Monday, April 25, 2011

Innuendo on the mini-golf course & stuff...

Yesterday, I went to dinner with my mom and two youngest siblings. After that, we went to play miniature golf. I saw this sign upon arriving at the course entrance and pretty much died laughing. My sister (she's 20) giggled over it, too.

I must say, a 5 stroke limit doesn't sound very pleasurable to me.

Though, that wasn't the only one. Between me and several of my Twitter buddies, we came up with tons of innuendo in that sign.

We also let the innuendo carry over into the batting cages once I announced we were heading over there.

By the way, I got 3 hole in ones on the mini golf course and got my lowest score ever. Which isn't much to be said because I usually suck pretty badly at mini golf. I have fun anyway, kind of like when we go bowling. I don't have to be good at something to have fun at it.

I was actually nervous about the batting cages. I played baseball for a long time growing up and into my teens but hadn't played in quite a few years and hadn't been inside the batting cages in a while either. Mainly, knowing I had been such a good player (and I was, my other younger brother's baseball coach was forever trying to convince me to come play for their team because he could pull some strings to make it happen) and so good at bat, I was a little afraid that I would suck at it now. I don't mind not being good at things (see: mini golf, bowling, tennis, soccer, pottery, sewing, line dancing, being patient, etc) but finding out I sucked at something I used to be really good at and really loved doing would suck for me. Kind of like a personal disappoint that would have me working at it again until I got good at it again. So, I was apprehensive when the first ball launched out at me. Then felt better as I cracked it out to the back of the cage area. The more balls I hit, the better I felt. I hardly missed a single ball launched my way. It was fun and reminded me how much I really loved playing baseball. I also remembered what great stress relief it is to just stand there swinging a bat and hearing that sweet satisfying sound as the bat meets the ball and sends it sailing out in a direction far away. So, I promised myself last night that I'd try to hit up the batting cages at least once every month now. If for nothing else than it's fun, relaxing and stress reducing.

I also made little Easter Bags for my family. I'm not religious but most of my family is. My youngest two siblings are 20 and 16, so they didn't mind getting a bag over a basket. I doubt if they were younger they would have minded that anyway. I got four Easter themed gifts bags, filled them up with that annoying fake grass then put a DVD and some candy inside each bag. My sister got "Daybreakers", brother got "How To Train Your Dragon", Boyfriend got "Sherlock Holmes" and my mom got a Tyler Perry comedy she likes although I honestly forgot which one it was already.

I did the bags because they were $1 a piece versus $3 a piece for the cheapest basket I could find. The bags were cuter than the cheap baskets anyway. And I don't see a lot of point in spending a lot of money on something that is going to end up in the garbage later that night anyway. The bags were a cute alternative that saved me a few bucks and everyone loved their Easter bags. My boyfriend knew I was doing them but didn't know what I was putting in them. My mom and siblings were just surprised and happy with theirs.

I had a great day spending time with people I love. Hopefully all of you had a good weekend and a Happy Easter if you celebrate the holiday.

Happy Monday. :)


Osbasso said...

Sounds like a nice way to spend your Easter weekend!

Joker_SATX said...

That did sound like a lot of fun. Lots of laughs too, I bet!

phairhead said...

heh heh STROKE heh heh!

viemoira said...

haha- I am *really* horrid at bowling and mini golf but I love doing both. Never tried the batting cage but it sounds like good stress relief (though I prbly would get the relief from being hit rather then the ability *to* hit)...

Hope you had a nice Easter!

K & J said...

LOL, that sign was awesome!!

~Jess XX~