Monday, May 16, 2011

Lords, Ladies, corsets & how I spent my Sunday...

Yesterday, I went to Scarborough Renaissance Festival with my boyfriend, mom, Little Sister and Youngest Brother. Though, I've been rethinking their blog names since LS is now 6 months away from turning 21 and YB is 16 and a couple inches taller than I am now. It seems silly to change their names here since they'll always be younger. I digress.

We went to the Ren Fest and I'll admit, I don't go to a lot of festival type things but I look forward to this one every Spring. I love it. The Renaissance time period was something that always fascinated me when I was younger and in school still. Ever since I was a little kid and discovered what it was, it's been a point of interest for me and that interest never wavered. We spent 7 hours at the festival yesterday. Saw several shows, visited plenty of shops (I got a few things but I'll post pictures later when I have more time but if you cruise my Twitter timeline from yesterday you'll find a few pics), played games, listened to music, handled some weaponry, ate and just generally enjoyed the atmosphere of it all.

It was YB's first Ren Fest and he had a great time. We watched a joust which he dug and he did several things he's wanted to do for a while now but hasn't had the chance. Like rock climbing, throwing ninja stars and archery. LS went to a smaller Ren Fest they had in CA last year but she said Scarborough was about 4 times bigger and better than that one. So woohoo.

I looked at tons of dresses yesterday, too. Another cool thing about these is all the actors and vendors are dressed in period correct clothing and a lot of people that come also dress up. I love looking at all the clothing everyone dressed up is wearing. Who doesn't love a corset? I know I do. ;) My plan is to acquire a dress to wear before the festival next year so I can walk around with all the other nerds in period correct clothing.

Being in the sun all day, even though the weather was great, wasn't so bad. My arms get red then just look tan the day after. My face is actually the only part of me that gets sunburned and actually goes through the trouble of being in pain, skin peeling and then looking tan. Everything else just gets red and then skips the process and goes right to tan. I have no idea why my face choose to be so difficult but it's annoying.

Which brings me to this morning. I woke up ad groggily dragged my ass into the bathroom. I went to wash my face, still half asleep and wasn't thinking about the combination of warm water and sunburned skin. As soon as I splashed the too warm water on my skin, I was awake and kicking my own ass. That shit did not feel good. I did rinse the facial cleaner off with much cooler water and that felt nice and soothing. Stupid sunburned face.

I was a bit worried yesterday that I would have less fun because I've had so much stuff going on lately and so many serious things preoccupying time in my mind that I've just not been having the best week or so. I didn't want any of that to ruin my fun yesterday and it didn't. I was so into absorbing everything around me and enjoying myself and watching my family and boyfriend enjoy everything that I didn't think of anything but the moments. It was a nice vacation from my thoughts and reality.

Then my boyfriend and I went out later in the evening to watch the first game in the Western Conference Finals. It's between San Jose and Vancouver. I'd rather see Vancouver win and they did win Game 1 last night, 3-2. After spending most of the game trailing behind San Jose. They came out fired up in the 3rd. It was a good game and cannot wait for more in the series. Though, the results of the WCF and Eastern Conference Finals will determine which two teams will play for the Stanley Cup. So, hockey is almost over. At least I can occupy my sports love with baseball. It's not the same as hockey since that is my favorite sport but I do love baseball, too.

Happy Monday!

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K & J said...

Ren Fest sounds like so much fun. I would love to go to something like that.
As for Hockey, being from Boston I'm all for The Bruins. They're the only team in New England I haven't seen win a championship. I went to game 1 (very disappointing) and my father has tickets for us to go to game 2 tomorrow. Hopefully it's much better than Saturdays game.
Glad you had a fun Sunday.....