Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Afternoon bullets..

  • I love the white cheddar mac & cheese from Panera. Mac & cheese is probably one of my absolute favorite comfort foods. Theirs is definitely awesome. Not as good as my homemade stuff but I don't have much free time for cooking so it hits the spot when I'm craving something delicious and comforting.

  • I'm excited. Next month, I get to do my first market experience. Near where I work, they do an "open market" thing on weekends where you can rent a booth and try to sell your products. I'll be in the food section selling awesome cupcakes. :)

  • I might need help for my addiction to smoothies. Luckily, that's better than a chocolate addiction or a milkshake addiction. It makes sense that as much as I love fruits and yogurt that smoothies would be something I can't get enough of, haha.

  • I've had three regular customers ask me out on a date this year. Two in January and another today. I hate that being nice and polite so often gets confused with flirtation. I'm not flirting, I'm being friendly. There's a difference. I also wish people weren't so taken aback by the fact that myself, my boss and most of the employees at my job are friendly and polite. Mainly because it's something most consumers aren't used to because admittedly most people in food service or retail aren't that friendly. I get why people always feel a need to compliment our friendly, polite staff. I just wish it weren't such an uncommon thing these days.

  • I'm so excited for baseball season to start. I can't wait to catch a few Rangers games. I also really want to be able to take my youngest brother and little sister to at least one game, too.

  • If the Stars don't win most of their remaining games, they won't be making playoffs this year. Again. Which sucks because they did SO much better this season than they did last season. Still, I'm not counting them out until they're literally out of contention. I'm just bummed there's only two more home games left of the regular season and I'm only going to one of them. Which means if they don't make playoffs, that will be my last NHL game until next season. Sad times, y'all. Lol.

  • I've made some really awesome new friends here lately. It's always great to find like minded people who share so many of your hobbies and interests. Especially when you're not looking for them and they pop up in unexpected places. :)

  • Misery really does love company. Sad fact of life but it's so true.

  • I will likely never get tired of playing Super Mario. Ever. Same goes for Tetris.

  • I'm so glad I quit smoking. I save $30+ per month plus the cash I spent on lights. Plus, I smell good all of the time instead of smelling like body spray or perfume mixed with cigarette smoke.

This has been a post. ;)

Happy Wednesday!!


viemoira said...

I am not much of a gamer but I LOVE super mario and tetris!!! Those are the *only* games I'm big on.

Joker_SATX said...

Good Post...Are you interested in more Batman stuff?

Slyde said...

big ups for people with Tetris love!

back in the day i used to see that game in my sleep....

Theresa said...

1)Hockey rules! Sorry though I'm a Redwings fan. But hey the Stars are pretty awesome.

2) YAY for not smoking! Good for you!!!

3) I have the same problem at work. I am nice and guys think I'm flirting. Sadly, it couldn't be farther from the truth.

Hope the booth and cupcakes go well!

Cougar in Training said...

Mmmmm, cupcakes! Delicious!!!