Saturday, October 1, 2011

Body image hypocrites....

On Friday, I got unfollowed on tumblr for my reply to this girl's post. Which I don't care because I don't want to follow or have someone following me who can't handle an opinion disagreeing with their own. Also, I really don't care when people unfollow me on tumblr (or twitter, or my blog or anywhere really) because follower count isn't important to me. If someone doesn't enjoy what I post, then that's fine and adios. My reply to her post is the big paragraph, in case you couldn't tell. In case you have a hard time since the text on the image isn't too large....

Her post: "
if i was a guy, i'd want my girl with curves. who wants a bag of sticks?"

My reply: "You know some girls are naturally skinny despite efforts to put on weight& wish they had curves. It’s not always due to diet &exercise to stay that way & it’s just as insulting to call a skinny girl a bag of sticks as it is to call a curvy woman fat."

I posted this on my Tumblr on Friday but I want the post on this blog, too.

This post is in no way directed to the girl of the original post. She can have her opinion all she wants and I don't want to start any bullshit drama. The post itself did set me off and spawned this rant, though. It's aimed at the general public and in no way meant for only one person.

Things like the girl's post piss me off. It's just a couple lines but it was enough to annoy me because I see crap like that often. Everyone wants people to accept curvy women and not make them feel shame for not being thin. People want fat to be accepted by society without making people feel guilty or ashamed for the way they look. And I'm all for that. I hate that people put so much emphasis on weight, height and how a person looks in general. Our society as a whole is disgustingly judgmental and it makes me angry.

That goes for skinny, too. I see so many voluptuous and overweight women making fun of skinny women. Accusing them of anorexia, bulimia, starving themselves dieting ridiculously, etc. Making fun of how hard they must have to work out and how little they must eat. It's disgusting and just as bad as someone who makes fun of someone for being curvaceous or overweight. I know several skinny women who would give up a lot if they could gain weight and become curvy and they don't never eat and don't exercise obsessively to the point of being unhealthy.

Yes, I know being thin is what you get bombarded with in our society. TV, movies, advertisements, blah blah blah. Stop paying attention to it all. I'm not a size 3 and never will be and guess what? I don't feel bad about myself for it and I sure as hell don't care if some idiotic person decides they're going to judge me based solely on how I look.

Why be catty towards someone for being skinny? Why put them down? It's not any better than someone assuming a curvy or overweight person is lazy, never exercises, only eats junk food, etc. You don't want people saying hurtful things and judging you for how you look but then you turn around and do the same thing to someone else for being thin? And for out? Jealousy? Insecurity? Because you're preference is a larger size? You're not better than the people who make you feel like shit for the way you look.

Fuck. You.

You want all of this to stop? To stop being such a big deal? Stop being part of the problem. Stop wanting people to accept one thing while you make snide remarks about another. You're really no better than what you're fighting against. It will never not be an issue as long as people keep preaching for tolerance and acceptance of all standards of what's beautiful yet continue to single out and tear down others.


GrrlTragic said...

Thank you.

Jormengrund said...

I agree AR. The problem anymore is that Catch-22 mentality. If you're a bit bigger, you're fat, and need to exercise more, or eat right, etc.. If you're thin, then you must be anorexic, or exercise to the extreme and ignore friends and family for yourself.. There's really NO happy middle ground.

Face it people, and accept them for who and what they are!!

Myli said...

I absolutely agree with you! I am not too skinny, nor am I overweight. I feel like I could afford to lose 5 pounds, but I'm within the allowable weight for my height.

Anyway, I've seen thin girls called "skinny bitches" by bigger girls and I don't think that's fair at all. I went to school with a lot of 95 pound asian girls who out ate most guys I know!

Everyone has their preferences. Yes, some guys love curves. Some guys love skinny girls with big boobs. I like that you stood up for what you believed. I respect that!

Rachel Marie said...

Well said! People have such double standards, it's so ridiculous