Thursday, July 28, 2011

Microwaves, hockey pants & other random stuff...

  • I really dislike when people don't clear the remaining cook time off the microwave when they pull something out before the time is up. It doesn't piss me off but when I see it, I want to smack that person. All you have to do is push another button. Takes a second to do it, lazy ass.

  • You know those stupid looking pants that have words like "slut", "juicy", "shake it", "princess", "bite me", etc written on the ass? Imagine if CCM or Easton started making hockey pants with that kind of crap on there. Now imagine NHL players wearing them. That would be horrible. And amusing. More awful than amusing, though. I couldn't take a guy with "SEXY" plastered across the ass of his hockey pants seriously. Especially if there's glitter.

  • I love those lawsuit commercials that state, "If you or someone you love have died from...." Really? Okay then.

  • I hate using public restrooms as a general rule but sometimes, there's no way around it. I do love that more and more restrooms in public have the bars on the bottom of the door so you can push it open with your foot or leg as opposed to touching it with your freshly cleaned hands. It's disgusting how many people walk out without washing their hands. Also, you can always tell the people who aren't going to wash their hands most of the time because they're the ones bolting out of the stall so quickly you'd think there's an evil flesh eating fire breathing monster about to come rolling out after them. Of course, that only happens in crappy movies.

  • Trying to put a dry sports bra on an already sweaty body can get pretty tricky.

  • Every time I hear about a gorilla or other primate escaping from a zoo or even getting out of their areas, I'm always certain that the revolution is about to start and get a little apprehensive about it. This irrational fear I've had for years is why I don't want to see Rise of the Planet of the Apes. My irrational fear being true on a movie screen for 2 hours is only going to convince my irrational mind even more that they're going to bust out and fuck our shit up one day.

  • The directions on my face wash bottle are so helpful. The final step tells me to "rinse thoroughly only using water" which is a relief. I was contemplating rinsing with the mouthwash or getting some orange juice for the job. So glad they clarified water would work best.

  • I'm also very pleased my deodorant package informs me not to orally ingest it. I might have gotten saliva confused for sweat and tried to glide some across my tongue if not for that helpful little tip.

  • I don't think there's a song more overdone by cover bands than "Don't Stop Believin'" by Journey. Not even anything Bon Jovi has that one beat.

I think that's enough from my mind today. ;)

Happy Thursday!


Osbasso said...

I love it when you're random and rambling!

Nolens Volens said...

Great observations. Let's hope NFL starts doing the words on the pants. Imagine a tight end in motion, with "Sexy" plastered across his... Never mind. LOL

Cole said...

I've never heard a cover of Don't Stop Believing. Interesting.

Anonymous said...

I have a pair of hockey pants that actually have a sign on the assend that says come take a sniff , i love to sniff the backside of wet warm hockey pants :) im a dog sue me and hockey pants are sexy !! Haha and thats no lie i love them with a passion. If you say or think this is wierd , you have no acceptancen, instinct. Or abuility to see outside the box . Humans have that issue and its sad anything that falls out of the standard norm they think as wierd .how do you know that what your doing normal in life isnt looked at as wierd by us dogs !! ? .thanks for letting me vent a bit