Monday, December 6, 2010

To live is so startling it leaves little time for anything else...

The Stars play the Columbus Blue Jackets tonight, in Columbus. They're on a 6 game winning streak so hopefully after tonight it will be a 7 game winning streak. Which is awesome considering last season they didn't win 3 games in a row. The longest streak last year was 2. Not so good. This season has gone much better thus far. Though, even when they're losing, I'm still cheering them on. There's nothing I hate more in sports than "fans" that jump ship or majorly trash talk their team because they're doing poorly then jump back on when they're doing well again.

I really want a mini Keurig for Christmas. I love Keurig. It's perfect since my boyfriend doesn't drink coffee and I'm a one cup in the morning kind of person. I usually don't drink coffee because I don't have a way to make a single cup for just me. Unless I'm at work, then I do since my boss brought a french press up to work for us to use for coffee. Mmmm. I didn't bother putting the Keurig on my Christmas list because it's $89 and I figured that was too expensive of a gift to ask for. I don't like asking for pricey things. What I really want is stuff for the boyfriend and I. We're getting our own place at the beginning of the year again but we have very little. I had planned on asking for some things we'd need for Christmas since I figured if people were going to spend money on me, it might as well be for things I need versus things I just want for the hell of it. Then I was informed by several people that was "rude" and revised my list to junk I want instead of stuff I'll need. I did get some Christmas shopping done yesterday. I worked 6 nights last week so I didn't have time to do any shopping. Or anything else. So, I spent my day off yesterday cleaning, running errands, grocery shopping, doing almost 2 weeks worth of laundry, cooking dinner, Christmas shopping, wrapping presents and doing more laundry. Not a very relaxing day off at all but I got a lot of stuff done. Now I need to get something for my mom, dad, 22 and my grandparents and I'll be done. I'm usually done by the end of November but being unemployed for a year set me back a little financially so I didn't get to start so early this year. Which is fine... Except I work a shitload of hours so finding time to get the rest of my shopping done is going to be a bit of a challenge since I need to go to several different stores to get the remaining items I need, lol. It's all good, I'm up for a little challenge. ;)

I did take an hour yesterday between getting stuff done to lay down, listen to music (Luke Bryan, Three Days Grace and Nightwish; such a lovely mix ;D) and and read a book. I haven't done that in such a long time. The book I'm in the middle of reading? I started reading and had no clue what was going on so I had to start over. Luckily, I was only 62 pages in so I didn't have a lot to re-read. That was nice, though. Reading a book while listening to music is one of my favorite ways to relax and it's something I haven't had the free time to do in 3 or 4 weeks. Maybe more, I don't know.

I quit smoking around 13 months ago. There's no further point to that, just wanted to throw that out there. :)

I want to talk to my boss about changing my schedule around some. I rarely see my boyfriend the way it is now. I have Sundays off. He works Sundays. He has Thursday and Friday night off. I work late both days and tend to go in early. The rest of the time, we work and our schedules are opposite. He gets home from work, I'm asleep. I'm waking up for the day, he's been asleep only a couple hours. So, even though we live together, I see him maybe a few hours a week. Which sucks. And there's no reason that I shouldn't be able to work my schedule around some. I spent a lot of Saturday during a slow period analyzing the scheduling and I kind of know what I'd like to see happen. Hopefully the boss will agree to it or at least come up with something else that will work. I'm fairly optimistic about it. He's pretty good at being flexible.

I really want some flannel sheets for the bed but I have no idea where to get inexpensive ones that aren't horribly cheap and uncomfortable. Any tips on that would be helpful. :)

I posted an update on my Toys for Tots fundraiser on Saturday. Check that out if you haven't already, please and thank you. :) There's still a little time left to donate if you haven't already! :) A few dollars is all you need to send to help out.

Happy Monday!


Tim_D_Enchanter said...

I will admit to bagging on the team a little bit the past couple of years. . . I have been very displeased with the way the team has been run for the past 7-8 years. . . I was never NOT going to cheer the team on, but I was having a hard time watching games early in the season. I can't stand watching them lose. . . It makes me too angry! lol I hope that doesn't put me in that category that annoys you!

Ashly Star said...

Nah, everyone bitches and says negative things about their team from time to time. I'm more so talking about the bandwagon fans more than anything. :)

Tim_D_Enchanter said...

haha. . . Well, that's definitely not me. . . I was a Blackhawks fan before 1993 when we got the Stars, then have been Stars all the way since then! (;o>)

Another Suburban Mom said...

I think that people should get you what you want, and if what you want intersects with what you need so be it.

viemoira said...

Congrats on the quitting- gives me hope! I'm on day 45 (this time around):)