Friday, March 18, 2011

A downpour on a sunny Friday afternoon...

Watching my boyfriend outside playing with his dog is some what adorable. Something about seeing a 6'8" guy being playful with an animal is just cute to me.

On the drive in to Dallas today, I was doing 75 in a 60. Got caught and yet again, got a warning but no ticket. And yet again, I'm glad there's no way to keep up with the amount of times I've gotten a verbal warning to slow down. No, I do not cry my way out of tickets. I just smile sweetly and try talking my way out of it. I'll just be sad for the day when they start giving written warnings and actually keep track of how many a person has, lol.

Also while driving to work, a trucker decided to move into the lane in front of me. No big deal except there was already a Dodge Ram occupying that space. The trucker kept coming over as the Ram laid on their horn and swerved over into the HOV lane to avoid an accident. The trucker was apparently some how not seeing how this was his fault and tossed a drink out his window at the Dodge Ram. I called the number on the back of the dude's trailer and reported him. Which is the first time I've ever done that before but seriously, dude almost causes a wreck and then gets road rage at the person he almost collides in to? Then has the nerve to be the one angry about it, like the truck just shouldn't have been in his way? You've got to be kidding me.

I was supposed to have a late lunch at Panera with a friend today but friend bailed around 30 minutes after they suggested it in the first place. So, I'm sitting in Panera now typing this up as I eat my delicious sandwich. Chipotle chicken for anyone curious. Nom nom nom.

Which brings me to my next little tidbit. Some of you know but most don't, my precious laptop has been on the edge of darkness for a while now and it finally pretty much conked out a week ago. That's why I've only been blogging from my phone when I have the time and patience to do so. I got a wicket little Asus Eee PC for $200 on Wednesday night. The Lawyer (I realized I've been talking about here and there on here, Twitter & Tumblr but have forgot to formally introduce who he is, lol. Oops) had purchased this bad boy for a girl he was dating and they broke up before he was planning to give it to her for a birthday. He lost the receipt for it so he never took it back and just put it in his closet and forgot about it. I was complaining about not being able to do a few things I needed to to because of a lack of computer and he remembered the netbook stowed away in a closet in his condo and offered it to me for whatever I wanted to pay for it. He would have just given it to me but I wouldn't take it for free. So far, I'm really digging it for what I'm using it for. I'm still going to have my laptop fixed when my boyfriend has the free time to dedicate to it and I can buy what he needs to do it. This works for something to take to work and around with me to other places. :)

The boyfriend and I are going to look at another apartment this weekend. I'm excited. The only thing keeping us from moving out now is finding a place to move in to. I miss having my own place so much and I really can't wait to get moved out of our current place. I'm also excited to have a new place to decorate. And happy my boyfriend's mostly happy with my style and likes the things I do. :D

I'm also excited for the Stars vs Flyers game tomorrow. I have the first Saturday off since I started working this job back in August. I worked a 15 hour shift yesterday to make up for the fact that I wouldn't be working Saturday. I've got to work tonight and I'm already at 35 hours for the week. So, hooray for some over time and hooray for hockey games. And meeting new people, which will also happen tomorrow. Meeting cool new people that are into hockey is always a plus. :)

I've noticed that lately, my urge to write is back. I even started working on the book of short stories I had long ago abandoned because I just didn't have the inspiration for it anymore. I also started something new that I won't talk about yet. I'm excited to be working on my old writing project again as well as starting a new one and having so many words to go with both. I think my problem was that I was just in this weird and stressful transitional place where I was trying to catch up from being unemployed for so long and I just had no motivation for anything. I had been so unhappy and down on myself before then because of the trouble I was having finding a job and how badly I was struggling. My motivation to write just wasn't there. It has come back largely now and I'm so happy about that. Honestly, I'm just so happy about my life in general. That feels good. I know my happiness outright annoys a few people and for that, well I just feel sorry for them.

I also realized lately that someone in my life is pretty much never happy for me when things go well in my life. And it bothered me at first. Not so much now. I'm sorry they aren't happy and I'm sorry they try to drag me down when I'm feeling so good about things but too bad. They're the only person holding themselves back from having and doing what they want. They just lack the motivation and determination to get it done. And I know, you don't need people like that in your life but the fact is; sometimes there are people in your life that are there and will always be there. Sometimes their negativity is the only thing you dislike about them. People you're bound to by more than just knowing them. And you know what? The only thing to do with that is not let them get to you and not let the things they say and do effect you. It reminds me of the quote about how the only way people can make you feel inferior is if you let them. That goes for a lot of different things really.

I used to not understand how people could look at me and think that I'm such a strong individual. I'd thank them but be laughing on the inside, just thinking if they only knew how wrong they are. I'm not strong, not at all. I was wrong about myself, so wrong. I just didn't realize it because I didn't really understand what they were saying and what it meant to be strong. I didn't confuse it with physical strength at all but I just didn't see myself the way they did. I didn't see the things they saw as strength as anything more than me just being who I am. I understand it better now. Though, I've rambled enough for one day so I think I'll save the rest of this for another post.

Happy Friday!
Have a good weekend, y'all. :)

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So.... who is the Lawyer? I've always wondered... lol (April)