Sunday, June 19, 2011

We went out last night....

So last night..........

  • I had a random girl offer me $1 to motorboat me on the dance floor.
  • Made fun of a cop who was making fun of me & didn't get in any trouble. Usually talking back to cops is a bad idea, they get pissy because they can. He was good natured.
  • Had a random girl smack my ass then ask to hang out with my friends & I bc she was bored with who she came with (sister, fiancée, fiancée's sister.)
  • Ran into an ex from 10 years ago & met her new boyfriend who was more than a bit shocked his girlfriend even had an ex girlfriend.
  • Had a girl at the table next to ours look at me & say, "arr I fuck like a pirate" whom I then high-fived.
  • Sang a song with the cover band because we were right by the stage when dancing & the lead singer saw me singing along so came over & told me to sing it with him, sat down and put the mic between us. This was of course after he had tried to buy me a drink during their first break so I think he was probably just trying to flirt with me more but whatever, it was fun.
  • Saw a girl that had danced with me & some of my friends earlier hit another girl over the head with a beer glass & then get arrested while her boyfriend stayed inside continuing to drink with his friends as she was escorted out & screaming at him to help her.
  • Had an older lady that was drunk off her ass hug me and give me a kiss on the cheek as I was standing by the bar with The Lawyer because she thought I smelled nice and looked like I could use a hug. Her "motherly instincts" told her so. She smelled like vodka, cigarettes and cats.
  • Tyler almost got into it with a guy because the guy kept hitting on Tyler's boyfriend and wouldn't back off and leave Z alone. At one point, after he had been told Z wasn't interested and to back off, he stepped between Tyler and Z while they were dancing so he could try and dance with Z. That's when Tyler lost it and almost hit the dude. They had a confrontation for a minute, one of the cops patrolling in the bar came over and the other guy finally went away and stayed away.
  • Had a guy that was trying to flirt with me ask me if my cranberry juice tasted good because he's never had it before and he always wondered if it was good.
  • Had another guy that offered to buy me a water after I said I wasn't drinking and then said I would have to dance with me if he paid for my water. I informed him water was free and I wouldn't under any circumstances be dancing with him. He then offered to buy me a real drink. I almost smacked him but settled with telling him to go away.
  • Got glitter all over me because my friends co-worker threw tiny handfuls of electric blue glitter on everyone (it was premeditated, girl doesn't just carry around a baggy with glitter in it) because she was "making it rain Ke$ha style."
I wasn't even drunk for any of this because I was one of the sober drivers in our group last night. So, crazy night but I had a lot of fun. It was funny because I've been so down lately that I literally had to make myself go out last night instead of laying around at home watching stuff on NetFlix. Then I almost just called it off because I really didn't want to go anywhere but I never do that and I always hate when people bail on plans last minute. And I was the one who planned this thing because I knew if I planned it then I'd have to go because I never back out on stuff unless I have a really good reason to. It was the first night I've even left the house to do something other than family stuff since my grandfather passed away last week. For my birthday, I just had dinner with my family and went home for the night. I didn't feel like doing anything else even though I had several people offer to take me out to do fun stuff. I just passed on it all with an apology that I didn't feel like it because I knew I was down and didn't think I'd be fun to be around. Also, I usually hang out with various friends during the week here and there as time/scheduling allows but I haven't wanted to go, do or see anything or anyone. Between all the crazy antics that went on that only took up a couple minutes at a time, there was a lot of dancing, talking and laughing with my friends. Then last night ended up being one of the most fun and entertaining nights I've had in a long time. Which is really what I needed.

Happy Sunday, y'all!
Happy Father's Day to all the dads!


Kristi said...

Man, what a fun night. Wish I'd been there, we'd have died laughing. I <3 the guy who stayed at the bar drinking while his girlfriend had her stupid ass carted off to jail.

Can I buy you a drink? ;-)

Sistahs 4 life!!

Asian Girl said...

What an awesome night! I don't think that many cool things have happened to me in a month! lol

GrrlTragic said...

Ahh only you! LOL! I went out too, a new place (not *new* but new for me) and it was so SO crazyawesomerocking!!