Monday, March 14, 2011

I don't feel sorry for you being broke.

I always find it amusing in a way when I see someone on Twitter whining about how broke they are or how hard it will be to get by this week when it's their own fault they're struggling.

That sounds mean but when someone tweets things like:

"Look at what I just purchased for myself!" and that tweet includes a link to a $190 pair of boots or a $250 dress or a $240 artsy deco lamp or a new flatscreen TV that set you back $500 on an impulse buy. I don't feel sorry that they only have $30 to get by for the week. Those things weren't likely a necessary purchase & if they were, you could have found a cheaper option if it was something you could not go one more day without so you would still have money for the week for things you need. If it wasn't a need, then keep waiting until you can afford it without getting yourself in a fucking mess financially.

Also when they start talking about going to this restaurant, having a few drinks at this bar, etc; I can't feel sympathy when the "I'm so broke, help me out" tweets start to roll out.

Yes, going out is fun and sometimes after a stressful day, it's needed to unwind. If you're tight on money, don't go crazy at an expensive restaurant and don't have more than a few drinks. or have dinner & do the drinking at home. Or hang out with friends and do something fun. There are always options to keep yourself in a good place. It might not be what you want exactly but be smart about it.

Sometimes buying things for yourself makes you feel better. I get that. If you're tight on money, spending it on things you really want but can't afford is ridiculous. Find something less expensive if you just can't help yourself.

You're just setting yourself up for more stress when you're blowing money that you're actually going to need. Now you have a pretty awesome pair of $200 boots but you're also left with $30 and still need money for gas (that shit isn't cheap) to get to work and other things you might need.

Learn to budget yourself. I'm talking grown adults here, not teenagers or little kids. Hell, I learned how to budget when I was a young teenager. I think that's why I have a hard time understanding how people at 25 and 30 can't manage the concept. If I could, at 13, budget what little money I earned by helping at my dad's restaurant a few days a week; how is it possible an adult can't manage it? You know when you look at your bank balance what you're working with. You should know what you need to have for bills and necessities.

I know sometimes stuff happens. I was unemployed for a year before I finally got the job I currently have. That was rough as hell. Even still, sometimes shit comes up and makes it hard to get by. Unexpected car repairs popping up, doctor's visits that need to happen but aren't planned on, life just happens and sometimes it fucks with your pocket book. When I dislocated my thumb a few weeks back, I didn't go to a doctor for that because it wasn't a major thing and we really couldn't afford it. I know sometimes things out of your control happen and financially it puts you in a bind. That, I can have empathy and sometimes even sympathy for. If I were able to without screwing myself, I'd offer help where I could.

When I see people talking about how they're going to have a tough week and asking for sympathy or help when I know they're just not budgeting their money wisely; I won't feel bad & wouldn't offer help just because it's their own fault. I just can't feel bad for something like that when there's so many people in the world who really need help more than someone who just can't budget their money wisely and figure out their wants versus actually needs.

Happy Monday!
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Another Suburban Mom said...

I also hate the "I'm so broke" whining after someone has bought something expensive.

If you are broke, then don't shop unless you really need it.

AFare24Get said...

You're so right. I try not to complain since I have an education and need to be more realistic, but you're right: if you're shopping you've no right to complain. If you're complaining you shouldn't be shopping.

The ones who irritate me are the ones using welfare cards for things like BBQ steaks & beer; sadly, in Texas they can do just that.

Keep on writing.

Anonymous said...

I'm a thrift shop shopper.
I make crap money, but I am a deal hunter so often have money left over at the end of the month.
I shop daily. I love shopping.
It's all about HOW a person spends.

Joker_SATX said...

It never ceases to amaze me how fucked up people's priorities are.

This is what has put this country where it is. It is a lack of discipline that has people in the hole. And credit card companies are loving it.