Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I love Incubus....

The title of this song is "Adolescents" and it's done by a band you may have heard of, Incubus. There isn't an actual music video for this (yet) so I'm just posting something off youtube since I want to spread the awesomeness of this song and don't want to wait for a legitimate music video, lol. Take a listen.... Even if you've heard it already. ;)

Anyone who knows me (or who has read my blog for long enough) knows that I LOVE Incubus. I love a lot of different music and tons of bands. It's nearly impossible for me to narrow one singer, band, etc down to being my ultimate favor but Incubus is probably it.

This song is a bit of a different style for them but they're always progressing a little here while not straying too far from their sound. I LOVE this song. I was so excited when the local radio station announced they would be playing the new Incubus song the day it came out at a specific time so I could make sure I got to a radio to listen to it. In case I was at work during that time, lol. I cannot wait for their new album to be released in July. I may have already pre-ordered it, in fact. :D

In August of '09 I saw them in concert and due to my boyfriend and his friend who was working during the show, I got upgraded from seats on the lawn to standing right on the rail in the pit, about 12 feet away from the stage. It was probably the best concert I've ever been to in my life. They're just a wonderful band. I could legitimately sit here for an hour gushing about how talented they are, how much I adore them, how fantastically talented Brandon Boyd is, and on and on and on. If you do want to see pictures from that Incubus show or to hear me ramble some more about how awesome they are, click here. I love them so much they have their own label and that's where you'll find more Incubus related posts. :)

Happy Wednesday!


Anonymous said...

totally in agreement with you here.

incubus are one of those bands that, to me, have been totally under rated.

incredibly talented and amazing vocalist.

and brandon is pretty effin hot too. would love to see them live someday :)

viemoira said...

Thanks for posting this- I do not listen to the radio or keep up with new albums much and LOVE Incubus (though I must say TOOL is my fav).

K & J said...

Great Taste Ashly. I really like them to.

~Jess XX~