Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Drunk tweeting...

I have one day off a week and it's always Sunday. I don't usually work until mid-afternoon on Mondays so I tend to like to relax most of the day Sunday and go out that night since it's the only time during the weekend (or at all) that I have free to do something fun. So Sunday night, the Boyfriend and I watched hockey all day. Then went to dinner, then went to have drinks. More so, I drank while he had water and we kept each other entertained. It feels good to just relax with a foamy green drink, playing scrabble in a booth and having a good time. And definitely being out of the house and not being at work are two big pluses. I digress. I really shouldn't be allowed to keep my phone in my hand when I start drinking because I want to tweet. And sometimes text. Mostly, I know my friend's schedules and I don't text them when I run the risk of waking them up. I'm considerate like that.

So I'm sharing a few of the things I tweeted while at the bar Sunday night.


"just made the boyfriend listen to "drunken sailor" by blaggards just for the part where they talk about shaving balls w/ a rusty razor, haha"

"My hair smells good enough to eat, if you like coconut flavor. And eating hair. Trying to eat or harm my hair will get you punched, though."

"I just thought of something. There needs to be a strip club where only Suicide Girl-esque girls work & only dance to punk, metal, etc."

That third tweet was the most popular, even though it was Sunday night and I tweeted it after midnight. My timeline was slow but people came out of the woodwork to chime in on that opinion. I knew more of you were still up and just lurking about late at night. ;)

Also, that's one of the best ideas I've ever had. I need to get a loan or a really rich business partner and make that club happen.

The band I mentioned in the first tweet is now following me on Twitter. Which is cool because I found out not only are they a cool Irish Rock band but they're also from Houston so they're a cool Irish Rock band from Texas. Which is even better.

I also tend to tweet pictures of random things around me when I tweet and drink. For some reason, most of those didn't post last night. Which is sad because there were some cool shots. I'll just have to repost them to my Tumblr when I have some free time. ;)

Happy Tuesday!


Anonymous said...

that was funny.

drinking and any electronic device and i don't do well together. ;)

Anonymous said...

Man....shit just gets better with you all the time.

#1. BIG fan of Irish music AND punk...Flogging Molly! I will have to look up the band you mentioned. If you know any more...clue me in.

#2. Watched Hockey all day...awesome...so did I...and I played a pick-up game, pre-game beer and ice time from 9-12pm...my hips are sore!

#3. The Suicide Girls are absolutely my cup o' tea. I would visit your strip club when in the Dallas area.

Don't apologize for drunk Twitter...maybe for drunk text..that is really personal..but twitter was made for drunk people.

Joker_SATX said...

Yeah, you sound like loads of fun at the bar. Sorry I missed this...