Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Rainbow cake...

Yesterday I had the day off from work. I was super productive by doing laundry, doing a little grocery shopping, buying some things from Target that were needed, cleaning the bathroom including scrubbing down the shower, sink and toilet, did some other errands, colored my hair and then baked a cake.

The cake I baked is a "rainbow cake" and I've been wanting to make one for a few months now but have just lacked the free time to do so.

Making it was so fun. It's also inexpensive to do and super easy.

I'm not usually one for posting recipes on here but I already had a few people off Tumblr request it last night as I was posting pictures on there as I went. So, here we go.

What you need:


2 boxes white cake mix
2 12 oz of can of Sprite
gel food colouring


16 oz whipped topping
2 oz instant pudding mix


You can just used frosting from the can if you don't want to make your own.

You'll be using the soda in place of the water and oil in the cake mix. Mix the cake mix, eggs and soda in a mixing bowl.

You'll need 6 bowls to do the rainbowing. You equally divide the cake batter into the 6 bowls. Then you add the food coloring gel. I used gel because you get a more vibrate color out of the gels. You can use as much or as little as you want, just add the gel until you get the desired shade you're looking for in each color. I also used 6 separate spoons because it's easier than rinsing one off each time you move to the next color.

After you get all the colors mixed, it's time to layer them into the cake pans. Pick whatever color you want to use first and drop it as close to the middle of the cake panas you can. Drop the next two colors, then work on the other pan with the last three colors. So if you’re doing rainbow order, the first pan should have red, then orange, then yellow, and now the purple, blue and green go into the second pan.

For this recipe, I wanted to make 2 separate cakes instead of one big double layer cake. So, I dropped smaller amounts of cake batter into each pan using all 6 colors in each pan instead of doing 3 and 3 for the double layered cake.

The Frosting:

Mix the pudding mix into the whip cream using a spatula until it's combined nicely. Then just spread over the cake. It's a little difficult to work with so be careful.

I decorated it with some colored sugar on top that was left over from Christmas baking.

And there you have it. A rainbow cake. It was super easy to make and I had fun doing it. Next time I'll have to try my hand at doing some rainbow cupcakes. Now if I could just get people to pay me to bake stuff for them, I'd be doing this for more than just fun, lol.

Happy Tuesday!!


Kenny said...

I looks like you slaughtered, blended and baked a clown...

MinorityReport said...

Fun! Nice job. :)

viemoira said...

This is awesome!

Spiky Zora Jones said...

have you ever made a jello cake? It's almost the same...you bake the cake then use a tooth pick to put holes in the cake...then you pour the jello liquid in the little holes...google it. use several flavors (colors). My auntie used to do them ages ago I was a little girl. They are so moist and tasty.

later. x