Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Dear Folger's Coffee...

Dear Folger's Coffee,

I am not a fan of your coffee but I know a great many people that are.
My letter to you today doesn't have anything to do with your coffee
grounds, though. My letter is in response to your little slogan.

"The best part of waking up is Folger's in your cup!"

I do find your slogan to be very catchy. I mean, it gets stuck in my
head at times after hearing it. It even, at times, has made me want to
drink your mediocre coffee. I never do but the thought does enter my

In a sense, I believe your slogan is wrong. The best part of waking up
is not having Folger's in your cup. In fact, the best part of waking
up early in the morning doesn't have a thing to do with coffee,
actially. The best part of getting up early is morning sex.

Yep, you read that right. A great start to the morning is brought on
my great morning sex. That wakes me up and brightens my morning better
than any ol' cup of coffee; mediocre or otherwise fantastic. Nope, no
cup of joe can make my morning better than an orgasm can.

Maybe your slogan should say something about the best part of waking
up is morning sex followed by Folger's in their cup. After all, some
people are gonna need that extra kick after a sexy morning workout. I
can see how this advertising might not go over well and would probably
offend people. My suggestion is to air it late at night that way it's
on people's minds before they sleep and just maybe they'll wake up
remembering that morning sex followed by a cup of your java is the
best part of waking up at ungodly hours. Just an idea.

Sincerely yours,
Amorous Rocker

((Yes, I wrote this as a joke. Yes, I really think they're coffee
isn't that good. Yes, I really think sex is the best way to start the
day. No, I do not drink coffee post morning orgasm. I rarely drink
coffee actually. Yes, I did write this post morning sex. No, I'm not
crazy. Not entirely. No, there aren't pictures or video of said
morning sex. Yes, it was great.))

Happy Wednesday y'all!!!!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Random musings...

Not all cookies taste better with milk. (That's obvious for people who
don't like the combination, don't like cookies or just don't like

I have to have music on when I go to sleep. It's usually Opeth, some
other melodic metal band or some other band/artist that has a lot of
relaxing stuff. I can't listen to anything upbeat, aggressive or fast
to go to sleep. It wakes me right back up.

Coffee is not better than tea.

Put your shopping carts away when you unload your purchases. If they
roll off & hit someone's car, it can cause damage. Why should someone
else have to pay for something you caused by being lazy or in such a
rush that a minute or two woukd have really made a difference? Plus,
it's just rude.

People are always surprised by how polite I am. That makes me happy as
I enjoy being complimented for it. It's sad at the same time. It means
polite people are too few and far between anymore.

Some things taste better when you're a little kid. I used to love Fun
Dip 15 years ago. Now? Not so much.

Animal crackers taste good no matter how old you get.

Even though the Stars have had a shitty season, I still love 'em. If
they win any of their remaining games, I'll still be happy about it
too. Even though we're not making playoffs this year, I'll still enjoy
the rest of the season. I'd just enjoy it more if my favorite team of
15 years hadn't sucked so bad. Maybe next year. ;)

I miss playing hockey. I think I'm gonna spend the summer getting
where I need to be physically and start playing again. Just for fun.
It's either that or roller derby. I'd prefer hockey. I also think I'll
start playing baseball again. I miss playing sports and having some
competitive fun in my life.

I own a lot of hats. They're mostly baseball style caps or cadet (I
think that's what they're called) caps or knit beanies. I have more
hats than I have shoes and pants; combined. I wear every one of them
too. I paid for maybe 5 of them. The rest have been gifts given to me
over the years.

Happy Tuesday, y'all!!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Pretty pictures...

Water soothes me. Be it at the beach listening to the waves roll in, sitting down by the river watching the currents swirl and dance, listening to water trickle over rocks in a creek, a rushing waterfall or simply just rain falling from the sky; water soothes me.

Sitting by a river watching birds swoop down trying to catch a fish for dinner, watching the fish dive away trying to live to swim another day, listening to the sounds of the water rushing by, seeing different currents swirling past, is one of the most relaxing things I like to do.

If I need to think, I have the quiet to do so and the atmosphere that centers me to calm my thoughts enough to allow me to make some sort of sense of the constant chaos I have going on in my head. Or, I can sit there taking in the sights and the sounds, absorbing it and focus on the beauty in that.

There's a simplicity to nature that I love. There aren't human emotions running around. There aren't a lot of hurt feelings. There isn't hypocrisy, wealth, poverty, political uproars or any of the riffraff that every day life holds. There's the food chain. There is death, there is life, there is birth, there is sickness, there is fear.
Things live, things fight, things flourish, things protect their own, things eat, things are eaten, things die. Nature is the most beautiful and raw form of life.

*These pictures were taken by me yesterday with a camera phone. They're not the best quality. If you look closely in the last two, you can very faintly see the rainbow that was hanging around.

Happy Monday y'all.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Drink of the Day: Kamikaze Style

I got an e-mail asking me if I would do a Drink of the Day post on the Kamikaze. If there's a certain type of liquor, drink or whatever that you want to see featured on here, let me know! I'll be more than happy to oblige any alcohol requests. So, for Cameron, here is Drink of the Day: Kamikaze Style. =)

The directions on each of these drinks is exactly the same so no matter which one you want to make, it's done all the same. I don't want to post the directions 7 times so they will be posted at the end, after the final recipe. ;)



1 oz Vodka
1 oz triple sec
1 oz lime juice

Blue Kamikaze


1 oz vodka
1 oz Blue Curacao liqueur
1 oz lime juice

Apple Kamikaze


1 oz Vodka
1 1/2 oz Apple Schnapps
2 oz sweet sour mix

Cherry Kamikaze


1 oz Vodka
1 oz Cherry Schnapps
2 oz sweet sour mix

Melon Kamikaze


1 oz Melon Liqueur
1/2 oz Vodka
2 oz sweet/sour mix

Raspberry Kamikaze


1 oz Vodka
1 oz Raspberry liqueur
1 oz sweet/sour mix

Cranberry Kamikaze


1 oz Vodka
1 oz Triple Sec
1/2 oz lime juice
1/4 cup cranberry juice


Add ice to cocktail shaker, pour ingredients over ice, shake until well mixed. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass.

And as always... Don't drink and drive please.
Remember to be responsible when you're out having drinks.

Have a great weekend y'all!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Relax while you're closing your eyes to me...

I'm copying something off of my formspring account to post today. I don't know who asks me the "this or that" questions or the "list one favorite thing" questions but I love them! They are so fun to do. Got something you want to ask me? Hit that link and ask. You can even ask anonymously. Make sure you check back on formspring for answers if you go ask something! ;)

On with the question.

Question: ONLY LIST ONE FOR EACH! *Favorites* Restaurant, actor, store, blogger, tv show, author, lipstick color, chipmunk (from Alvin and the..), martini, cartoon, magazine, bar, cough drop, hockey player, nail polish color, beer, cookie type, peanut butter brand.


Restaurant: The Cheesecake Factory.

actor: Johnny Depp.

store: Best Buy.

blogger: Grrl Tragic.
I swear she was my big sister or wife in another life. Contrast there but eh. Lol.

tv show: House.

author: Stephen King.

lipstick color: I actually don't ever wear lipstick.

chipmunk (from Alvin and the..): Um.. they're all cool, I don't have a favorite one since I'm not a big fan.

martini: Don't drink martinis.

cartoon: Family Guy.

magazine: Don't read magazines.

bar: I'd rather not say but it rocks. =)

cough drop: Halls.

hockey player: Mike Modano.

nail polish color: Black.

beer: La Fin Du Monde!

cookie type: Sugar cookie from Great American Cookie.

peanut butter brand: Peter Pan.

Moving on!

I got these earrings for $9.50 and then never wore them because I decided I didn't really like them. I had meant to take them back but I rarely go to the mall so I just never got around to it. If anyone wants these, email me. amorousrocker [at] gmail [dot] com =) Don't worry, I don't expect $9.50 for them, lol. Click the image to make it bigger if you want.

The Stars play the San Jose Sharks tonight, in SJ. IT should be a good game to watch and hopefully the Stars get the win. We're in 10th place and not out of playoff contention yet but in all seriousness, it's just extremely unlikely. The Stars need to win the rest of their games and several teams need to start doing a lot of losing. *Sigh*

On Wednesday morning, I woke up with the dream I had fresh on my mind. I had a dream about grocery shopping in a super fancy store. I was also doing surgeries in the bakery with the cast of Family Guy... before revealing I was a CIA agent who was just guessing about what I was doing during these surgeries. Then I robbed the soda machine outside with my mind before I ran off to an island where I filmed a horror film. Also, the cast in the movie consisted of random NHL players, the Family Guy cast, Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders, my boyfriend, a few of my friends, the shark from Jaws with human legs & a huge killer walrus that had a British accent when he talked. Of course, this is the short version of the dream but it gives you the general gist of it. And no, I didn't eat anything weird, drink any booze, watching anything weird or do anything at all that would have prompted such a strange dream. That's normal for me and my dreams are usually strange and random. I also have the awesome ability to remember them in pretty good detail most of the time. I have the best dreams ever.

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

One of those things...

The Boyfriend has a job interview at 11 AM. He's still at his current
job but looking for something better. Something that pays more and
something that is actually in the field he's interested in. It's a job
that will put him working on computers if he gets it and this is his
second interview. So, here's hoping interview number two goes well for
him. =) Good luck my love.

The Stars played the Preds last night and won 3-1. The first period
was rather boring but it got better after that. Especially since my
Stars were playing pretty well and even won. Which always makes me

Do any of you out there do the P90X workout? I want to get into it but
I seriously can't afford to buy it. It looks awesome for toning and it
also looks like a lot of fun. Definitely difficult but fun. If anyone
does it & has a DVD burner... ;) Actually, if anyone does it, I'd love
to know if it's actually done any good for you or not. You can e-mail
if you don't want to comment. amorousrocker [at] gmail [dot] com.

Alright, I'm typing this out on my phone so if the paragraph breaks
don't work and this is all run together or if there are any typos,
sorry! I blame the phone. ;)

Happy Wednesday people!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Nothing else matters...

Thank you to everyone who commented on my blog post yesterday in regard to tolerance and acceptance. Whether you agreed or disagreed with my points, I appreciate the comments that I have received and the couple e-mails I have received as well. If you haven't checked out the blog post from yesterday, please do and feel free to share your thoughts and opinions.

Moving on. =)

This band has been one of my favorite bands for years. Before their awesome collaboration with sexy and talented Cristina Scabbia of Lacuna Coil on "S.O.S." Or their song with Corey Taylor of Slipknot/Stonesour on "I'm Not Jesus" or even more recently, their song with Adam Gontier of Three Days Grace on "I Don't Care."

Their music is gorgeous. I can easily listen to them and drift off to sleep feeling relaxed and sometimes even peaceful. I feel like I'm absorbing the notes as they're played right into my mind and body and it just lulls me right to sleep. I also listen to them often when I've got a lot on my mind because I can just focus on the music and the beauty of what they play. I love metal and symphonic metal is one of my favorite subgenres. I love the pairing of classical music with hard rock. It's a beautiful thing. ;)

This song is one of my favorites. Not just by them but "Nothing Else Matters" is also one of my absolute favorite Metallica songs. So here is Apocalyptica.

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, March 22, 2010


I saw this on Twitter. Someone posted it (and I'm not saying who because I'm not attacking the person for posting it. My issue is with the picture's message so it's irrelevant who the picture came from.) in their time line and given the link, I assume they picked it up off Tumblr.

I think that picture is ridiculous. Not because I'm a southern girl from Texas who finds stuff like that ridiculous but just because it's stupid. I get the point. It's essentially meant to point out that gays being able to marry (I support gay marriage, btw) won't ruin the sanctity of marriage any more than anyone else already has or will. "Gays will ruin the sanctity of marriage but these hillybilly clowns aren't ruining it by doing what they do and looking how they look? Scoff scoff scoff!"

The pictures are of people on their wedding days. Ideally, most of you wouldn't find the ways they're celebrating their big day particularly appealing. Who cares? It's not your day. If someone wants to do a keg stand at their wedding reception, who gives a shit? It's not any worse than someone downing a whole bottle of champagne or win and as long as they're happy and having fun, again, who gives a shit?

So they have Twinkies, Ding Dongs and other cheap snack cakes out for consumption. Not everyone can afford fancy or expensive stuff. Not everyone cares for that kind of stuff either. So what if they got 10 boxes of Twinkies and then put them out for the reception? There's nothing wrong with that if it's what they could afford or what they wanted.

So what if the bride and groom are getting married in camouflage stuff? Or red? Or plaid and jeans? If that's what they can afford, go for it. If that's what they want and what they're happy with, go for it.

There is no rule that says a wedding has to be white dress, classy tux, pretty colors, champagne, wine, pretty cake, blah blah blah. Not everyone can afford the cliche fairy tale movie and guess what? Not everyone wants that either. There is no rule that says how you have to get married, how you have to look doing it, what you have to serve, how to plan out your reception, etc.

I find it funny that people who are trying to preach tolerance and acceptance of one thing do it by bashing or poking fun of something else for whatever reason. Be it they think it's tacky, wrong, ridiculous, etc.
If you want to preach and rant on about tolerance and acceptance, go for it but don't do it by making a mockery out of something else. You're doing the exact thing you're trying to stand up for with crap like this.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Drink Of The Day: Apple Slut & more.

Blue MotherFucker


3 oz Absolut Citron vodka
3 oz Blue Curacao liqueur
3 oz sweet and sour mix

Garnish: (Optional)

Lime wedge, lemon wedge or cherry


Add all ingredients into a shaker, shake ingredients well, strain over ice in a highball glass, and serve.

Apple Slut


1 oz Apple schnapps
1 oz citrus vodka
Sprite soda

Garnish (optional):

Lemon wedge, lime wedge, apple slice or cherry


Add desired amount of ice to highball glass, pour vodka and schnapps over ice, fill to the top with sprite, garnish (optional), and serve.

Flying Masturbator


1 1/2 oz amaretto liqueur
1 oz vodka
2 parts orange juice
1 part cranberry juice

Garnish (optional):

Orange slice or cherry.


Pour the vodka and amaretto into a tall glass, add OJ until the glass is about half full, add cranberry juice until the glass is about 3/4 full, add ice to fill the glass, and stir the drink vigorously for a few seconds. Garnish & serve.

Crimson Coma


1 1/2 oz vodka
1 oz raspberry liqueur (or raspberry syrup for a sweeter drink)
Coca-Cola (or Pepsi)

Garnish (optional):

Raspberries or cherry


In a highball glass, add ice, pour vodka over ice, add raspberry liqueur (or syrup) then fill with Coca-Cola (or Pepsi), stir gently, garnish (optional) and serve.

I received a few e-mails asking about what a "highball" glass is. It's a glass for serving cocktails, usually holds 8 to 12 ounces. Any glass that holds that amount of liquid will work fine. =)

And as always... Don't drink and drive please.
Remember to be responsible when you're out having drinks.

Have a great weekend y'all!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The best medicine is...

There are plenty of things that can put me in a better mood when I'm pissed off, feeling down, generally grumpy or anything like that. So, I'm going to name off 10 things that make me feel better. There are more than 10 things but these are the first 10 that came to mind when writing this. Though, not all of these things will work every single time. Sometimes, when I'm pissed, I don't want anyone near me so trying to hug or kiss me? Bad idea. So, like everything else with me, it depends on the situation which things work but anyway.

In no particular order, here are 10 Things that cheer me up when I'm in a bad mood:

Music. I suppose that one was a given considering it's me.

A few of my best friends (Fangs, Philly, The Engineer, The Industrialist, The Chemist & Chocolate) because they can always make me laugh, even when I feel like killing people and putting large holes in walls with my fists.

Hugs and kisses from my boyfriend. (Exception being if he's the one who put me in said bad mood.)

A good drink.

Writing. Be it venting about what's bugging me, writing something senseless, writing random things that are on my mind or doing some creative writing; it works more often than not. It's therapeutic and wonderful.


Watching a funny movie or one of my favorite action movies.

When the Stars win. (Like they did last night. They beat San Jose 8 to fucking 2 baby. That game was AMAZING. I hope they continue playing that damn well for the remainder of the season. Two shorthanded goals, power play goals, 5 minute power play kill that they kept SJ from scoring on. So many points and assists plus wonderful plays offensively, defensively and in the net. They were ON last night. It was a fucking awesome game... for the Stars and their fans. You mad, San Jose? ;) And yeah, I know the trend for San Jose (my parents are Sharks fans) is to start sucking and choke around playoff time but shush, the Stars played really damn well and dominated the shit out of the Sharks last night.)

A good workout. Taking negative and/or pent up emotions out in a physical venue rocks.

Reading a book or my graphic novels. It lets me relax and escape into another world until I'm more calm and ready to come back and deal with whatever life is throwing at me.

So, what puts you in a better mood when you're angry, sad, upset or just in an all around bad mood?

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Like a fool I thought I could fight the shadows on my own...

The Stars play tonight! We're playing against San Jose. I dislike the Sharks. They're a great team, in regulation. Once playoffs hit, they choke. Though, at least they'll make playoffs this year. With the Stars, that's a long shot and it's not looking good or realistic at all. Dallas really needs to find some heart and get a win tonight.... and every other night they have a game for the duration of the season, lol.

Seriously can't believe I offended people in yesterday's post. At first, it was one person. Then it was three. I'm pretty sure the second two are friends of the first person though. Still, get a grip people.

And if you read nothing else in yesterday's post, you should have read our friends story about why he's terrified of turkeys. I'm still chuckling over that shit today, lol.

Several (8 or 9 now?) people have e-mailed me either asking me why I took away commenting or telling me they can't figure out how. The comments are at the top of each blog post now. You'll see the post title and then under that, you'll see all the info (name, date, tags, etc) that used to be at the end of a post. Then you'll see the bit for comments. Which is inside the red oval I have on display in this picture. So, for anyone having trouble figuring out how to comment... now you know. ;)

And now because I have nothing else in particular I want to say.... I'll post 25 random facts about yours truly. Enjoy.

1.) I love wearing hats. I have tons of caps with sports logos on them as well as several knit beanies, random caps and plenty of other styles.

2.) I only have 3 pairs of shoes.

3.) I love cheese. So many different kinds.

4.) I love trying to capture lightning on film.

5.) I love walking in the rain.

6.) Gloomy weather makes me feel peaceful.

7.) I love almost any kind of fruit.

8.) I hate being late. I always like to be on time if not early by a few minutes at the least. I don't mind if other people are a few minutes late unless them running behind is going to make me late; then it pisses me off.

9.) I love the smell of gasoline.

10.) I have a bad temper.

11.) I have trouble putting a good book down once I get really into the story. I'll say I'll stop after this chapter and five chapters later, I'm still reading. I've gone through books from front to back in hours because of this.

12.) I get annoyed when people talk about how broke they are and how they don't have money to do x,y,z so people will feel sorry for them yet they turn around and talk about going out to eat, buying this one thing, etc.

13.) I read a lot of things other than fiction novels. Medical, historical and tons of other things. I love to learn new things and I try to learn something new every single day. Not for any reason other than I enjoy it.

14.) I'm quite a bit more intelligent than most people think I am....

15.) ....I use that to my advantage quite often.

16.) Weapons fascinate me. Swords, daggers and throwing stars are three of my favorite types.

17.) I find some cemeteries beautiful.

18.) I miss playing hockey. It was one of the funnest things I ever did.

19.) I love grocery shopping. Almost as much as Best Buy shopping. Clothes shopping, shoe shopping and any other kind of shopping? No thank you.

20.) I always get apprehensive the first time I go see a band I like a lot playing live. I am always afraid they will suck live and to me, that ruins it. I can't listen to a band when I know they're digitally mastered to perfection but sound like utter shit live.

21.) My boyfriend's jealous that I burp louder than he does.

22.) Opeth's music is so calming yet sometimes it calms and saddens me. Sometimes it makes me feel calm yet pumps me up. The lead singer's voice is absolutely beautiful and I melt listening to him sing.

23.) I love Gatorade and drink it on a fairly regular basis. I'd rather have Gatorade over most other drinks.

24.) My favorite thing to do in car maintenance is an oil change. I think it's fun and I love the smell of motor oil plus the satisfaction of doing something productive with my hands.

25.) I always look at deserted buildings and try to imagine what kind of things and people were there when it was still live and bustling. A town my mom used to live in had an abandoned outdoor theater in it. It was old, hadn't been in use in forever, crumbling and ruined. That place was so alive with energy. It was beautiful, creepy and wonderful all at once. I wish I had pictures of it to post on here.

How do people think up 100 random things to share? I think being so open on my blog makes these things difficult, lol. There isn't a lot I don't share. Plus the fact that I've been blogging for so long makes it difficult too. I did see someone who has 6 different "100 Things About....." on their blog though. Good for you buddy, you know who you are. I can't imagine how you thought up that many random facts and managed not to repeat a single thing. Kudos!

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Stars, cars, turkeys, etc...

Yesterday was a busy day. The Boyfriend and I watched the Stars game. Which started out well but didn't end well. That's all I'm saying. Bummer. Seriously. It looked like... never mind. *SIGH*

After that, we had to go to the Boyfriend's favorite "geek" store because some parts of his computer died and he needed to replace something. Boyfriend built his own computer so yeah, dude knows what he's doing and also gets major lust eyes when he's in said store. He sees computer parts, cases and tons of other shit I have no clue about and stands there drooling and coveting over these parts. It's kind of like the way I stand there and covet the bad ass car cruising by me (which happened later when I saw a Bugatti Veyron and almost had a fucking orgasm at the sight of it. OMG) when I see one of my dream cars cruising by me. Which is cute as hell because he doesn't get all lusty eyed and tongue wagging over much at all. It's cars and computer parts that do that with him. That computer parts get him all googly eyed? I think that's cute. I love my computer nerd.

After that, we drove out to his car club meeting. Some sexy muscle cars and some not so sexy muscle cars take up a row and then some in the parking lot of the place they do it at. Mostly, they're all freshly washed and shiny as fuck from wax. We hang out and we chat with people in the car club. I'll admit, I like a small handful of the people in his car club and mostly they're the ones that he is friends with and hangs out with outside of car club events. The rest of them? Some are okay. A lot of them are tools.

One of Boyfriend's buddies from the car club introduced us to his new girlfriend. I smiled and politely said hello to her once he introduced us. She looked at me, said absolutely nothing, didn't even smile at me. Then, she turned away from me and & started talking to the Boyfriend. I just chuckled. Stuff like that from chicks doesn't piss me off, honestly. It's a catty, rude, total bitch move. I have no idea why she chose to act like that, maybe she's insecure and doesn't like other girls. Maybe she didn't like the way I looked. Especially when I'm standing there with my boyfriend which means I clearly have no interest in a friend of my boyfriend's anyway. I think it ticked her off more that I chuckled at her behavior and continued to smile at her as she glared at me for no real reason. Whatever, I have no clue and I don't understand why people act like that. Aside from it being rude and petty, it's also plain stupid and downright fucking silly.

After that, it was off to a friends house. They were grilling burgers and going to hang out. Free food and good company? Yes please.

Once we got to their house, everyone stood around talking cars for a while outside. Which was fun, as always. They are all car guys and were talking about various different things they want done next to their cars, things they wouldn't do, etc. I get amused by how excited Boyfriend's buddy D always gets when talking about his car. He looks like a kid on Christmas morning.

After the car talk, we got into sports a little bit. Mostly it was Stars talk. Which I never mind. =) I'm always down for talking about hockey. Or football, baseball, basketball or a few other sports.

Then after that, it was music talk. K was telling us how awesome a couple of recent shows we missed were. Which sucks because two of them weren't announced and we didn't know about until it was too late. We wouldn't have had the money to go anyway but given what K does for a job, we wouldn't have needed money anyway because he would have gotten us in for free. He kind of fucking rocks like that. He is the reason I got front row on the rail at the Incubus concert last year instead of sitting way the fuck in the back, on the amphitheater lawn where I had tickets at. He is all kinds of bad ass like that.

This is why I love hanging out with guys. Talking about cars, sports and metal is fucking awesome because those are three of my absolute favorite things and things that I know quite a lot about. I never feel out of place like I do most of the time around groups of females. (And yes, I am fully aware
not all guys like these things. I have plenty of male friends who don't know cars or who don't care about sports or who prefer to listen to country or jazz. Blah blah blah. There are always exceptions to each and every rule.) Most girls I know don't know much about sports and don't care to know either. And even more don't know much beyond basics about cars and don't care to know more either. While there are chicks like me, D's wife and other women I know that love sports and cars (and plenty that I don't know that are out there) who know and understand a lot about both topics; there are more that don't know, understand or care and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. It can sound sexist all fucking day and honestly I don't care because it's true.

Anyway... D and D's Wife are awesome hosts. They grilled burgers and hot dogs and had plenty of stuff to munch on and drink. They just recently moved into their house after getting married late last year. They've got a nice little house and enjoy having people over. Usually it's D, D's Wife, The Boyfriend, myself and a bunch of guys. Fun times usually because most of the people they invite over are people we all mutually know one way or another and they're all pretty chill and laid back. Plus, their puppies are fucking adorable and so well behaved. They tell them to go out of the room, they go. Go outside, they go. Go lay down, they go.

While hanging out, one of the guys admitted he was afraid of turkeys. This came about while he was talking about his fear of horses and how he would rather ride a camel over going horseback riding or riding a horse anywhere in general. Which stemmed from seeing a show about horse racing on television. I digress. We wanted to know why he was scared of turkeys. So, he being the cool guy he is, very willingly explained his turkey phobia.

"I got attacked by a turkey when I was 5. I liked to chase chickens and they don't do anything but run when you chase them. I never hurt them, just ran around with them. Then, one day, I saw the turkey and was thinking MAN THAT'S A BIG BIRD! So I went to chase it and yeah that backfired. It was mean. The turkey started to chase me. It was flapping around all crazy and making all kinds of crazy fucked up noises. Scariest moment of my life. I enjoy Thanksgiving so much, I show the turkeys who's boss now."

It might not be that funny in text but if you had heard him tell it, seeing his hand gestures, facial expressions, tone of voice and all that jazz... you would have been rolling with laughter like all of us were. It was fucking hilarious.

Now, it's late as hell. Boyfriend is working on his computer still and I'm finishing this post up, watching the end of Law Abiding Citizen and about to pass the fuck out. I seriously hope this post goes up when it's supposed to. I've been having trouble with things that are set up to post not posting on time or at all lately.

Happy Monday!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Drink of the Day: Rum

Rum is my favorite liquor to consume. In a shot, in a glass, in a cocktail, right out of the bottle; it's all good. I love rum. Rum rum rum! See, in this picture over here? I'm consuming a delicious rum laden Black Cherry Mojito (which you'll find the recipe to in this post ;p) and enjoying it quite a bit. Two of my real life nicknames are Rummy and Rum Stealer. There is no mystery behind either one of those nicknames. They are kind of self-explanatory. For the second one though, I didn't steal rum from a store or anything. Just don't leave your rum unattended around me. If you want to keep it anyway. If you want me to grab it and run away drinking it, then by all means, leave your rum unattended around me. Anyway, I'm featuring drinks today that have rum in them and explaining about what "simple syrup" is. So here we go. =)

Rum Collins


2 oz Light Rum
1 (Juice of) Lime
Soda Water
1 tsp Powdered Sugar


Lemon slice, cherry


Fill a glass with ice. Add rum, juice of lime and powdered sugar and shake to mix well. Strain into a collins glass over ice cubes. Fill with club soda and stir gently. Garnish with lemon slice and cherry.

I found a neat little video to go with the rum collins recipe so if you want to watch it, here you go. =)

How to Make the Rum Collins Mixed Drink

Rum Sour


2 oz Light Rum
1 oz Lemon Juice
1/2 oz Simple Syrup


Cherry, Orange Slice


Shake all the ingredients in a shaker with ice and strain into a glass. Garnish with the fruits.

Black Cherry Mojito


1 oz Bacardi White Rum
1 oz Cruzan Black Cherry Rum (or
1/4 oz black cherry syrup)
4 mint leaves

1 fresh lime
Club soda


Fresh mint, lime wedge, cherry


Muddle mint, lime and simple simple syrup in the bottom of a glass. Fill 3/4 (or 1/2 if you prefer) with ice. Add white rum, add black cherry rum (or syrup) and then top with Soda. Stir well. Garnish with mint, lime wedge and a cherry.

Some people like to do the first step in a separate glass. Then fill another glass with desired amount of ice, pour in the muddled ingredients on top of ice, add liquors and then top with the Soda. Stir well and garnish. Not much difference honestly.

Note: If you use syrup instead of Cruzan Black Cherry Rum, increase the amount of White Rum to 2 oz.

A lot of cocktails call for "simple syrup" and I got a few e-mails asking me if they can use anything to "replace" the simple syrup. So, I'm going to tell you that simple syrup is pretty much sugar water. You can make it at home, no problem.

Simple Syrup Recipe

1. Put one cup of water in a small saucepan.
2. Add two cups of sugar.
3. Heat to a boil while stirring.
4. Reduce heat and continue to stir until the sugar dissolves.
5. Cool to room temperature.
6. Find a clean container that will hold at least a cup and a half.
7. Using a funnel, pour liquid into container.
8. Seal and store in refrigerator up to a month.

You can also add 1 oz of vodka to the simple syrup after bottling it to help with mold/bacteria issues. It's just easier not to keep it around that long though. You can also do a 1:1 ratio and only do 1 cup of sugar per 1 cup of water. If you only want a really small batch, you can do half a cup of water to half a cup of sugar. If you refrigerate it, make sure it's in a container or bottle that will remain tightly sealed.

And as always... Don't drink and drive please.
Remember to be responsible when you're out having drinks.

Have a great weekend y'all!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My stuff in pictures...

I got this idea to do a post where I show off various things in my room. Nothing special or fancy mostly, just stuff that we have in our bedroom and some of my favorite things. I thought it would be fun and looking around trying to figure out what I wanted to take a picture of to post was kind of amusing. I also didn't want to post too much in case I decide to do this again, lol.

This is as straight as my hair ever gets/stays.

Little Sister got me this badass collectors set for the movie 300 for Christmas two years ago. It's sitting in the entertainment center in front of a Sega Dreamcast that belongs to the Boyfriend.

If you read my blog back in August 2008 and you're still here doing the same (thanks for that!) then you might have seen the original post where Bat Bear debuted on my blog. He was a random gift from the Boyfriend that he sent me while I was living in CA. Click the link for the story on him and to see more pics, if you want.

Yes, these are Stars dice. They're dangling on one of the hooks that hold the shelves up.

A few of my graphic novels.

My shoe.

My iPod, rocking All That Remains.

One of my penguin mugs. Yes, I have a few. This one holds pens and markers though.

My Jack Skellington messenger bag.

One of my favorite pictures we have hanging in the bedroom.

My hockey puck autographed by Brenden Morrow and Stephane Robidas of the Dallas Stars. ♥ One signature is seen here, the other is on the other side. =)

A small section on the DVD shelf. Also, that's my pirate hat resting on top there, lol.

DVD's from left to right: X-Men Trilogy, Dazed and Confused, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Sweeney Todd, Zack and Miri, Triple Feature (featuring Benny & Joon, Edward Scissorhands & From Hell), The Big Lebowski, Max Payne, Robots, Gran Torino, The Polar Express, The Dark Knight, Clerks II, RockNRolla, Law Abiding Citizen & Miami Vice.

The End!
Happy Tuesday!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Little things..

I love when I need to cut something and the scissors glide through the paper perfectly without me actually having to do any cutting because the blades are that sharp.

Popping bubble wrap is so simple and mindless yet it makes me happy.

Laying in bed all warm and cuddly with someone while watching a movie is a really wonderful way to spend a night.

I love the energy and the high I get going to a hockey game. The smell of the arena, the excitement of the game, the noise and pretty much everything. Electric. Amazing.

When my shampoo and my conditioner bottles run out at the same time? That's fucking awesome. Too bad it doesn't happen more often.

When there's a Sharpie in my hand or anywhere near me, I feel an urge to write or draw on EVERYTHING. Thankfully, I can control my impulses. Sometimes. =)

I love when one of my best friends texts me randomly, just to see how I'm doing, when I'm feeling down or upset. It *always* happens and it's almost always one of three people. <3 Reese's peanut butter cups are good for your soul. I'm sure of it. Kind of like music and ice cream. True story.

I love the feeling that I get during a concert. I feel music to my very core and I never feel more right than when I'm standing there, listening to an amazing band play music I love.

Those days that happen once in a while where you can stay in pajamas all day are awesome.

Watching 10 Things I Hate About You always makes me smile.

Finding money unexpectedly in the pockets of things you haven't worn in a while or tucked away somewhere random rocks.

I wish I could see myself the way my boyfriend sees me. Since I can't see myself from his point of view, I ask what he sees once in a while. The answer always makes me smile. I just wish I'd remember the stuff he says better, then maybe it would stay in my head.

Sitting in your bedroom wrapped in a towel after a shower is one of the most comfortable things ever.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Tell me what you think.

I'm going to do a couple things. Mainly the thing I want y'all to add to in the comments is the second part. I have a list of things that I think are some of the most wonderful things in the world, TO ME. I find the things I listed to be so good that little else, if anything, compares. I didn't list everything but I made it a pretty decent sized list. If you want, add a few things in the comments that you find so wonderful that nothing or very little can compare to it. =)

Happiness > Approval from others. I'd rather be happy and be doing my own thing and have people disappointed in me for it. I live my life for not and I do things the way I want to do them. I'm careful to not put anyone at harm or at risk for anything bad. I'm careful to keep myself out of harms way as much as I can. If the way I live my life is a disappointment to you, too fucking bad. I live my life for me, not anyone else.

Ice cream > Cookies. Ice cream owns all desserts. Well, not all of them but most of them. Well, definitely cookies. And no, adding ice cream to cookies isn't better. I like vanilla with chocolate chip cookie or cookies and cream as well as the next person. However, I prefer my ice cream to not have cookies and I'm not fond of cookie ice cream sandwiches.

Long conversations with friends, in person > Long conversations with friends through IM. Not that there's anything wrong with long instant messaging conversations, I just prefer to talk in person. Sitting on my butt looking at a screen for too long bothers me. I talk in an animated way. I cannot animatedly type into an instant message box and have as much fun as having a real live person in front of me. Given that most of my friends aren't people I know from on-line, it's not really an issue. I do love a good instant messaging chat from time to time though.

Washing dishes > Doing laundry. True story. I hate doing laundry that much. Really, it's the folding and hanging bit I hate. The putting stuff in the washing machine and watching the detergent bubble up like mad is pretty fucking sweet. It's like baby steps chemistry without the risk of blowing something up. Putting stuff in the dryer is easy too. If only cleans clothes would fold and hang on their own. See, technology isn't that fucking advanced yet people.

Little is better than...

A bowl of cereal with ice cold milk.

A long, warm shower after a stressful day.

Kisses on the back of the neck.

Freshly washed sheets warm out of the dryer.

Seeing a favorite band play live.

Being able to laugh about something mid-fuck and being able to keep going.

Red velvet cupcakes.

Getting those hugs from behind where your back is resting against his stomach with his arms wrapped around your waist.

Surprise gifts that are given "just because."

A mug filled with a warm drinks and being wrapped in thick, warm blanket when it's really cold.

Laughter, genuine gut busting laughter.

Spending a lazy, rainy day in bed with your significant other. Not just for sex but just laying there talking, listening to the rain hit the window, watching movies and being goofy hanging out together.

Going to see a live hockey game. (Must say, I went to the Stars/Kings game last night and my seat was down in the lower bowl, center ice, 5 rows away from the fucking glass. AMAZING seats.)

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I feel it deep within, it's just beneath the skin...

The Olympics are over which means the NHL has resumed! Yay! Last night the only game was Detroit vs Colorado. As much as I don't care for Colorado, I really wanted them to win. Detroit and Dallas were tied in points but a win would have put them over us and moved them into eighth place in the Western Conference standings. Come playoff time, the top eight teams for each conference play in the playoffs. The rest go home for the season. So since Detroit had to go and win last night, they got their two points and are now in eighth place. Nice for them. It was a pretty good game though and I'll admit, Lidstrom's goal was pretty as hell. Anyway, the Stars play LA tonight. Hopefully they win. They were on a hot streak before the Olympic break so hopefully they'll see fit to continue on with that for the rest of the season and actually make it into the playoffs. Go Stars!

I am SO FUCKING EXCITED that Alice In Wonderland comes out this weekend. I love Alice In Wonderland. It always seemed so strange and wonderful to me and has intrigued me since I was a little kid. I got excited when I found out they were making the movie. Then when I found out Tim Burton would be directing it, well that just got my metaphoric cock hard. I LOVE Tim Burton's work. The cast doesn't hurt either since one of my favorite actors is in there plus a few others that I think are pretty good. We (the boyfriend and I) rarely actually go to the movie theater to see anything. I don't like being around all the obnoxious people who insist on texting, talking and doing other things through the movie. I'm the sit down, shut up and watch the movie type. Blah blah blah. So, we rarely go and just opt to wait for it to come out on DVD. Unless it's something we both really want to see, then generally, we still wait until it's out on DVD, lol. Going to movies the night they come out? I can count on one hand how many time that's happened. And after we go see Alice on Friday, I'll still be able to count on one hand how many times that's happened. ;)

So, something that amuses me about people? Not in a really funny way that makes me smile and feel happy but in a very ironic sort of way that makes me shake my head and wonder what the fuck goes through people's minds. Of course, I don't mean all people and I don't really mean anyone in specific either. I’m just talking a general observation of something I’ve noticed over the years about a lot of people. Thankfully, I don’t know a lot of people that do this but I do know some. Anyway, if someone they don't really know or someone they don't really like does something they perceive to be wrong; they jump that person's shit over it. Or, they talk shit to other people about it or they say nothing and just seethe about it quietly. Though, if a friend of theirs comes along and does that same wrong thing or another different thing they generally perceive as wrong; they'll defend it. Find a way to justify it and make it not such a bad thing even though had it been someone they didn‘t know or like, they would have been pissed over it. I don't think in black and white terms as a general rule. I get that more often than not, there are plenty of shades of gray filling in between the black and white. However, I just don't get that way of thinking, that way of justifying and warping things around. If you perceive something is wrong, then it's fucking wrong, no matter who is doing it.

Now, I'm going to go lay in bed with the Boyfriend and watch about 10 to 15 minutes of the movie UP. Or maybe more than that but probably not. Generally when I lay in bed and I'm tired (as I am now) I don't make it longer than 10 or 15 minutes with a movie playing. I pass right out and never even make it a quarter of the way through. Though last night, we watched RocknRolla and I managed to stay awake through the whole thing and then promptly passed the fuck out once it was over. At least I made it through the whole movie though. ;)

Happy Tuesday!