Monday, January 10, 2011

Indecision? Not so much...

I posted this on Tumblr Saturday night after work. I'm posting it here now since not that many people pay attention to my Tumblr, lol.

"Oh man. This is a phone call I had at work earlier. First, someone else answers but she wants to speak with a “manager or person in charge for the evening.” So, employee gets me & I do my little phone greeting & here’s what follow:

Customer on the phone: “I want to do a pick up order for a calzone but I don’t want one of the ones listed on your menu. It says I can custom build my own but I’m not sure what I want in one. What is your favorite stuff to get inside one?”

Me: “I like garlic, chicken, spinach and mozzarella.”

Customer: “Oh no, I don’t like chicken. What’s a popular thing a lot of people get?”

Me: “Pepperoni, ham, olives, mushrooms, ricotta, mozzarella.”

Customer: “Oh that sounds good except I don’t like ham.”

Me: “We can leave the ham out and sub in another meat or just do pepperoni if you like.”

Customer: “That does sound good but no, I don’t want that one tonight. I’ll remember that for another time. You know, I think I just want the Hawaiian tropic calzone you have listed.”

(Note: it’s not called Hawaiian tropic. It’s just called The Hawaiian. D’oh.)

Me: “Okay, no problem. That does come with ham so you’ll want that without the ham, correct?”

(Note: that’s obvious but I have to be polite & say crap like that anyway. All the ingredients are listed on the menus for our entrees so she obviously saw it comes with ham. Which she already said she doesn’t eat.)

Customer: “Oh I see, no okay no on the Hawaiian. Shoot. What would you recommend for me? No ham and no chicken so…”

Me *trying not to throw the phone at the wall*: “Why don’t you tell me what kind of meats and veggies you get on your favorite pizza and we’ll take those and make a calzone out of it…”

Customer: “Oh well let’s see it does depend on what I feel like eating. I like a good veggie pizza but I like a meat lovers and oh I love a good bbq chicken or broccoli spinach pizza…..” And I’ll spare you the rest of it because she went on for two minutes debating what sounded good. Then, “….Okay so now that I told you all of that, what do you think would be a good thing to do with a calzone for me?”

So, two more minutes of us going back and forth on her options she now had available to her. Then finally she was settled on what she wanted to get. So I wrote the order down & started to tell her how long it would take when she cut me off & said she changed her mind. She spent another minute waffling on whether to go with a veggie calzone or to do a meat lovers type one instead. She settled on veggies only & I hung up the phone after finishing up. I was about to go turn the order over but the phone rang so I stopped & picked it up.

Guess who? Yep. She wanted to change her mind again.

She decided she just wanted garlic cheese bread with spicy marinara and a chicken ceasar salad instead.

Chicken? I asked if she wanted to replace the chicken with a different meat since she said she didn’t like chicken earlier. She said she likes chicken in salad but nothing else.

So then she asked me about our soups for the day. Which I told her. She asked me what was in each one. I told her. She wanted a cup of tomato basil soup to go with her order. I gave her the new total and time and off the phone I went. I waited two minutes to see if she would call & change her mind again but the didn’t call back.

Her indecision made my head want to explode. Aye aye aye.

Then when she came to pick her order up, she debated on changing it but decided since we had it done already that she would just stick with it. Except, she didn’t want the soup after all because she didn’t think the one she chose (tomato basil) would go well with the salad and bread.

Thankfully, she was the only difficult customer we had all night, lol."

I'm not an indecisive person. I have moments of indecision but they're few and far between. My boyfriend on the other hand, incredibly indecisive. It's one of the few things about him that drives me fucking crazy. I just don't understand the inability to make a decision, especially over something simple. I like a LOT of different things. I have a wide variety of interests. I always have multiple options when it comes to making decisions for things when it comes to shopping, eating, what to do with free time, what kind of tea I want to drink, etc because I like such a wide variety of things. I'm decisive, though. It might take me a moment to contemplate something but not often. That's probably due to the fact that I'm rather impulsive so I just go with the first thing I think more often than not. I'm rarely ever afraid of making the wrong decision, though.

I'm not trying to pick on those, like my boyfriend, that are more indecisive than most people. I just don't understand it really. So for someone who has no issue with making decisions most of the time, it's frustrating to deal with someone who takes almost 30 minutes to figure out what they should be eating. I imagine for someone who is indecisive, making simple decisions is probably stressful to them because they have such a hard time deciding. Again, I just don't understand why it's difficult. I get some things require more thought than others but.... *shrug* Anyone that can shed some light on it, feel free. ;)

Happy Monday!


Janie said...

I can be a bit indecisive but I like to think I never burden others with that indecision - if she had the menu then she could have spent that 30 minutes deciding on her own and just called when she had actually made a decision. I hate awkward customers.


BTExpress said...

When she said, "What would you recommend for me?" I'd have told to take the phone and shove it up her.....

Can you imagine what she's like when she goes shopping? LOL

I don't mind making decisions and actually prefer it. That's pone of the reasons I was a Quality Assurance Manager. My job was nothing but problems and decisions.

Joker_SATX said...

This Joker doesn't get it....*Scratches Head*.

Indecision is not in my vocabulary.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I can honestly say I was getting really irritated the more I read. That wasn't being indecisive, that was just a plain lack of brain cells.
I am personally not indecisive, I decide what I want before I go get it/order, etc. I would hate that being done to me, so I prefer to not do unto others......
I give you a thumbs up on that woman, had it been me, I would have ended up getting fired.

kinds of cats said...

I don't mind making decisions and actually prefer it. That's pone of the reasons I was a Quality Assurance Manager. My job was nothing but problems and decisions.