Thursday, October 13, 2011

Charity and some random rambling...

The first paragraph here is really the only important one. Charity and helping out people in need is always important. The rest is just me rambling about nothing important at all but if you're here, you should read it anyway. K, thanks. :)


  • I'm starting my Toys For Tots fundraiser on the blog here pretty soon. Get your donations ready, k? K. This will make the third year I've done it. Click here if you're new around here and want to see how many toys I was able to donate thanks to awesome strangers on the internet the previous two years. It's amazing how $2 or $5 from a lot of people can add up to so much and buy so many toys for kids in need.

And yadda yadda random stuff blah blah blah....
  • Running your hands under the water for two seconds doesn't mean you washed your hands. You just splashed them very briefly with water. Putting soap on them, then immediately rinsing the glob out soap out of the middle of your hands doesn't count either. How can people be in too big of a hurry to take 15 seconds to properly wash their hands? I swear, those few seconds won't hurt anything.
  • I hate when I say I'm allergic to something and then whomever I'm talking to wants to know everything else I'm allergic to. Or worse, when I say I'm allergic to something and they ask why I'm allergic to it. Really? Oh, I don't know. That's just the list of things I thought sounded scary when I was in the womb so I put my allergy requests in then and thankfully all of them were approved.
  • Angry sex > Angry cuddling. This should be self-explanatory. Maybe not the story behind it but why one wins over the other is self-explanatory.
  • Debates are two sided. Doesn't mean you have to reach an agreement or change your opinions but don't assume the other person has nothing worth hearing just because you've got your mind made up and already said your bit. If you don't want to hear another side and possibly discuss differing views, you should keep your mouth shut during a discussion instead of stating your opinions then getting pissed that people keep talking and still don't agree with you.
  • Those Kellog's cereal commercials where they use that line, "Go ahead, it's morning somewhere!" are annoying. Who says cereal is just to be consumed in the morning? I eat cereal more often at night than I do in the morning. It's like the best late night snack ever. Or if it's lunch time and I'm running late or just feeling lazy or nothing else sounds appealing, bowl of cereal. And when I don't want to cook, a bowl of cereal and some fruit makes for a rather quick and easy dinner. Obviously, I eat a lot of cereal. It's good. And if you only eat it for breakfast, I should probably never live with you. I'll eat your cereal before you have a chance to get to it.
  • Why is hating on Taylor Swift so cool? I'm not a fan of hers. Her music annoys me when I hear it out somewhere. I don't whine about her and trash her on a regular basis, though. Guess what I do? I don't listen to her music and don't pay any attention to her. If you haters dislike her so much, try doing the same. Expend some of that effort towards hating on something that matters. Like bacon. My bacon haters anonymous group is shockingly sparse. Five people and counting.
  • Now I am actually tempted to figure out the whole "make a useless Facebook page" about hating bacon to see how many people I can get to join. I'm pretty sure a lot of people would just join to tell me to fuck off and that I'm crazy because bacon r0xorz their s0x0rz lulz. Plus, that all seems like a lot of effort. Also, I'd have to be on Facebook for longer than 5 minutes to get it done I'm sure. So, that temptation didn't last long.
  • If the Rangers win tonight against the Tigers, that makes it their 4th win of the series. That also puts the Tigers out and puts the Rangers in the World Series for the second year in a row. If they win tonight, you'll probably hear me screaming and cheering. Even if you don't live in my neighborhood. Or the same state. It's cool. No need to be alarmed.

Happy Thursday!


GrrlTragic said...

It's ok that you don't like bacon, that just leaves more for me. You can have all the dang pumpkin I don't want..

nitebyrd said...

Taylor Swift, Nickelback - same thing. If you don't like 'em, don't listen - don't watch.

I'll be putting a few bucks in your charity this year! You're fantastic for doing it. :)

Jack and Jill said...

You don't like bacon? I thought I knew you, girl! ;)


Another Suburban Mom said...

I'm very psyched about your charity! And it would be awesome if more people washed their hands correctly

Myli said...

I'll allergic to pet hair and people ask me all the time why I am. I usually just shrug my shoulders. I don't have an answers. It's not hereditary. No one else in my family is allergic. It always puzzles me when people ask me why I am because I really have no idea either!