Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Why changing your FB picture to a cartoon wasn't completely ridiculous...

I saw this on Tumblr....

I disagree and I will tell you why.... in a moment.

I agree that changing a profile picture was a silly idea. Changing the picture doesn't support or do all that much. So, if I agree with that, how do I disagree with it being a stupid thing to do?

I disagree when people say it did nothing. It spread awareness. It got people talking. For several days on my page, there were people sharing links with people who didn’t know ways to help. People giving out information for ways that other people can get involved and do something good. People relating stories to each other on their experiences. Bonding over something so terrible isn't the best way to bond but finding someone, be it someone already in your life or someone new, who understands and can relate to you? Someone you can openly talk comfortably with? That's a good thing. There were people sharing links and phone numbers for people who need to get help.

It got people talking about an issue that doesn't get talked about often. It got people sharing and reaching out to others. It got people who previously didn’t think about helping thinking about it and doing something more.

To me, all of that is something. It might not be much and I know not everyone had this going on between the people on their social network. I know I'm not the only one who saw something like this happening through their social network, though. I also know not everyone who were given links will do anything with them. I know not everyone will start finding a way to help. This goes with anything. Same as how not everyone who had the nerve to belittle the people changing their photos and telling them to find a real way to help will do something more other than complain about what other people aren't doing. If even a small percentage of people get involved and look for ways to help and do it, though? Good.

The premise of it might have been stupid but I disagree that it was all done for nothing. Spreading awareness and getting people talking and sharing is never useless or pointless, especially when it comes to subjects that people are generally less inclined to bring up and talk about.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead.

Happy Tuesday.


sarahbear said...

That whole argument bothered me too. There are plenty of times people change their facebook status or photo for some cause. Social networking helps get the word out about things that people may not know about.

No, the act of making your facebook photo a cartoon character isn't going to end child abuse, but neither is donating money to an organization. Those are both simply steps that can help put an end to it. Talking about it on social networks brings awareness and donating money helps people who work to provide shelters and care for abused children and to prosecute their abusers fund their cause.

Every little bit helps in some way, and it's annoying for people to belittle the things other people do to help. It discourages others from helping because they don't want to be judged for not doing 'enough'.

T said...


I was getting so irritated with those who were bitchin' about the cartoons. But HEY no one pointed out that duh. now everyone's talking about what they CAN do.

And all I kept thinking was, "So, does that mean when I put a pink ribbon on my fb profile pic, it didn't raise awareness about breast cancer?"

Great post.

AFare24Get said...

I did this in my vanilla life and I made people smile with my selection of a cartoon image from the early 80's. Come Monday morning & everyone is in an uproar about this so-called villainy.

Putting your cartoon on FB doesn't make you a pedophile, nor does it create a breach of security or any of the other nonsense that was going around that day. I think it gave us all a pause, a chance to see something personal, and precious from childhood, and get or give a smile to someone else.

After that people are short-sighted, panicky and have dirty minds! ~lol~

Great posting!

Autumn said...

beautifully said.

the thing about facebook is that everyone shares multiple opinions all the time! i've changed my status to the current bra colour to show my support for breast cancer *but don't tell the men* and that soft of thing. i see no difference between that and changing my picture to a cartoon charactor. i think that any time folks talk and share their thoughts with one another, it can be helpful.

love your posts always. i need to see the toy shopping progress now.

loves autumn

Autumn said...

hahaha *sort of thing* made me giggle