Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Friends With Benefits...

In celebration of me landing the cool new job I was so hoping I would get, the boyfriend took me out to dinner last night. We ended up going a couple hours later than intended because some stuff came up. No big deal. We went to a place that serves awesome smoked brisket tacos (among other things that are possibly awesome) that also has a bar with sports on so we could check out the Texas Rangers game while we ate. If you were curious, the Rangers beat the Twins 20-6. Okay, I know y'all weren't curious and some of you already knew but, I like saying it.

Anyway, after dinner and the game, we went to see a movie. We decided on seeing Friends With Benefits. Which to me just reminded me of No Strings Attached because hey, the principle is pretty much the same same. So what did I think of FWB?

I like Justin Timberlake as an actor even though I think his music is terrible, I love Mila Kunis despite the whole "her voice can get shrill and annoying" thing and I find Woody Harrelson to be an oddball and amusing as hell. So I had that going for me when going in to it.

It has it's funny moments and did make me laugh several times. I don't recall being bored during the movie ever which is something that tends to happen with me a lot during movies. I prefer doing more active things so movies tend to The dialog between the characters is entertaining. All the different characters and their relationship dynamics are amusing and there are a few parts that actually made me sad. Though, the sad parts had nothing to do with Dylan and Jamie's (Timberlake & Kunis) status and everything to do with Dylan's dad suffering from Alzheimer's which made me think of my grandfather who recently died & had Alzheimer's. And yes, I know it's only a character in a movie but it's a real disease and I've been affected by it. I digress.

In comparison to No Strings Attached, I laughed quite a bit more during Friends With Benefits. I also liked the characters in FWB more. I also found it to be a little bit less cliche and more realistic in terms of how the stages for friends who end up fucking go. I've had several of those relationships in the passed and only one of them ended well. That's another story for another day, though.

Overall, I liked the movie for the most part. I wouldn't buy it or set out to watch it again on purpose but if someone else asked me to see it again, I'd probably go with them if I weren't busy doing something else. Or fast forward a couple months to when it comes out on DVD, if someone popped it in in front of me, I wouldn't bitch and moan and beg them to turn on Sports Center. Or Discovery Channel or Phineas and Ferb.

Keep in mind when reading this, I'm not a fan of romantic comedies. Or romantic anything. I very much prefer my comedies to have very little or no romance at all in them. And most of my favorite movies have explosions, sci-fi characters or enough twisted mind fuckage to leave me contemplating shit for at least an hour after the movie has ended. I knew or at least assumed I knew going in to FWB how it would end up. And as the movie went along, I made predictions in my head because it's like every other chick flick in it's cliche predictability. I don't try to sit there and pick it apart, it just happens when what ever is going to happen seems so obvious. Which is why I don't like romantic comedies or romance-y movies in general. Though I won't get into all the reasons why I don't like chick flicks usually because there's a lot of reason. And none of them have to do with me being bitter about love and relationships. More so, I'm not a very emotional nor romantic person so I just want to laugh at the ridiculousness of most of those movies. Anyway...

As long as you go into it expecting a chick flick that's funnier than most other chick flicks and not expecting more of it than that, you're good.

Happy Tuesday!

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Anonymous said...

My favorite line from the movie: "I don't want to twat block you." I think I missed three minutes of the movie because I was laughing. I'm a BIG JT fan, and I think he's a good actor, too.