Monday, January 17, 2011


Guess who has internet again?! :D Yep, this chick. Hooray. The Boyfriend got it up and running again last night before he went to work.

First, thanks to those who commented on my "Going to church makes you a good person" post and thanks to those who e-mailed me about it, too. I promise I'll reply back to the emails as soon as I can. Not having internet for a week put me behind in replying to e-mails. :) I did have one douchebag message me to rant at me about how I should be ashamed of myself for thinking that going to church was what made someone a good person, that I had fucked up views, obviously was closed-minded and a lot of other garbage. He clearly didn't read more than the title of the post before deciding to message me to rant at me like a moron otherwise he never would have sent that message in the first place. And if you're reading this now by chance... Next time, read the actual post before messaging me or anyone else for that matter to rant at them about something they posted. The post shows I don't think what the post title implies because I meant it ironically. Which doesn't transcend in that one line but if you read the actual post, you would have realized that.


It's a little after 4 AM right now but I wanted to go ahead and blog a little bit before I go pass the hell out. (Of course, I won't set this to post until 7 anyway but I plan on sleeping in several hours passed 7. :D) I had a super busy day off. I originally had plans with the family but my mom's not feeling well so that got postponed. Then I ended up staying home to be productive.

I did 6 loads of laundry. Working 6 nights a week and long shifts on those days doesn't leave me much time to get laundry done honestly. I also pulled off the sheets and mattress cushion pad thing and washed all of that and got all the towels done since we were totally out of clean towels.

I cleaned a lot. And sneezed a lot because I forgot to take some allergy medicine today.

I cooked myself an awesome dinner. Which was great. I don't ever have time to cook much anymore which is a bummer because I really enjoy cooking. In a way, I find it relaxing and at times even therapeutic. I cook maybe a couple times a month now. I usually just eat sandwiches, salads, or other things that are quick and easy; when I eat at home. I eat at work more often than not since I get free food and I'm there almost every night. Thankfully, we have soups, salads and healthier stuff so it's not like I'm loading up on greasy junk at work.

The rest of my night was spent between more cleaning, some organizing and... packing. As well as fucking around on Tumblr posting some pictures of ridiculously delicious looking food I found but that doesn't matter right now. Packing? Yes, packing. The Boyfriend and I will be moving to our own place again here soon enough. So, we've decided to start packing. A lot of stuff won't be coming with us but his mom will let us store stuff in her storage unit she has in their gigantic back yard. So, I've got started on packing up a lot of stuff. Some that will go into storage and some just things that can be packed away now. The Boyfriend packed up his huge collection of shot glasses for example; they won't be missed the couple more weeks they're sitting comfy in bubble wrap securely inside of a taped up box.

I forgot how tiring packing can be. I don't have a lot of stuff, honestly. I'm not bare bones or anything but I don't have a lot. I've moved a little over 20 times already in my life so I've learned to not keep a lot of junk and not buy things I don't really need. The Boyfriend on the other hand has moved only a couple times and has a TON of stuff. I've got 15 boxes of stuff packed up and don't feel like I've made much of a dent at all.

I also started a list of things we'll need to get for when we do move into our future apartment. I've been keeping my eye out for any deals on things we do need and picking up a few things here and there when I have the time and money to do so. We don't need that much stuff thankfully but the things we do need are things that aren't cheap. It'll be fine, though.

Anyway, enough about all of that. For now anyway. :)

The Stars play tonight! Against the Kings. I know a few of my Twitter buddies will have some things to say if my Stars lose but we're on a little bit of win streak right now so hopefully they keep up with that trend and kick ass tonight. Saturday night they won 6-1 against the Thrashers so it'd be great to follow that up with another awesome win. I won't be going to the game or watching very much of it since I'll be at work but hopefully I'll be able to keep up with it a little bit. Go Stars!

Okay, I'm exhausted. Time to go crawl into bed with my freshly cleaned sheets that will be so soft, warm and smell like whatever it is fabric softener smells like. I love that smell. I also love love love sleeping on sheets fresh from the dryer. Mmmm.

Happy Monday!


Indi said...

Sleep well and enjoy the game ;)



BTExpress said...

You can a lot of stuff people are getting rid of for free. I've seen everything, even entire bedroom & living room sets.