Thursday, May 19, 2011

Things I think about on the drive in to work in the afternoon...

....This afternoon anyway.

1.) I look pretty good in a fedora. I wish I could wear a fedora at work, that would be awesome. Though, doesn't really go with my uniform but whatever. Matching smatching. Yeaaahhh.

2.) Break lights and a turn signal let you know I'm slowing down to make a turn soon. Riding my ass won't make me speed up and recklessly make a turn, bitch ass. In fact, now I'm going to go even slower just to piss you off more while you try to eat the tail end of my car.

3.) If I got an all black Mini Cooper, I'd totally put a Batman logo on the roof instead of a flag or checkered pattern.

4.) I don't care what he's singing about, I'll just listen because his voice is so pleasant. (Billy Currington popped up while I was letting channels scan.)

5.) Ha, that car looks like Pepto Bismol jizzed all over it. (White Civic with pastel pink splotches all over it.)

6.) I should wear a fedora in to work one day just to see how my boss reacts. (He over reacts to EVERYTHING.)

7.) I think I'm wearing mis-matched socks. Again.

8.) Shit, my foot is itching now. Ahhhhh.

9.) A bright yellow sign that indicates "this lane exit only" is so hard to understand apparently. Idiots. People really need to pay more attention.

10.) OMG I LOVE THIS WEEZER SONG. IT NEEDS TO BE PLAYED AT MY FUNERAL. (After shouting in my head, I sang along to Troublemaker very loudly.)

11.) No playing that song at my funeral but still, it's awesome.

12.) The car is sooo green. It looks like mint ice cream.


14.) Ice cream dispenser in a car? Hmmm. Maybeee.

15.) Batman shouldn't be the only one with cool ass gadgets in his car. Ice cream / coffee combo dispenser.

16.) That's an ugly couch. Wait... Why the fuck is there a couch on the side of 35? Why are there pillows on it?

17.) Oh look, I'm a cop, I can make illegal u-turns and run red lights to get to Starbucks. Pffft.

18.) This is why it's not legal or wise for me to carry throwing stars in the car with me.

I do a lot of thinking while I drive, obviously. Especially when there's traffic and I'm just sitting there. I'm sure there were some other thoughts but they've escaped my memory already.

Also, I typed all this up from my cell once I got to work since I got there a half hour early due to me looking at the wrong schedule. Woohoo.

Hope everyone has had a happy Thursday!!! :)
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phairhead said...

I want to get a VW Bug in army green and put a red dot in the front and a red dot in the back that it looks like I'm an olive

White Nebula said...

Awesome - I enjoyed the few seconds I was in your head.

Osbasso said...

Glad to know you weren't typing this out on your phone while you were driving!