Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Love For Lokomotiv...

This is one of my new favorite wristbands to wear lately. For those who don't know, Love For Lokomotiv is in support of the sports tragedy that happened on Sept 7, 2011. 44 lives were lost due to a plane carrying crew members, hockey personnel, coaches and players of the Lokomotiv Yaroslavl hockey team crashing. One of the players was a former Dallas Star and one of my favorite players, Karlis Skrastins. To show support for the grieving families, hockey wives and girlfriends from around the world have created the Love For Lokomotiv website in hopes of raising money for the families effected by the plane crash.

The Boyfriend and I got our bands at the last Stars game we went to. Some of the players wives and girlfriends had a table set up out in the concourse selling them. I actually love silicone wrist bands and have a ridiculous amount of them supporting various causes and some just for fun because I like them. Such as my Jack Skellington band, Super Mario band, Cookie Monster band, I <3 Boobies band or my Batman band. My accessory love for the bands combined with the meaning of this one as well as helping out a good cause made it impossible for me to pass on getting one of these.

I've seen several people complain on Twitter and a few on Tumblr about how they want a band but can't go to a game to get one. Going to a game isn't the only way to get a band, though. You can do it online which is how I'll be getting the pretty beaded bracelet for myself. Just c
lick the donate link on the page if you want to buy a silicone band or one of the super pretty beaded bracelets and voila. Though if you can, you should definitely get your ass out to watch a game in person and support your local hockey team if you've got one to go see. Especially if that team is a 10-3-0 first place in the Western Conference and playing their asses off Dallas Stars hockey club. ;)

Happy Wednesday!

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