Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I don't always believe that all the facts from The Amazing Fact Generator are 100% accurate but I get amused spending time reading them anyway. :)

I know several humans that would find this deeply amusing and not at all repulsive, lol.


This just gives people an opening to make all kinds of parasite, leech, bloodsuckers, etc jokes about politicians. As if people really need more openings for that, ha.

I love random facts and virtually useless information. I've used pointless, random facts to kick up the conversation at times when I was in a group of people and no one knew what to say or had anything to say. They can also work to kill some tension if things are getting heated it the non-fun way, lol. At others times, I've been known to awkwardly blurt them out randomly when one pops into my mind. Sometimes that impulsiveness proves to be inappropriate depending on the situation, the company and the fact, heh.

Happy Tuesday!


Another Suburban Mom said...

You never know when a random fact is going to net you a lot of money. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I will share one with you my favorite useless fact: Cats have the largest eyes of all mammals in proportion to their size. Oh, and favorite 1b: Pigs can't look up.
Love the Charlie Chaplin one.

AFare24Get said...

This sounds like someone chopped up a old "Believe It or Not" script and found a lot of extra trivia. I've heard the one about Chaplin before but still, it could be fun sending these little factoids around to your friends or printing them out attaching them to envelopes to give others a giggle.

Thanks for sharing & I know where I'm going shortly.