Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Not everyone lives & breathes Facebook, ok?

I hate when I hear.....

-How did you not know about that? I posted it on Facebook.

-Didn't you see my wall post on Facebook?

-Well I posted it on Facebook, it's not my fault you didn't know.

-You would have known about the party sooner if you had replied to my event invite on Facebook.

Basically any variation of me being in the dark about something because I didn't see it on Facebook.

Guess what? I don't check my Facebook every 5 minutes. I don't check it every day. When I do check it, I get bored within several minutes. I don't seek out anyone's profile to see if I missed something interesting they posted. If you want me to see something on Facebook, your best bet is to send me a message. Don't assume just because you posted something, everyone you know saw it. I don't spend much time looking through wall posts and even less time is spent on profiles and pages. Sometimes I wonder why I even have a Facebook still beyond occasional amusement.

Same goes for Twitter. I'm on there quite a bit more but just because you tweeted it, don't assume everyone saw it. I work a lot and I don't always have time to scroll through and read everything. I don't.

This goes for blogging and any other form of social media people use to post about life happenings, random happenings, etc.

If something happens, good or bad, and you want me to know; make an effort to specifically tell ME. Don't get mad because you used a social media venue to alert everyone to something and I missed it. A text message, a direct message on Twitter or an email all work just fine if you want to make sure a specific person or several certain people know about something. It takes a little more effort than a generic PSA to everyone but it also guarantees the person/people you want to know about something will know.

Not everyone lives and breathes social media. Not everyone spends every 5, 10, 30 minutes obsessively checking. Not everyone spends an hour or more going over everything they missed while they weren't obsessively checking. The way people's direct communication skills are deteriorating due to using social media and addressing groups as a whole assuming everyone is as plugged in as most people are is really annoying to me.

End rant. Thank you and good day. :)
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Tantra Flower said...

I know exactly what you mean. I had to pare down much of my social networking. You may have noticed I got rid of my alternate Facebook. I kept my main account because I have such a large family and it's hard to keep in touch with each of them individually. But it really pisses me off when they plan something important and instead of sending messages to everyone, they just post it on their wall then get all butthurt that certain people (usually me) didn't see it. Sorry but I don't log on there every day. I agree, if it's important, send me a message -- or here's a novel idea -- pick up the fucking phone for once. lol

Great post! XOXOXO

The Panserbjørne said...

Oh, definitely true. I use Facebook only once in a great while and it annoys me when people put important things there and then expect the entire world to know.

The corollary to this is never assuming that somebody saw your Livejournal post/Twitter entry/Facebook post/Blogger post/whatever. I never ever assume that somebody has seen any of the various places I pop up online. They are free to stop me and say "Oh yeah, I read that on your journal" or whatever, but I think it's rude to assume that somebody's seen your post on some faction of social media.

-- PB

K & J said...

It's easy for Me and Jess. We're not on facebook :) Kara XOXO

Scott said...

Enjoyed the rant. Most of the stuff posted on FB doesn't interest me anyway.

Advizor54 said...

I just killed off my Faceboook account this weekend! I only checked it when my brother would call me to tell me to check it, and by then I had forgotten my password so I had to reset it and log in again. By the end of the process I would have gotten 5 e-mails just to get back on only to find my brother had posted some notice about his sheep in Farmville. Aaagh.

Last year I packed up the family on a rainy day to head to my brother-i-law's house for his birthday party. We called to say we would be late and he said, "What? I cancelled that a week ago on Facebook." Aaaagh x 1,000

So now I'm done with it. If you want me to know, call me. But, of course, you would have know this if you only read my Twitter...... :-)

April said...

I have so many Facebook things that irritate me that it's a wonder why I even keep it. Then I realized that there are more positive things than negative, and that I'm able to hide people if they're annoying me.

What you wrote is definitely one of my pet peeves. Also, when people post stupid shit like, "Going to the gym." or "Eating dinner." But the thing that bugs me the most is when people post pictures, sometimes multiple pictures, of their kids every day. While I'm a parent and I love my kid and I can see the adorableness in other kids, no one cares to see their pictures every single day. I have 2 friends who do this and it bugged me so much, I had to block them from my feed. "Here's Victoria eating pizza." "Here's Victoria with her Jessie doll." "Here's Victoria wearing her new shoes." NO FUCKING LIE every single fucking day. UGH.

GrrlTragic said...

I'm "socially connected" pretty much 24/7 (hardcore smartphone addiction + huge data plan = I'm a big-time geek) but aside from that, it's common decency to approach the person directly for serious or even minor things you really need/want them to be aware of. It's respect and courtesy even. Sure I'll toss invites online but I'll also send a text or call someone as well, I never just assume they're logged into whatever network..