Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Someone on the internet is wrong, OMG...

Sometimes when I see people arguing online during the day, I wonder how they're getting any work done. Sometimes, I want to jump in the middle and tell them to go do something more productive instead of bickering over the internet. Be it over Facebook, Twitter, sometimes even Tumblr or any other social media outlet. And it's usually with the people that I know they're at work and should be working that I immediately had in mind when I saw this.........

I cracked up because I could see so many of those people just wanting to do this because they are SO into whatever online debate they're having in that moment. I'm not saying all debates had online are pointless and not worth the time put in to them because not all are. Most of the ones I ever see? Just people arguing to try and prove why their opinions and views are right and yours have to be wrong and you WILL see it their way if they repeat their opinion twelve different times instead of a mature discussion of both points of view. And that's honestly just silly.

Happy Wednesday!


BTExpress said...

In my last job I was on the management committee. People were breaking so many rules and wasting so much time, we got strict.

No cells phones allowed, they were banned. If you needed to make a call, use the one in the cafeteria. If someone needed to talk to you, have them call the switch board.

No taking breaks of lunches when ever you want. We rang a bell and everyone went and returned at the same time. If you left the building for lunch, you punched out.

IT controlled and monitored web site access for each person. They blocked all web sites that were not necessary for your job. One computer was available for use by everyone, but you could only use it during lunch, breaks or with your managers permission when necessary for work.

Everyone had an ID badge that was used to punch in & out. No more punching in your friends.

Smoking was only allowed during lunch or breaks.

Productivity rose dramatically, which proved how much the company was being screwed before the rules were instituted.

Jormengrund said...

Like one of my friends used to claim.. "I'm not wrong, you just haven't understood the point I'm trying to make yet"

Most folks who say and do these things online usually have the same kind of mentality.

My solution? Just argue for the sake of an argument!

That way, they get to try to make a point, and you get the satisfaction of wasting even more of their time!!

That's a win/win in my book...

Asian Girl said...

You're right. I see this a lot of Facebook and I just don't get it. A few of my friends had a long argument about whether Dane Cook or Daniel Tosh was funnier. There were over 100 comments on that. To each their own, I suppose lol