Friday, February 25, 2011

In which I ramble about dislocated thumbs, hockey, Cirque Du Soleil & car trouble...

I'm just going to ramble on about this and that and clear my head about some stuff. :D The green paragraphs are all about Stars/hockey stuff so if you're not into that because you're weird, feel free to skip over it. (Kidding over not liking hockey making you weird, to each their own. Hockey is fucking awesome, though. But see? I'm polite and made it easy to skip over it if you don't give a shit about reading hockey stuff.:D)

I'm super tired right now but I feel like writing. So a brain dump so to speak will work best. Just forgive me if I end up being more rambling and less articulate. I blame the lack of sleep and lack of being able to fall asleep for any lack of sense being made. Anyway...

I dislocated my left thumb on Wednesday night. It hurt. Thursday night at work was annoying. However, the most annoying part of only having one thumb to use was buttoning and unbuttoning my jeans every time I had to pee. When I'm at work, all I drink is water and a lot of it. I just stopped drinking after a while because I was tired of struggling with my jeans every hour, lol. The swelling in my hand is almost gone today, though. It's only slightly swollen but still really bruised and my thumb is also still bruised and a bit sore. It's annoying more than anything. And I don't have a good story to tell on how I dislocated it so I'll just skip over that, haha. If you follow me on Twitter, you might have see the explanation. It's pathetic and I still can't believe I managed it doing what I was doing. There's also a picture of my swollen hand and the annoying finger splint I have to wear. Exciting times.

The Stars played the Red Wings last night. The Stars won 4-1. I was at work until close (midnight on Thursdays) so I didn't see much of the game even though we did have it on. We were busy so no time to watch much of it. Looked like a good game. Looked like the Stars were less lackluster and less disorganized than they have looked the last *few* games. Hopefully they get back to that kicking ass and winning games stuff now. :D A win over Detroit ALWAYS makes me a happy girl. A win over anyone does, really.

Some people wanted to know my opinion over the James Neal trade. I was surprised and mad about it at first. Then I chilled out and thought about it and I'm fine with it. He's a good, solid player but he's not an elite player and he hasn't produced much at all this season. Maybe a change of scenery and a different team is what he needs to get back on his game and play as well as he's shown that he's capable of. And out of any other well known forwards that we could have traded, I'm more happy to see him go over someone like Jamie Benn or Loui Eriksson instead. Not that they're up for grabs or even rumored to go anywhere, just using them as an example. He was the most expendable player that any other team would have been interested in taking. In the trade, we got Alex Goligoski from Pittsburgh. I was some what familiar with him already due to having a Pens fan in the family and having seen him play quite a bit because of that. We definitely needed the help on the blueline and Goligoski is a better defenseman than Niskanen is honestly. He plays more offensively and so far, I like what I see in having him paired up with Robidas. Our defense already looks better and he's only played two games here so far so I'm excited to see how this plays out further.

Also, BURISH AND BARCH WERE BACK LAST NIGHT. They've both been out with injuries and I think they helped a lot last night in getting the team going and back on track. Especially Bur.

Anyway, that's enough hockey for now. :)

I'm excited because Sunday I'll be going to see OVO by Cirque Du Soleil. I was bummed because the tickets are expensive and I didn't think the boyfriend and I would be able to afford going. Then the boyfriend found out he gets a really rad discount through a ticketing agency because of his job so we got two tickets for $70 when one ticket regularly for the cheapest seats is $50. We also didn't have to pay any of the extra ticket fees or anything so yay for that too. Hooray for my guy having an awesome job in a great company. I'm really excited for the show. I'm always excited for Sundays anyway because it's my only day off each week but I'm even more excited since we're going to see OVO. :D

Back to work, lol. Last night we closed at midnight. We actually got out quickly. In 20 minutes we were out the door. I was excited because usually it takes 45 minutes or longer to get out the door after we shut it down for the night. Then I get out to the car only to find it won't start because my battery is lifeless. My boyfriend was still at work. The restaurant next to my job was still open so I went in there to see if anyone would be willing to give me a jump start. I either got ignored or told no by the few people I asked, except for one guy. He said, "I would help you out but I don't have jumper cables." I replied by saying that I did have jumper cables in my car. He looked at me and said, "Oh, well.. I don't actually want to do it but you could come over here and have a drink with me instead." Then he grinned at me, winked and actually waited for me to reply. I almost punched him. Freaking douche. And I didn't bother anyone who was in the middle of eating or anything. I even asked the bartender that I've helped out a few times when he's had car trouble and he even told me no because he "couldn't leave the bar area." Which is bullshit because I see him leaving all the time to go outside and smoke, go to the gas station, go out to his car to get stuff, go outside to chat with people, make phones calls, come into our restaurant to get food or to bullshit with us, etc.

So I ended up sitting in my car waiting for almost an hour for my boyfriend to get off work and come give me a jump. He did make it from his job to my job in record time, though. He felt bad because he got off work later than he was supposed to and because it was 43 outside and I was wearing jeans and a short sleeved work shirt so I was a little cold sitting there waiting. And it took all of 3 minutes to hook up the cables and get the car started.

It really annoyed me how no one would help. It would have taken just a few minutes. There's a gas station near by, too. I asked several people over there if they would help and they all said they couldn't for some reason or ignored me like I hadn't said anything to them. I don't even get that. Then again, I love helping people and I'd feel like an asshole telling someone I couldn't help jump start their car for them because I needed to get home and do laundry. And yes, that's a real reason someone gave me for why they couldn't help me. It's not that I think anyone owes me anything or that I deserve to be helped when I need it; I don't feel entitled to anything but I wasn't asking anyone to loan me a kidney. I just needed a fucking jump so I could go home and not sit outside in the middle of the night in the cold. I think I asked at least 13 people between the gas station and people at the restaurant before I just gave up and went back to sit in my car to wait. It was frustrating. I guess sometimes I forget how self-centered most people are.

Anyway, that's enough rambling for one post. ;)

Happy Friday!

Have a good weekend, y'all. :)


phairhead said...

once again, proof that people are selfish assholes!

Aurore said...

Sorry about your thumb :(

You will love the Cirque show! I just saw O in Vegas - amazing!

Tim_D_Enchanter said...

I am upset that the word "douchecopter" did not make an appearance! LOL j/k

I feel ya on the people helping (or more aptly, not helping). . . I really think that there is a general mistrust of anyone after dark. . . Like they actually think that someone is trying to lure them somewhere to be mugged, raped, beaten up, or killed. It's an irrational fear that causes people to be pricks, and its definitely not a good excuse. I still will help people. The way I look at it, is that if I get killed helping someone, then at least I went out trying to do something good for others. . .

People are just idiots. . .

T said...

Holy crap girl, no one would help? What the hell is this world coming to?!

I hate I don't get to see OVO. I love Cirque but dang the tickets are expensive. Enjoy it!

And GO Stars!

Happy Girl 25 said...

That sucks! You need AAA or a battery jump starter. You can keep it in your car and they cost about $125. Hope your thumb is better soon!