Saturday, May 14, 2011

Saturday Survey

Which song did you last listen to?: "Drive" by Incubus.

What's the last thing you ate that was red?: Strawberries.

Have you ever questioned your sexuality?: When I was much younger and confused about why I liked both boys and girls, yes but I didn't really know what I was questioning back then, lol.

Have you ever lost a best friend after a fight?: Not one I was really close with. I've had other friendships end over silly things before.

Have you ever washed an iPod or mp3 player in the washing machine? Nope. Which is amazing given the amount of things I have washed on accident.

Have you ever screamed / yelled angrily at a teacher? Once. It wasn't the smartest thing to do but it felt nice.

Have you ever acted like you understood something when you didn't? Not that I can remember. I'm pretty good about asking questions if I don't understand something.

Have you ever pretended to be older than what you are? When I had a fake ID and was sneaking into bars/clubs with my friends that were old enough to get in. Not in a long time, though.

Have you ever cried because you were turned down? No. I handle rejection like a champ most of the time. I always just assume that person will be missing out and

Have you ever had a pregnancy scare? Twice. Ironically, it wasn't the one time my mom essentially made me take a pregnancy test because she was convinced I was knocked up. That was the easiest pregnancy test I've ever in my life taken because I knew there was no way I was pregnant. And yes, it did feel good showing her the big fat negative. The actual scare I had happened a year before that and then another time several years before that one with a different guy. Both times were just because I'd forgotten a pill and then went an exceptionally long time between periods.

Have you ever pretended to like someone when you didn't? No. Which is where my boss and I butt heads a lot over work related issues but we won't go there. I will say I'm not mean to the employees I don't like. I'm polite and professional but don't act all chummy like he does.

Have you ever stolen money from one of your parents? I think I'd snag dollar bills out of my mom's purse when I was a little kid. And I probably lifted a fair share of quarters from her change jar from time to time.

When did you last see a movie in theaters? I have no idea.

When was the last time you baked / cooked something? I cook something every day I'm at work, which is almost every day. So. If we're talking non-work related cooking? I don't even remember the last time I actually cooked something was. I'm rarely home.

When was the last time you danced like a crazy person? When I was getting ready for work yesterday.,

When was the last time you just wanted to be invisible? I can't remember, it's been a long time since I felt that one.

When was the last time you got a gift you absolutely hated? I don't really get gifts I hate. The people who give me gifts all know me well enough that they give me awesome stuff I love. The people who don't know me well enough to get me an awesome gift just give me giftcards. Win win.

When was the last time you had to sleep with a nightlight? No idea. When I was very young. I like the room to be as dark as possible when I sleep.

When was the last time you were under some serious stress? Last night at work. I worked from 11 AM to close which put me out of there close to 1 AM. I had a short break in the afternoon but mostly spent the whole day at work. It was super busy, the schedule was shitty as far as the crew, too much bickering, too much drama, too many mistakes being made, too much of a lot of shit.

When was the last time you watched your favorite movie? I don't have just one favorite. Though I haven't watched a movie in weeks. Stupid work takes up so much of my time.

When was the last time you downloaded a song? Uh... I don't even know. Over a year, I know that much, lol.

What would you say is your favorite hobby? Currently? Having a few hours to do nothing would be my favorite hobby, lol.

What is your favorite thing to do when you hang out with friends? Talk. Eat. Laugh. Drink. Especially if there's a hockey game in the process of that. Bars or some kind of sport is fun, too.

What would you rather do: shower or bath? Shower. I HATE baths.

What do the majority of people think of you? I don't have a clue. Go ask them. :p (Though, if anyone wants to answer this one feel free since my answer is an awesome non-answer, haha.)

What is the color if your cell phone, if you have one? Black..

Would you ever donate money to charity? Already do! :)

Would you ever dump the person you're with for someone cuter? Nope. <3

Would you ever disown one of your relatives? Yes. If it wouldn't cause any drama among other family members, damn right.

Would you ever cheat on someone if they cheated on you? No. Him doing it doesn't make it okay for me to do it. It does make it okay for me to make him miserable, though. (kidding!)

Would you ever consider becoming a teacher? No fucking way. I do NOT have the patience for that. Good teachers? I admire them so much. Praise to all you good teachers out there!

Would you ever give a hitch-hiker a ride somewhere? Nope. I'm not that trusting of people.

Would you ever try to quit one of your addictions? I have quit addictions so if I had another that was a danger to me, I'd work on kicking it also/

Would you ever die your hair purple? Been there, done that & I'd do it again. I can rock purple hair pretty well. :D

Would you ever try being with a member of the same sex? Again... Been there, done that & I'd do it again. :)

Would you ever kill yourself to save someone else? I have no idea to be honest. I can think of a handful of people I'd put myself in harm's way to protect, though.

Would you ever spend $100 for the best tasting hamburger in the world? Nope.

Would you ever consider becoming a nun? Not a chance.

Would you rather chew gum off the ground or kill a squirrel? .......Could I maybe choose the gum I'll be chewing? I might feel better about it then. I'm not killing a defenseless animal that isn't posing a threat to me.

Would you rather have a turtle or a frog for a pet? Turtle. I love turtles.

Would you rather dye your hair green or blue? Blue! Also done that one and I liked it better than any green I ever tried.

Would you rather text or talk on the phone? Text.

Would you rather spend a day with Lady Gaga or Miley Cyrus? Neither.

Would you rather learn to play piano or guitar? I can play the piano. It'd be cool to learn guitar.

Would you rather have a stomach-ache or headache? I would rather have neither. They both suck.

Would you rather be overly interesting or overly dull? .....What? I guess overly interesting.

Ever told someone that your fake jewelery was really real? Nope. I don't wear nice jewelry or fake jewelry meant to look like nice jewelry for one. Two, I wouldn't do that anyway.

Did you ever watch The Adventures of Alex Mack? I remember reading some of the books. I think I did watch the show. Or, I'm thinking of the wrong thing all together.

Who has the worst public restrooms? I HATE PUBLIC RESTROOMS. THEY'RE ALL TERRIBLE. I think the ones at gas stations or concert venues suck the most, maybe.

Would you eat cat food for $500? Depends on what kind of food it is. :p

Who is the last person you smelled? The Boyfriend when he was leaving for work, he had showered and I could smell the scent of his soap. If you mean last person I actually put my nose near and sniffed then no idea.

Name a song that got overplayed really fast. Anything Top-40. Actually, most anything on the radio gets overplayed.

Do you shop at Payless? Nope.

When's the last time you had a popsicle? A couple weeks ago. Mmm, raspberry.

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