Tuesday, May 10, 2011

You're not as important as you think you are...

On Monday night at work, my boss called to let one of the employees know that he needed to come in early Tuesday so they could discuss some things. Mainly, I wrote the employee up for something and boss wanted to go over it with him as well.

Employee got pissed off and tells me he's going to go into his "disciplinary bitch fest" and start with this, "I think you would agree that your free time is more important than this issue and if I quit right now, you'll have none." None meaning my bosses free time will go out the window if this Jr. Badass up and quits.

All I could do was laugh at that after I got done asking if he was sure that was the way to go about it. I did remind him we had 6 people turn in applications the last couple days and several people who had turned them in the week before calling to check on if we needed help or not that would happily appreciate a job opening. Then he reminded me that they wouldn't know what they're doing. My only thought was how it wouldn't be difficult for them to learn. I started where he did and I had everything down in a few days and was promoted a couple months later. Learning everything is pretty simple and if they have previous experience doing something similar, it's that much easier. Honestly, I would have fired this dude a few weeks ago because he's a fucking tool and not that great of an employee. He's lazy a lot of the time and he whines so much it makes me wish I could punch him in the face so he would have something relevant to whine about. My boss is more patient with people, thinking that with some direction and discipline, he can teach them a better work ethic but I digress.

Him quitting isn't going to effect my bosses free time or schedule, if he does end up quitting. The guy works part time and isn't a manager or any kind of shift leader. He's just a schmuck that works a few nights a week. A very spoiled schmuck that whines like a bratty toddler who's yet to realize he's not as important as he thinks he is. Him quitting will give another guy who wants more hours a chance to pick up a few and it'll give a new person a job. That's the big effect him quitting will have.

I've never understood the high sense of self-worth some people get at work. Thinking that they're just SO AMAZING that the world will crumble if they quit or get fired. Granted, sometimes there are instances where losing one person does make things go to hell. More often than not, that's just not the case. Especially not when you're working in a fucking restaurant and only working 2o hours a week, if that.

I'm just bummed I'll miss the show if he really does go through with the little speech he has prepared to give. Which I don't doubt he will considering he's said similar things before. They actually had a talk about a month ago on the topic of Employee thinking he could get away with a few things under the pretense of we were low on staff, so he couldn't be fired because then we would be screwed without him. And no, he's not one of those types that just spews that kind of crap to try and feel better about himself. He's worse because he actually genuinely believes it and thinks that way. Having met his dad a few times, I know where he gets it. I wish some traits weren't passed along, lol.

Happy Tuesday!

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sarahbear said...

These are the same types of people who walk into a place that's hiring part-time for minimum wage and think they deserve $14 an hour. Of course, they have limited experience with the position and do a half ass job to boot.