Friday, May 27, 2011

Tell me why I'm wrong...

Here's a conversation I overheard the other day:

1: "I think the Bulls are definitely going down to the Heat."

2: "You're wrong."

1: "Why do you think that?"

2: "Because you're wrong."

1: "Okay. What makes you think I'm wrong?"

2: "You are. What makes you think you're right?"

1: "The Bulls are too young and not enough experience yet. I think the Heat just want it more as well. Why don't you agree with that?"

2: "Because you're wrong. Bulls will take it all."

And person 2 wasn't just being exasperating. They're whole point was that person 1 was wrong but couldn't explain why. Their argument went on a couple more minutes before person 1 just gave up. Which to person 2, was them just admitting defeat thus admitting they were right all along.

This always aggravates the hell out of me. I don't mind when someone disagrees with me or has a different opinion than I do. What I do mind is when someone wants to tell me I'm wrong but can't give me any reason why. "Because you are" and "because I think so" aren't good arguments for why a person is wrong. To me, it just shows a lack of knowledge in the topic at hand if you can't even come up with one singular example of why you disagree so vehemently with what I'm saying. What are you disagreeing with? What do you feel opposite about? What point are you trying to make?

I know some people like to disagree with everything just to be difficult. I don't understand that but I get that there are people out there like that. Which is annoying more often than not.

I also understand not being able to articulate what you want to say to properly convey your point in the exact light that you're trying to present it in. If that's the problem, just say so and maybe try to explain a little bit anyway.

To disagree with someone by stating you're right and they're wrong but having no reasoning behind it? Stupid. Also, to get pissy with someone because they want to hear your side of something after you've told them you think what they think is wrong? Ridiculous. You can't ridicule someone's OPINION and then get mad at THEM when they want to know what you're being so high and mighty for. Unless you're an immature brat incapable of having a grown up conversation, that is.

And lastly, if it's opinion being debated and not actual facts; there's probably no right or wrong anyway. It's fine to disagree and not see eye to eye but just because someone doesn't agree with what you're saying doesn't make them wrong.

Happy Friday!

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