Friday, February 4, 2011

Hey, look at the pictures....

Snow isn't a huge deal for a lot of y'all. In Dallas, we don't see a lot of the stuff in person. This last week, we've had ridiculous weather. It hasn't been above freezing or even above 25 degrees all week. Tons of ice everywhere. I haven't been awake one morning so far this week where it's been over 12 degrees. It's been in the low 20's for the "high" point of the day.

I know, wha wha wha. Whatever. It's Texas. We don't deal with this weather very often. I don't even own a coat or proper clothes for "real Winter weather" like most of the Northern people that have been giving me hell do. I can count on one hand the number of long sleeved shirts I own and they're all rather light weight at that. My Dallas Stars hoodie is heavier than the one jacket I own. I thought about buying a decent coat last year after it snowed but decided not to because I didn't honestly have the money to spend on one. I considered buying one again this year but didn't have the money to really spend on one and figured I'd be fine layering clothes and sticking with the jacket I had. I'm totally going this Spring when they have Winter coats on sale and finding a decent one to put away in case next year sucks. I did buy a pair of boots at the start if Winter late last year on a whim because they were on sale and I thought I might need them for something. Also because my boyfriend talked me into buying them, lol. Too bad I didn't buy a Winter coat. It would come in handy, lol. It's fine, I'll make fun of the people being assholes when summer time rolls around and they start crying because it's 85 degrees and they're "hot"... Pffft. Actually, I probably won't. I understand different regions are acclimated to different weather and temperatures and don't see a need to be a douche about stuff like that unless I'm just giving a friend a good natured hard time. I digress.

Anyway, I had a bad night at work last night. I've been sick and still have a lingering cough that makes my rib cage hurt. I got to leave work early last night due to injuring myself. If you follow my Twitter then you know what happened there. Anyway, it started snowing on my way out. Really snowing. No bullshit flurries coming down for all of five minutes and then it's done. And since it hasn't been above 23 degrees yet this week, and was a 18 degrees as I was driving home, the snow was having no trouble sticking around. It made for a nice, bright drive home. I don't know why but driving as the snow swirled around everywhere and started piling up was kind of soothing in a way. I'm sure later today when I'm driving to work, I might feel differently about it, lol. Though, I haven't had any issues driving in all of the ice we've had. Slow it down, steady and don't panic and it's not so bad maneuvering it.

So anyway, these pictures are from around midnight to 1 AM Thursday night. Technically Sunday morning if you're being technical.

Those are my foot prints in the snow. My new boot prints. Size 10 if you're wondering, lol. Sorry if any of the pictures overlap onto the side content. I didn't really want to mess around with re-sizing them, honestly. And they're BlackBerry camera quality since I don't have an actual digital camera anymore. Sadly.



Osbasso said...

I've been reading these whining posts all week. However, in your situation, it's really a big deal! I have no sympathy for those in the upper midwest or the northeast. It's freakin' winter!

When it's 30-40 degrees warmer here than in Dallas, something ain't right! Hell, it's warmer in Fairbanks than it is down there!!

Stay warm! Stay safe!

Stealth said...

girl... it's BAD in Sherman.. BAD...

Ay.. if you want a laugh the news bitch on my site mentions us here in D TOWN, she had me rolling.. check it out, hila.r.i.o.u.s.