Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Here's how the ball busting period situation ended...

If you don't follow me on Twitter, you missed this series of tweets from last night while I was at work. So, let me catch you up for those who didn't see it and finish the story for those who did and want to know how it ended.

"Guy just said to his wife, "why are you always such a ball buster? I swear you're on your period every damn day." He might die in a minute."

"Her cheeks were already red, her entire face flushed red after he said that."

"They're waiting on a to-go order. She just shook her head & stomped out to the parking lot. Guy says she'll have a smoke & calm down."

"HA! He was semi right. She smoked...then got in their car & drove off. He's trying to call her now. Guess who's not answering her phone? XD"

Back to the start. They were standing at the counter waiting on their to-go order. They were bickering (he was bitching at her about the vet bill for her dog who was recently injured apparently) and I politely suggested they could go take a seat and I'd bring their bag of food to them once it was done. They declined the offer and kept bickering, changing topics. Now it was her turn and she was on his ass about how he was supposed to do XYZ for three days in a row now and still hadn't done any of it like he said he would. Blah blah blah.... and then he snapped with the ball buster/period comment. She turned super red and stomped out the door. He shook his head and waved it off, claiming she would need a cigarette and then she would come back in all nice and calm again. We have tons of windows and could see her clearly standing by their vehicle, smoking a cigarette. He smirked as she stubbed it out and commented that she'd be fine now. Instead of coming back in, she hopped in their vehicle and drove off with him standing in there, smug smile now wiped clean off his face. He immediately called her. She didn't answer. He called several more times. No answer. He decided to park it at a table and eat his portion of their now ready to go order and this all happened around 9:20 or so. By 10, we closed and she still hadn't come back for him. I told him he would have to wait outside. He tried to protest that it was cold outside and his jacket was in their vehicle. I apologized but said he was long done with his food and we needed to start closing. We were done and out of there by 10:40 and he was still sitting outside waiting for her to come back, trying to dial her cell repeatedly. He asked me for a ride home, which I declined since I didn't know him. I did offer to call him a cab (we occasionally have drunk people ask us to call one for them so I've since saved several cab companies in my cell for when I need them.) He said that would be great, so I called a cab for him and then got in my car and left with him still sitting there.

Working in a restaurant is never boring. Whether it's between customers or employees, there's always something. Anyone else that works in the restaurant or hospitality industry can attest to that fact. A few days may go by with nothing happening but you won't make it a full week without something interesting happening. A large part of that comes from alcohol consumption I'm sure, lol.

I also don't get why people fight like that in public. Whenever my boyfriend and I get irritated in public, we either address it calmly and if we can't, we save it for home and deal with it in private. Then again, if everyone did it that way, I'd have less amusing blog fodder to use based off stuff that happens at work. ;)

Happy Tuesday!


Joker_SATX said...

Ok, so that was Awesome! I would have loved to have been there for that one.

Cougar in Training said...

I hope she locked the door and he didn't have his keys. LOL! That's a great story.