitely being out of the house and not being at work are two big pluses. I digress. I really shouldn't be allowed to keep my phone in my hand when I start drinking because I want to tweet. And sometimes text. Mostly, I know my friend's schedules and I don't text them when I run the risk of waking them up. I'm considerate like that.

So I'm sharing a few of the things I tweeted while at the bar Sunday night.


"just made the boyfriend listen to "drunken sailor" by blaggards just for the part where they talk about shaving balls w/ a rusty razor, haha"

"My hair smells good enough to eat, if you like coconut flavor. And eating hair. Trying to eat or harm my hair will get you punched, though."

"I just thought of something. There needs to be a strip club where only Suicide Girl-esque girls work & only dance to punk, metal, etc."

That third tweet was the most popular, even though it was Sunday night and I tweeted it after midnight. My timeline was slow but people came out of the woodwork to chime in on that opinion. I knew more of you were still up and just lurking about late at night. ;)

Also, that's one of the best ideas I've ever had. I need to get a loan or a really rich business partner and make that club happen.

The band I mentioned in the first tweet is now following me on Twitter. Which is cool because I found out not only are they a cool Irish Rock band but they're also from Houston so they're a cool Irish Rock band from Texas. Which is even better.

I also tend to tweet pictures of random things around me when I tweet and drink. For some reason, most of those didn't post last night. Which is sad because there were some cool shots. I'll just have to repost them to my Tumblr when I have some free time. ;)

Happy Tuesday!

Friday, February 18, 2011

He's in the hospital again :(

My grandfather had a stroke last night. My mom was a little lost in the North Dallas area because she had ended up on the wrong road somewhere and called me around 10:30 PM to ask me for directions. My mom lives a couple hours East of Dallas. So that she was up in the area at that hour let me know something was wrong. She told me her and my aunt that also lives in East Texas were on the way to the hospital because Grandpa had another stroke. It was a bad one. Not that there are ever good ones honestly.

I haven't wrote about it or mentioned anything about it but the last couple months have been really hard. My grandfather has cancer and has for a long time. He's got some other issues and has Dementia. It's gotten to the point where he was hallucinating all kinds of things as well as becoming violent as well as some other things. So my mom has been driving up to Dallas a LOT lately between looking after him and taking them both to countless doctor visits. My grandmother has breast cancer and has been dealing with that but my grandfather's been going to doctor's a lot recently for things that keep happening with him. My mom has driven roughly 800 miles back and forth just this week, not including tonight. He's been on a new medication for the mental stuff for a couple weeks now and he's been doing better with that. Having less episodes, hallucinations, violent outbursts, etc.

So, it's 3 AM as I'm typing this out and my mom and aunts are at the hospital still. I'm so worried. A lot of people don't understand because a lot of people just aren't close with their grandparents. I grew up with mine about an hour away. They visited often, we spent weekends with them, we spent spring breaks and weeks at a time during the summer with them. Even as I got older, I still spent time with them and spent time chatting on the phone to keep up when I couldn't go visit.

It's only around 6 weeks into the new year and this isn't his first trip to a hospital for an emergency visit. I know he's old. I know he's got a lot of illnesses. I know he won't be around forever; no one will. It still hurts. I was at work when I found out so I just kept focusing on work for a while. Then I started thinking about him. Happy memories then sadness because I know he won't be around much longer. I don't think he can handle much more and he's in his late 80's now. I was still somewhere between laughing at a memory of something funny I remembered him saying recently and then crying because he wouldn't be around much longer to make smart ass comments about things anymore. Then in that constant back and forth of laughing over something and then fighting off the urge to cry. On one hand, I hate seeing him deteriorate to the point he's at now; it's fucking awful and I hate knowing he's hurting at all. But, the thought and realization that we're going to lose him soon hurts so much. I know it's inevitable but it still sucks. I'm grateful he's lived such a long life and I've got to have such a good relationship with him and my grandmother, too.

I absolutely hate when people tell me, "Just focus on the good times, the happy memories." Or, "Appreciate the time you had with him," "Be thankful that you had a good relationships with him for so long, " "Make sure to tell him how much you love him and what he means to you." I HATE THAT. I KNOW to think about the good times and happy memories. I have tons of them to choose from, to think about, to smile over, to laugh about. I am grateful that I've had a good relationship and got to know them and be close with them. I do tell them both I love them every time I see them or call them. I do tell them I appreciate what they've done for me and having them in my life. You know what? It's natural to be sad and hurt when someone you love is dying. I'm not wallowing in it and not 100% focusing on the bad stuff. So having people tell me all the positive stuff when I have a moment of being upset really irks me. Or having it constantly mentioned annoys me too to be quite honest. I know but hey, guess what?
I'M ALLOWED TO BE SAD. Sorry if that makes you uncomfortable but too damn bad. It's part of life and when you're upset and someone feels a need to remind you that it could be worse or that you should be happy because you're lucky you got the time you did, it feels like it's being belittled. Or sometimes it just feels like a slap in the face.

I'm not a religious person but my grandparents and most of my family are Christians. I'm not adverse to offers of prayer for my family if you feel like giving them. Good thoughts, positive vibes and such are always welcome, too.

Have a good weekend, y'all.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Ranting about beauty and irony.

I find it ironic that so many people who bitch about how the standards of beauty set by media, celebrities, fashion industry, etc put so much pressure on them to look a certain way. Griping about how unfair it is and how it needs to change. Complaining endlessly that not everyone is going to be super thin and that shouldn't be the standard. That small breasts are just as fine as large ones. Having a lean slender body is just as fine as having a curvaceous body and being chubby is fine too as long as one is happy and healthy. That having a purple mohawk and 11 piercings doesn't make someone weird. That crooked teeth, a mole on one's cheek or a large nose doesn't mean someone isn't pretty. That a certain hairstyle or style of dress shouldn't dictate anything. I could go on endlessly with examples but I'll stop now and get moving with my point.

Then so many of those same people sit there watching award shows making fun of celebs for putting on a few pounds, doing their hair a certain way, choosing that make-up or wearing something they consider ugly. It's ironic that someone who gets so outraged over people judging them because they're fat, too skinny, have crooked teeth, etc etc etc can complain about standards of beauty being too high yet sit there picking apart someone on TV for how they look. Funny how you want a standard to change yet still want to hold the rest of the world to that higher standard that you find so personally unfair.

You think because their celebrities, it makes it ok to pick them apart? Why, because they don't hear what you're saying? Because you think they don't feel the same pressure you feel? Because it makes you feel better to be able to point out flaws in someone you may envy for some reason? It doesn't matter why you're doing it. You can't demand that the world not judge you for how you look and then turn around and judge the world for how it looks.

I'm happy with myself. I've overheard random strangers making snide comments about how I'm dressed, my hair, my make-up, my nose, my boobs and plenty of other things. I'm happy with how I look and I don't hold myself to any kind of ridiculous standard set by someone else. I don't care what other people think about me because looking at myself every day and being comfortable and happy in who I am and how I look is the important thing to me.

Like I keep saying in regards to this topic, be the change you want to fucking see. Don't be a hypocrite and complain about how unfair something is then turn around and do exactly what you claim to rally against.
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Thursday, February 10, 2011

On dating your best friend's ex....

I'm at work right now. Hiding in the office for a little bit taking a break. (I'm scheduled from 10 am - 2 pm and then 5 pm to close so technically, this is my break time anyway even if I didn't go home, lol. I digress....) These two girls were at my job, sitting at a table close to the front and talking really loudly. Like we tend to do, we listened to some of what they were saying. Mostly, it was tuned out because I don't find most people's conversations that interesting really. No, it's not eavesdropping either. You're just overhearing a conversation being had in public by people talking loudly. No sneakiness going on, all you have to do is not ignore them. Yep yep. Anyway. It went like this....

Girl: "Lindsay and I were best friends up until a few weeks ago. She broke up with V because she said she didn't have feelings for him any more after like 2 years of dating. She started dating another guy like two week later. So I went to V and was like hey you know I like you and want to date you and pretty much asked him out. V said sure so we went out and kind of started dating and fucking. So when Lindsay found out I was with V, she got pissed and we're pretty much not friends now. She said she's not but I know she's just totally jealous that V is with me now and not her. Like she just hates that he's with me and not her. Total envy on her part you know?"

Friend: "I don't know about jealous. Maybe she's upset with you?"

Girl: "Yeah, right. She's definitely just jealous because she couldn't make him happy and clearly I'm doing what she couldn't. Like I said, total and complete envy."

And all I could think was, "sure, keep telling yourself that." If this former best friend of hers wanted this guy so badly, she wouldn't have broken up with him in the first place. And she's not likely jealous of you for going after her ex-boyfriend but more than likely pissed because that's a shitty thing to do, especially behind some one's back, especially when they're supposedly the person you consider your best friend. The way people rationalize things sometimes just baffles me. I'd be more inclined to believe she just tells the story that way to make herself seem better or make it seem like they're friendship ended because of her friends jealously and not because of her own shady actions. I really hope she's just not delusional and conceited enough to believe that it's all an issue of jealously.

That got me thinking, though. How would I feel if one of my best friends went after The Boyfriend if we broke up? Well, most of my best friends are guys and most of them aren't gay or bisexual or in to their own gender at all. So, it's a fairly moot point that I really don't have to worry about. Hypothetically, I thought about it anyway. And I'd be weirded out by it a little bit. I wouldn't want to be around my ex hanging out in a group with him while he's dating/banging one of my friends. It would be inevitable that we'd end up hanging out at times due to my group of friends doing things in groups and bringing their significant others all the time. That would just be awkward. I'd also never be able to talk about my friend's relationship with them because I wouldn't really want to hear about him anymore once he was out of my life. Plus, I just think it's something you don't do. You don't date your friend's exes. Unless of course your friend is totally fine with it and truly doesn't care. Then that's up to you and those involved to discuss and figure out.

I also think length and seriousness of the relationship come in to play. In my case, The Boyfriend and I will be celebrating 5 years together in May. If something that serious and long term were to end, I would think my friends would be respectful enough not to go after him because that would be hurtful and plain out suck.

I think it's more difficult if you're emotionally vested in the person. I know I don't personally get too tied up with someone very quickly. I'm more cautious in the matter of the heart stuff just because I see no reason to rush. I don't fall easily. With The Boyfriend however, I love the dude to death and would be crushed if it ended up not working out for some reason or another after all this time. It would hurt to see one of my friends with him and would hurt to have to be around him or hear about it.

However, another example is I dated a guy for like a month when I was 17 or 18 and one of my then female friends ended up going out with him after I told him I wasn't interested in seeing him further after our dozenth or so date. I wasn't emotionally invested in him, there was no relationship and I wasn't emotionally tied up in him in any way. So when this girl wanted to go out with him, I really didn't care and told her to go for it and was happy that she had a good relationship with him for a lengthy time. I lost touch with her and they were still together then so hey, maybe they still are. I don't know and it's not really relevant honestly.

What do y'all think? Would you ever date a best friend's ex?

Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Rainbow cake...

Yesterday I had the day off from work. I was super productive by doing laundry, doing a little grocery shopping, buying some things from Target that were needed, cleaning the bathroom including scrubbing down the shower, sink and toilet, did some other errands, colored my hair and then baked a cake.

The cake I baked is a "rainbow cake" and I've been wanting to make one for a few months now but have just lacked the free time to do so.

Making it was so fun. It's also inexpensive to do and super easy.

I'm not usually one for posting recipes on here but I already had a few people off Tumblr request it last night as I was posting pictures on there as I went. So, here we go.

What you need:


2 boxes white cake mix
2 12 oz of can of Sprite
gel food colouring


16 oz whipped topping
2 oz instant pudding mix


You can just used frosting from the can if you don't want to make your own.

You'll be using the soda in place of the water and oil in the cake mix. Mix the cake mix, eggs and soda in a mixing bowl.

You'll need 6 bowls to do the rainbowing. You equally divide the cake batter into the 6 bowls. Then you add the food coloring gel. I used gel because you get a more vibrate color out of the gels. You can use as much or as little as you want, just add the gel until you get the desired shade you're looking for in each color. I also used 6 separate spoons because it's easier than rinsing one off each time you move to the next color.

After you get all the colors mixed, it's time to layer them into the cake pans. Pick whatever color you want to use first and drop it as close to the middle of the cake panas you can. Drop the next two colors, then work on the other pan with the last three colors. So if you’re doing rainbow order, the first pan should have red, then orange, then yellow, and now the purple, blue and green go into the second pan.

For this recipe, I wanted to make 2 separate cakes instead of one big double layer cake. So, I dropped smaller amounts of cake batter into each pan using all 6 colors in each pan instead of doing 3 and 3 for the double layered cake.

The Frosting:

Mix the pudding mix into the whip cream using a spatula until it's combined nicely. Then just spread over the cake. It's a little difficult to work with so be careful.

I decorated it with some colored sugar on top that was left over from Christmas baking.

And there you have it. A rainbow cake. It was super easy to make and I had fun doing it. Next time I'll have to try my hand at doing some rainbow cupcakes. Now if I could just get people to pay me to bake stuff for them, I'd be doing this for more than just fun, lol.

Happy Tuesday!!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Help me out & Sunday Stealing...

I need some help! I'm in a contest and want y'all to go vote for me. It only takes a minute and you don't have to sign up for anything. Just click here and visit this blog, check the box by Ashly Star (I'm at the bottom of the list) and then cast your vote! :) Please???? :D Voting for the seeding ends tonight I believe so you have to get your vote in for this round by tonight. You can also select up to 15 other girls so if you see another chick on there you want to vote for, you can add them in there, too. It only takes a minute or two so come on, help a girl out. :) And if you already have, thank you!

Now on to the Sunday Stealing.

They didn't start at a random number, this is part 3 of the Ace Meme. :)

I don't know actually. Hockey should count since that's what I watch. Really, I don't watch much TV. I think this entire week, I've probably watched an hour of TV. Working every night does that. Also, I just don't care much for TV.

I do my best to ignore them.

Depends on my mood. I like so many, lol.


Go Packers!


Never thought about it, that's still along way away.

It would be fun to see what other people say.

My boyfriend talking.


Customers at work.

Height, eyes or hair.

What spare time? :( Lol.

I don't enjoy hating anything, I don't think.


Gummy bears.

Of course!

A reddish brown.

Light brown.

10 usually.


Saltgrass maybe. Or Red Robin. Maybe Cheesecake Factory. Or On The Border. I don't know, I don't really have a restaurant I just love because I prefer home cooked food.




Piano, drums.

I don't really agree with any one entirely.

Both, thanks.


Robitussin & eye drops.

No way.

"Roadkill" by Rob Thurman.

I've been with my boyfriend for almost 5 years now. He's awesome, I'm happy.

Happy Sunday!!!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Hey, look at the pictures....

Snow isn't a huge deal for a lot of y'all. In Dallas, we don't see a lot of the stuff in person. This last week, we've had ridiculous weather. It hasn't been above freezing or even above 25 degrees all week. Tons of ice everywhere. I haven't been awake one morning so far this week where it's been over 12 degrees. It's been in the low 20's for the "high" point of the day.

I know, wha wha wha. Whatever. It's Texas. We don't deal with this weather very often. I don't even own a coat or proper clothes for "real Winter weather" like most of the Northern people that have been giving me hell do. I can count on one hand the number of long sleeved shirts I own and they're all rather light weight at that. My Dallas Stars hoodie is heavier than the one jacket I own. I thought about buying a decent coat last year after it snowed but decided not to because I didn't honestly have the money to spend on one. I considered buying one again this year but didn't have the money to really spend on one and figured I'd be fine layering clothes and sticking with the jacket I had. I'm totally going this Spring when they have Winter coats on sale and finding a decent one to put away in case next year sucks. I did buy a pair of boots at the start if Winter late last year on a whim because they were on sale and I thought I might need them for something. Also because my boyfriend talked me into buying them, lol. Too bad I didn't buy a Winter coat. It would come in handy, lol. It's fine, I'll make fun of the people being assholes when summer time rolls around and they start crying because it's 85 degrees and they're "hot"... Pffft. Actually, I probably won't. I understand different regions are acclimated to different weather and temperatures and don't see a need to be a douche about stuff like that unless I'm just giving a friend a good natured hard time. I digress.

Anyway, I had a bad night at work last night. I've been sick and still have a lingering cough that makes my rib cage hurt. I got to leave work early last night due to injuring myself. If you follow my Twitter then you know what happened there. Anyway, it started snowing on my way out. Really snowing. No bullshit flurries coming down for all of five minutes and then it's done. And since it hasn't been above 23 degrees yet this week, and was a 18 degrees as I was driving home, the snow was having no trouble sticking around. It made for a nice, bright drive home. I don't know why but driving as the snow swirled around everywhere and started piling up was kind of soothing in a way. I'm sure later today when I'm driving to work, I might feel differently about it, lol. Though, I haven't had any issues driving in all of the ice we've had. Slow it down, steady and don't panic and it's not so bad maneuvering it.

So anyway, these pictures are from around midnight to 1 AM Thursday night. Technically Sunday morning if you're being technical.

Those are my foot prints in the snow. My new boot prints. Size 10 if you're wondering, lol. Sorry if any of the pictures overlap onto the side content. I didn't really want to mess around with re-sizing them, honestly. And they're BlackBerry camera quality since I don't have an actual digital camera anymore. Sadly.


Thursday, February 3, 2011

Texts from my friends...

Something a lot of my friends have in common with me? We lack of filter on what we tell each other. So, that means I get text messages like this on a regular basis.....

Guy friend: "Dude I have a girl coming over tonight. In honor of getting laid, I decided to shave my pubes for the first time in 7 months. My shower and razor look like I killed something small and furry."

Yep. I love my friends. :)