Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Brain Dump: Cupcakes, Stars, Spring Sucks, etc....

I've started writing several posts today and then ended up scrapping them all after re-reading them and thinking, "Where the eff were you going with that?" Lol. I'm not lacking on things to say or to write about but I've got so much going on that everything is just running together in my head.

Work has been super busy lately. We had a catering order for $525 yesterday. We have one we're doing tonight that totals out at a little bit more than that. It's great, really.

I'm also in the process of doing a lot of planning. As I mentioned, I'm doing a cupcake booth at a festival next month and have been putting together my cupcake menu. I'm thinking of doing 6 different types. So far I have chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, rainbow and two special ones. I'm probably going with a s'mores cupcake for the 5th one and maybe doing a cream filled red velvet for the 6th. I've been playing around with recipes for the last two. None of them are plain but they're not too over the top either. I did play around with a pina colada cupcake but haven't got the recipe right just yet. Which brings me around to another point. In doing this festival, I'll also be working my way around to selling my cupcakes in a more regular fashion. I'm also thinking of starting a blog to chronicle recipes, mishaps, tips, pictures and other stuff. I'm not sure on that yet. My goal is to eventually own my own business and since I'm not made of money, I'm going to start out so very small and see if I can work up to what I want to do. Plus, it's a fun way to earn a little extra money for now and I love baking. I also love coming up with unique ideas for cupcakes that other places aren't doing right now. And my boss being cool as he can sometimes be is going to let me try to do something with the cupcakes at work. If that goes well initially and continues to go well, it might be a more permanent thing. So here's hoping. I'm excited because I have some plans for this and some things are already in motion but I don't exactly know how it's all going to go. I do know I need some people willing to be guinea pigs for new recipes I come up with. So if any of you that live near me want to volunteer for that, speak up. ;)

Moving on. I'm going to the Stars vs Avs game tomorrow night. It might be the last home game of the season if the Stars don't make playoffs again. Which is depressing. Both missing playoffs for the third year in a row and the possibility of it being the last NHL game I go to until October. At least I have baseball to occupy me with in the summer.

On Sunday we went to the Rangers game. They played the Red Sox. It was the third game of the series. The Rangers won all three. They're five games into the season so far and they're at 5-0. I'm excited for this season. Definitely excited to get to a few more games, too. Going to games definitely makes me miss playing baseball. I played for so long as a kid then got a job and put all my time into that. Damn work always getting in the way. As it is now, with work and the other projects I have going on, I wouldn't have time to play a sport now anyway. I'm okay with that, just something I miss doing when I'm around it.

Spring weather is so awesome but I think I'd enjoy it more if I could actually enjoy it. I have crazy allergies that prevent me from enjoying all this lovely weather we have. Even my allergy medicine isn't enough to totally combat it all. Which sucks because it has been so pretty outside the last few days. Not to say I stay inside and avoid it because I don't. I just end up feeling miserable physically while I'm enjoying it.

Something else I'm happy about is I started a new iron supplement. I'm anemic and haven't been taking anything for it the last few months. So I've been constantly exhausted every single day. My 10+ hour work days of being on my feet and running around for a whole shift hasn't helped with my fatigue either. I've had other issues, too. The fatigue is the one I've been feeling the most. The new supplement I've started is a bit higher in iron than the ones I've previously taken but that's a good thing. It also has fewer side effects but the two it has are seriously sucky, lol. So far, I haven't experienced any of the possible side effects, though, Here's hoping it stays that way. ;)

I'm not doing a lot of blogging but I am doing a lot of writing. Mostly for my book of short stories I started and then stopped working on when I was really down and bummed out about everything. I think I owe a certain blogger an autographed first copy when I get it done. I doubt he remembers I promised him that, though. Maybe it'll be a nice surprise once I finally get it all together.

Even if I don't end up doing the cupcake blog, I'm definitely going to be posting pictures and recipes on here from time to time. Exciting, I know. Calm down people.

I think I've bored y'all enough for one day. ;) I started a post on a feminist that went off on me on shaving. We actually got into a pretty heated argument about it but I didn't have the attention span to get it finished. So hopefully I'll have that up some time this week. Maybe. ;)

Happy Wednesday!!


Nolens Volens said...

I hope you'll have pics from the booth...because my appetite has been whetted. :)

viemoira said...

yum- my sister made cupcakes of the alphabet for my nephew on his birthday and i really thought that was a cool idea. Good luck with your booth.

Another Suburban Mom said...

Cupcakes are awesome! The place near us does a mint oreo, regular oreo, and peanut butter.


Cougar in Training said...

Looking forward to pics and recipes of cupcakes...I've been craving them lately for some reason.