Monday, November 21, 2011

Is Mayonnaise An Instrument?....

First, I want to do a quick fundraiser update. There's just under a month left to donate to my Toys for Tot's Fundraiser. Thus far, I've only raised about $144.00 for it. Which isn't bad because it's more than I started with and I'm happy to have that to work with for when I go toy shopping at the end of this fundraiser. I'm hoping I can get some more donations and get to at least $200. That would make it the lowest amount brought in but again, it's still better than nothing and will still make a difference to quite a few kids out there. It doesn't take much. Most donations have been for $5 and getting up to close to $150 off that isn't bad at all. So, donate if you can please and feel free to post about this on twitter, your blog, tumblr, facebook; whatever social media you spend time online. It would be much appreciated. And thanks so much to those who have donated. :)

Moving on to less serious and more possibly amusing things....

I find some amusing stuff on the internet. Tumblr in particular. So I'm going to share some things from there with some commentary from me. Exciting I know but I feel like doing it anyway and if you're reading this in the first place, I'll assume you're used to my nonsense. Or should be. Get on that if you're not, won't be changing anytime soon. ;)


Ahem. I'm ignoring the less than perfect spelling in the first picture just because I get what they're saying. I would like to say that whole "pizza is a vegetable" thing is such a crock of shit, btw. Not that it needs to be said. It's not a fucking vegetable. If anything, it would be a fruit as they're basing it off it's tomato content and a tomato is technically a fruit. So, big fat fail there. Also, IT'S NOT A FRUIT NOR VEGETABLE. It's a combination of tomatoes, dough, cheese and sometimes meat and vegetables to make a tasty, tasty dish. Argh. I'm also super happy they don't have anything better or more important to discuss aside from shit like this.


This is my exact reaction when a song I haven't heard in A REALLY LONG TIME comes on....

At first it's like, "Wait, this sounds familiar....."

Then you hear that one verse that makes you remember the song...

Then you.....

So accurate. I probably get too excited when I hear a song I used to love but haven't heard in years but I can't help it. Once recognition kicks in and I realize I still know all or most of the words, I rock the fuck out.

That wouldn't surprise me. You know, if those objects all hard appendages and faces. A brain might be necessary, too. If they had all of those things, though, this would make PERFECT sense. Since they don't, I just have to accept that I probably need to pay attention to where I set stuff down. Or realize that these things all hide their appendages and smug little faces in front of me. Kind of similar to how Andy's toys only come to life when no people are around. I'm on to you; wallet, keys and remote!


The only thing I have for this is that it's one of the fucking coolest pictures I've seen. Hockey is so awesome. So are badass photographers who manage to capture shots like this.

Happy Monday!

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phairhead said...

Gummi Bears should be considered fruit! That song always reminds me of you, AR ;-)